50 Best Parrot Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

Parrots are one of the most popular birds in the world. And one of the reasons for their popularity is that they can mimic human speech. They can do this by using their tongues and throats to create vocalizations that sound like words.

People share parrot puns because they are fun to read and make people laugh. And it often requires a high level of intelligence to understand them. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of Parrot puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Parrot Puns

1. Parrots love talking in small parrot-graphs.

2. If I had a talking parrot, the first thing I would teach it to say is “Help, they’ve turned me into a parrot!”

3. Why did the parrot cross the road? Just beak-ause!

4. Now is the best time to buy a parrot, I hear they’re going cheep!

5. What’s smarter than a talking parrot? A spelling bee.

6. What does the like to parrot wear to the beach? A beak-ini!

7. What is a baby parrot’s favourite game? Beak-a-boo!

8. We’re not really a good parrot (pair at) all.

9. Someone stole my alarm clock, my parrot, my lamp and my coffee; I don’t know how they sleep at night.

10. It’s parrot-mount that you find a safe place to hide.

11. My friend lives in my apartment like a parrot-site.

12. A different parrot-digm.

13. A-parrot-ly, parrot puns are the best puns.

14. What is a parrot’s favourite game? Hide and speak!

15. What’s a baby parrot’s favorite game? Beak-a-boo.

16. I was parrot-lysed with fear.

17. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.

18. Why are parrots so good at improvisation? Because they know how to wing it.

19. Do you think you know more parrot jokes than me? Toucan play that game!

20. What do you get if you cross a pigeon and a parrot? Voicemail.

21. My fat parrot escaped from its cage… To be honest, it’s a weight off my shoulders!

22. What side of a parrot has the most feathers? The outside!

23. We need to keep those noisy birds se-parrot-ly.

24. Can you draw two parrot-lel lines?

25. Did you hear about the parrot-dox?

26. Carrot – A parrot that looks like a cat.

27. What does the parrot get at the end of a restaurant meal? The bill.

28. Why are parrots so loyal? They are a man of their bird!

29. Take me to an island parrot-dise!

30. Why are parrots the life of the party? Every day is their bird-day!

31. What’s a parrot’s favorite game? Hide and speak.

32. My professor is parrot-gon of ingenuity.

33. What do you call a parrot without feathers? Bald!

34. Where do parrots get away on holiday? To the beak!

35. A-parrot-ly I’m so fly!

36. Dude, stop being so parrot-noid.

37. What does the mummy parrot say to her baby? Beak-areful!

38. What does the parrot usually wear to the beach? A beak-ini.

39. Why don’t parrot fall to the ground? They use their parrot-chutes.

40. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a centipede? A walkie talkie!

41. I’m giving away my legless parrot, no perches necessary!

42. Why are parrots so good at imitations? They love parrot-y.

43. What do you get if you cross a parrot with a pigeon? Voice mail.

44. What do you name a synthetic parrot? Polly-ester.

45. My friends and I are making a movie parrot-dy.

46. He told a story in the form of a parrot-ble.

47. Parrot-noia started to set in.

48. Where do parrots go when they die? Parrot-ise!

49. What always succeeds? A toothless parrot!

50. If you have a parrot, it says a lot about you!

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