Top 95 Catchy Florida Slogans, Motto & With Taglines

We’re number one! Wait! Recount!

Florida: Tropical State

Best place for a change

North or South… Florida is a word of mouth

Take a tour to the beauty land

Go ahead and take me to Florida

If you think we can’t vote, wait till you see us drive

Beware! It is Florida… the alligator state!

Florida: Manatee State

Why tear? When Disney Land is here!

Get set… Go… it is the call of Orlando

The state with divine beauty and serenity!

Heal yourself from pain… visit to Florida

Where nature is blessed

The beaches are beautiful and warm. Orlando is the place!

Land of beauty and craze! Florida is a state to amaze!

The Flower State

Find peace… find solemn… take a visit to Florida!

Relax, Retire, Re-vote

Florida: Where America Goes to Die

Perfect example of God’s creation

A state to fall for

Florida: It’s never too hot for a Kevlar Vest!

Florida… here winter never arrives

Discover your own little corner!

The flower -state… It is definitely one of a kind

It is Florida my dear. winter never arrives here!

We love Florida

A place like this is hard to find! It will blow away your mind!

The Alligator State

The Gulf State

It is a big state indeed

A place to enjoy your life to the fullest!

Florida: Citrus State

Florida: The Gunshine State

The Peninsula State

Florida: America’s Wang

Theme parks and many more… Florida is an all in one package!

Ask Us about Our Grandkids and Our Voting Skills

Show me your love for Florida

Where the beaches cover miles of distances!

The Walt Disney land… the dream land

This is what you get for taking Elian away from us

Lovin the eighty-three-degree winter

Count your deeds in the month of August

The Orange State

Here the weather is hot. and the so are the people

Oh! Yes! It is Florida time

Let us break the silence and call for Florida

Ask us about our Grandchildren

Florida: Hurricane State

Visit Florida… It is definitely worth it

Florida is a very healing place

Ask Us About Our Grandkids

Florida: It’s Long and Hangs to the Left

Leave out all the rest, cuz, Florida is the best

A beauty like never before

The sunshine state… Find your comfort zone…

Where the people are old and the weather is warm

South or north… Florida is coming forth…

Where holiness meets with purity

Your Kid will fall in love with the state

In God We Trust

The Sunshine State

The loveliest corner of the world…

Florida is calling you…

The state that hangs to the left…

Florida: The Plywood State

Perfect residential state

Where your vote counts and counts and counts

Florida: Senior Citizen Discounts Available

The state of orange and the state of flower!

We count more than you do

Not everything is flat in Florida

A mesmerizing beauty

Step into Florida – The most sizzling state in the nation!

Visit Florida

Viagra voters do it again!

Why any other place? Why not Florida?

We don’t just cheat in football

Blend with the beauty

Florida: God’s Waiting Room

Florida: Where even the sand is wrinkly

It is the land of sunshine and warmth

Discover Your Own Backyard

The children there are by- birth, dancers!

Here, the lightening is so frightening!

Floridians… get them a solution for their wrinkles

A place that your kids will love!

Floridians… It is hard to predict their age…

Where the snowfall occurs like a rain in the dessert

The Everglade State

Take me to Florida… the orange state

Perfect blend of beauty and recreation!

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