130+ Fortnite Pick Up Lines

Have you ever wanted to impress someone who loves playing Fortnite? If so, you should consider using some of the best Fortnite pick up lines. These lines are sure to make your special someone smile and show them that you are interested in them.

So go ahead and impress with your smooth moves.

Fortnite Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a trap? Because I’m falling for you.

2. So, do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? I’ve got a brand new Xbox One.

3. You got a jump pad? Cause I’ll jump right over to you.

4. You’re single? Okay, well, I might be able to work with that.

5. Is your love a boogie bomb? Because you’ve got me dancing to your tune.

6. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I emote again?

7. They say keep your enemies close, but I’d rather have you closer.

8. I might not be a John Wick skin, but I promise I’ll protect you to the end.

9. I am no grappler but I could still reel you in.

10. I’d travel through the storm just to get to you.

11. Hey, are you a sniper or something cause you just killed me with your looks.

12. Do you want to be my partner in crime? Or maybe we can just team up and take on the world together.

13. Are you a default? I don’t mind carrying you forever and ever.

14. Every time I see you, I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot llama.

15. Are you a slurp juice? Because just thinking about you makes me feel better.

16. Are you from the lodge? Cause I would not make you lonely.

17. Want to duo? Because I think we’d make a legendary pair.

18. I’m not a hunter, but I can definitely stalk you.

19. I am a gentleman. The game will not start until you are ready.

20. You must be a Scar, because you’re rare and everyone wants you.

21. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I glide by again?

