130 Latest & Helpful Bike Safety Slogans With Taglines

Where is your helmet?

Take your helmet with you

No excuses, wear a helmet

At Work – At Home – Let Safety Be Known

Stay super safe

A Safer You is a Safer Me

Do not forget to wear your helmet

Protect your head – you may not get a second one

Chance Takers Are Accident Makers

If You Are Aware of It, Take Care of It

Ride safe, stay safe

Give me three

Get in High Speed Pursuit of Safety

We know you love biking

Informed is Better Than Deformed

Ride your bicycle safely

Because helmet matters

Avoid a scare, a helmet you should wear

Look twice. Drive nice

Look Twice – Save A Biker

Ride safe

Safety on a bike, that’s what we like

Gear up with safety

Caution: Your Neighbor Ahead

Ride safe, live safe

Ride slow, ride safe

Give a bike a brake

Better late than dead on time

Bike is for two not for too many

Are your brakes good to the last stop?

Wear helmets, ride safely!

Make Safety your Habit

These lanes belong to both you and me

Your bike gets tired too, give it a brake

The safe way is the right way

Nobody wants to die on the road

Safety is not a joke

Resist your need for speed

Don’t leave your life on the road

No safety – know pain, know safety – no pain

2 wheels 4 wheels 1 road 4 everyone

Safety first is for everyone

Wear a helmet now, Finish living later

Knock Out Accidents

Wear helmet else answer in the court

Paddle safely

Let us be safe on the lane

Wear your helmet

Our lives are in your hands. Pass at a safe distance

Keep calm & Have a safe trip

Always abide by the traffic rules

Over Speeding is stupid

Always choose safety before stunts

Ride well and ride safe

Speed thrills but kills

Helmet keeps away your hell mate

Stick to the left side always

Speed limit…just trim it. Don’t break the law!!!

Do not compromise with safety

A helmet on your head will keep you from a hospital bed!

Safety first

Let’s look out for each other

Keep your head safe by wearing a helmet

Because we know you love cycling

Ride safely, stay alive. Use your helmets

Because safety is our first priority

Wear helmet, drive safe & slow

Safety first then drive

Ride safe and keep others safe too

Don’t be pass aggressive

Don’t be on the streets

Riding safely is always a good idea

I dream on two wheels

Check the brakes

How about in pursuit of safety?

Leave the pedestrians alone!

Don’t rash ride

Not wearing a helmet can be a grave mistake

Be Aware Take Care

Respect the road, don’t drink & drive

Stay safe, ride safe

Take the safe lane

Be alert–accidents hurt

Share the road, Share the rules

Lives matter so ride safer

Lead the Way – Safety Today

Safety comes first, anytime and any day

Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t

Don’t learn by accident!

We ARE Traffic!

Y U No Wear Helmet?

Keep calm & Helmet on

Because cycles are my favourite things

Bike safety rule  1: Wear a helmet!

Know Safety. No Accidents

Safety comes first

Go slow and safe

Safety at home, safety on the road

Share the lane. We’re in it together

Cool on bike but safety first

Being safe is a good idea

Keep your bike on the left side always

If you got a head, u need a helmet!

Because we know how much you love cycling

Please wear the helmet always

Stay safe to live longer and happier

Sticking by the traffic rules

Have a safe ride everyone

Following the traffic rules

We all share the lane, let us be safe together

Be aware, stay alive

Lights on! Be safe, Be seen

Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Do not get into unnecessary racing

Like it or not wear a Helmet

Because we care for your safety

Gear up for safety!

Have Another Day

Ride a Highway to No-Return without a Helmet

Even the slowest animal knows how important a helmet is

Respect my right to ride

Protect your head or end up dead

Get the Safety Habit

Safety is gainful, accident is painful

Invest in Tomorrow Practice Safety Today

Give your bike a good brake

Don’t be insane, cover your brain!

Do not play with your lives, wear your helmets

Stay away from the pedestrians

The bed doesn’t need the helmet

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