65+ Harry Potter Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

Harry Potter is an iconic series of books and movies that hold so close to our hearts.  With its blend of fantasy, adventure, and friendship, this series has captured the hearts of millions and kindled an everlasting love affair with its captivating tales.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Harry Potter puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Harry Potter Puns

1. All I really wand to do is go to Hogwarts.

2. Let me tell you a Pottercularly strange Harry Potter pun.

3. What did the comedian say to Harry Potter? Why so Sirius?

4. Potter gets himself into Harry situations.

5. Ron can Weasly his way out of anything.

6. Why was Sirius banned from Hogwarts? For black magic.

7. Why is Ollivander never home? He’s a wanderer.

8. What type of shoes does Voldemort wear? Horcrocs.

9. Harry Potter movies should be rated R for the huge amount of cursing.

10. I chant get enough of Harry Potter.

11. My life is an open spellbook.

12. Slytherins are big on Snapechat.

13. Why are you so muggle-headed about things.

14. Ron can Weasly make his way out of anything.

15. Let me tell you the Pottercularly perfect Harry Potter pun.

16. Gryffindor’s are known for jumping to Ron conclusions.

17. You really stupify me.

18. What mints does Hogwarts promote? Enchant mints

19. Ron is somewhat of a Weasley character.

20. Draco’s friends are a bit Crabbey.

21. You cannot get everything so Weasley.

22. Why doesn’t Snape teach herbology? Because his lily died.

23. What do you call a hedgehog skateboarding in Hogwarts? Knarl-y.

24. What type of music does Hagrid like? Hinky-punk.

25. You must admit that Harry Potter is a myst-sirius novel at times.

26. What is bigfoot’s favorite book? Hairy Potter.

27. But of curse, magic is hard.

28. On a scale of 1-10, I am 9 ¾ obsessed.

29. “Can I please have some mungo ice Cream?”

30. How do Malfoys enter a building? They Slytherin.

31. What do you call two wizards who share a dorm? Broom-mates.

32. Rubeus is looking a bit Hagrid lately.

33. Gryffindor’s aren’t known for jumping to the Ron conclusions.

34. Why is Fred not going into the Chamber of Secrets? He’s a-Fred.

35. I chant, get enough of reading Harry Potter.

36. Harry Potter puns can Slytherin to any conversation.

37. How does Voldemort enter a room? He slithers in.

38. Which Hogwarts professor makes the best wine? Severus Grape.

39. Why doesn’t Voldemort have glasses? Nobody nose.

40. Fred is a bit of a Weasley character.

41. Why do Gryffindors exercise? All those Gryffindorphins.

42. There is no time for dawdling. Pick up the pace. You better Harry up.

43. What’s the biggest problem in Hogwarts School? Spelling errors

44. Owl ask the questions in this potions class.

45. Of curse, you can’t refuse.

46. Don’t worry, owl be right there.

47. Which Hogwarts teacher gets the blame? Professor Snape-Goat.

48. How does HP get rid of a rash? With quit-itch.

49. When Hermione’s around, you can expect Granger things to happen.

50. What’s Harry Potter’s motto? Neville, give up.

51. What do you call the entrance to a magical gym? A dumbbell door.

52. Do you like Harry Potter? Because I a-Dumbledore you.

53. McGonagall is a good teacher, but she can be catty.

54. Don’t just Sprout out the answer in divination.

55. Shush, it’s time for us to remain quietus.

56. Slytherins love typing messages to friends on Snapechat.

57. You have to admit, he’s looking a little Hagrid.

58. Spells come in all sizes and Snapes.

59. Wizards have a keen sense of spell.

60. What do you call a Slytherin in winter? A Shiver-in.

61. What cereal do they serve at Hogwarts? Hufflepuffs.

62. You never want to go walking in Diagon Alley alone.

63. They never said Hogwarts was going to be Weasly.

64. Don’t be so muggle-headed about it.

65. What do you call a Potterhead on a horse? Harry Trotter.

66. How do you get into Hogwarts? Through the Dumble-door

67. What do you call a postman that can speak to packages? A parcel tongue.

68. For you, dumble-door of my house is always open.

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