22. Are you a legendary weapon? Because you’re one in a million, and I’d be lucky to have you.

23. I promise, with you, I’d never play solo mode again.

24. Call me harvester, because I have a habit of stealing hearts.

25. If love were a Fortnite match, I’d be the last one standing for you.

26. Is it hot in here or is it just the campfire you’ve lit in my heart?

27. I m still a pro player, both available online and offline.

28. Need a duo partner for the dance floor? I’ve got all the emotes.

29. Are you made of brick? Because you’ve built a wall around my heart.

30. Your beauty makes even the storm seem calm.

31. Are you a sniper rifle? Because you’ve got me in your sights.

32. I must’ve landed at the wrong location because Heaven isn’t on the Fortnite map.

33. Are you a supply drop? Because you’ve landed right in my heart.

34. I will loot your supplies, including your soft heart.

35. Hey, are you Fortnite? Because you look like a waste of money, but I still wanna play you.

36. I’d trade all my V-bucks just for a chance with you.

37. You must be a medkit, because every time I see you, my heart is healed.

38. I may have missed that snipe, but I won’t miss a chance to tell you how I feel.

39. I want to default dance repeatedly with you.

40. You must be from Tilted Towers, because my world’s tilted since I met you.

41. Are you a Med Kit? Because every time I see you, my heart fills up.

42. Is your name Tilted Towers? Because I can’t get you out of my mind.

43. If I had to choose between a gold scar and you, I’d choose you every time.

44. They say in Fortnite, sky’s the limit. But with you, there are no limits.

45. Are you a silenced pistol? Because you’ve left me speechless.

46. I do not need circles to get closer to you.

47. Do you have a jump pad? Cause I’ll jump right over to you.

48. Want to Fortnite and chill?

49. Forget DMs, I will be in your duo queue tonight.

50. I am not a grappler, but I will still find a way to reel you in.

51. I might not be the best builder, but I can sure build a future with you.

52. Call me cupid cause I just landed a crossbow shot to your heart.

53. Do you need a shield potion, or is your heart already full?

54. You’re so beautiful that you make me want to build some walls.

55. Is your name Raven? Because my heart gets dark when you’re not around.

56. Are you a loot llama? Because I can’t resist the treasure inside you.

57. Did you come from the lodge? Because I wouldn’t make you lonely.

58. I’ve got shields, but nothing protects my heart from falling for you.

59. Hey! Are you a scar? Cause you are golden.

60. Girl, are you a Chug Jug? Because you’ve got me feeling full of love.

61. So, do you have a lot of materials that need harvesting? I’m a great harvester!

62. My love for you is rarer than a Legendary Scar.

63. With you, every moment feels like a Victory Royale.

64. Want to join my squad? It’s just the two of us.

65. I wouldn’t need a reboot van if I had you.

66. I want to be with you even if I have to face all the shockwave grenades in the world.

67. You’re pretty hot for a video game character.

68. You make my heart emote more than any victory could.

69. Girl, are you a llama? ‘Cause I’ve been searching everywhere for you.

70. My love for you is rarer than a Gold Bolt-Action Sniper.

71. I would build a fort around your heart.

72. Is your name ‘Loot’? Because I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

73. Do you have a launch pad? Because I want to take our love to new heights.

74. I’d never put you in the storm, because you light up my world.

75. Girl, are you a Supply Drop? Because I’d drop everything just to have you

76. Did it hurt? When you fell from the Battle Bus?

77. I survived the tilted tower. So, I’m entirely looted up right now.

78. I don’t need a bush to hide my feelings for you.

79. Are you a bush? Because you’ve snuck up on me and stolen my heart.

80. Are you a chug jug? Because I can’t get enough of you.

81. I don’t usually go for girls like you, but for some reason, I just can’t resist you.

82. You may be surprised, but my default chat conversion is ILOVEYOU.

83. Do you have a cozy campfire? Because I’d love to get cozy with you.

84. Is your love a rocket launcher? Because you’ve blasted your way into my heart.

85. I might not have a Victory Royale, but being with you feels like a win.

86. Forget the Supply Drop, all I want is you.

87. Let’s spend the night in my fort and have a pleasant time.

88. Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.

89. For you, baby, I would do anything. Even drop my gold scar.

90. Call me a cupid because I just landed a crossbow shot to your heart.

91. Are you a Med Kit? Because every time I’m near you, my heart fills up.

92. Is your love a vending machine? Because I’ve hit the jackpot with you.

93. I’d share my last mini shield with you.

94. Are you a building pro? Because you’ve built a strong connection in my heart.

95. They say the world of Fortnite is vast, but all I see is you.

96. You’re the only solo win I want.

97. If you were a Fortnite skin, you’d be Legendary.

98. Are you a Battle Bus? ‘Cause you’ve got my heart racing!

99. You make my heart race faster than the storm.

100. I promise, with you, every night would be a Starry Suburbs.

101. Do you have a rift to go? Because I want to teleport into your heart.

102. Do you play Fortnite? I want you in my fort tonight.

103. I’m not sure what your strategy is in the game, but I’m willing to help you out.

104. Hey babe, do you play Fortnite?

105. Wanna duo? Because we’re a perfect match.

106. Baby, all I want to do is be your victory royale.

107. You just won the battle royal to my heart.

108. If we were in a match together, I’d never let you get eliminated.

109. With you, every day feels like Fortnite’s first birthday.

110. Are you a chest? Because I hear a golden shimmer when I’m near you.

111. With you, every moment feels Epic.

112. Let’s build a life together like we build in Fortnite.

113. Are you a chug jug? Because you’re the potion I need to heal my heart.

114. Are you the Wailing Woods? Because I could get lost in you forever.

115. Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in Loot Lake – your eyes.

116. Are you a med kit? Because you’re the healing touch I’ve been looking for.

117. If our love were a dance emote, it’d be top-tier.

118. Just like Fortnite, our love could be an epic adventure.

119. Forget Victory Royales; winning your heart would be the ultimate prize.

120. You must be a llama, because I’ve been searching for you all game.

121. I’d share my last Mini with you.

122. Even if we were the last two in a Battle Royale, I’d let you win.

123. I would drop my gold scar for you.

124. I’ll show you how to have fun in pleasant park

125. Is your name Fortnite? Because I want to squad up with you.

126. Are you a Slurp Juice? Because every moment with you boosts my life.

127. I never knew that playing Fortnite could be so romantic.

128. Hey, baby. Wanna play Fortnite with me?

129. If my heart was a Fortnite island, you’d be the center of the storm.

130. Is your name Battle Bus? Because I want to drop into your world.

131. Have you ever been sprayed by a minigun?

132. Your beauty blinds me more than a Boogie Bomb.

133. No shockwave grenade is going to keep you away from me.

134. Is your love a storm? Because it’s taking over my thoughts and I can’t outrun it.

135. Let’s make our own storyline this season, just you and me.

136. Forget the Battle Bus, I’m all about the love bus with you.

137. If we were in a duo, I’d always revive you first.

138. I’ve been trying to land at your heart all game.

139. You’re more precious to me than a Legendary chest.

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