45 Inspirational Aquarius Quotes That Are Relatable

1. “Even when Aquarius are sad and want to cry, you will see a smile on their faces.” ― Anonymous

2. “An Aquarius can be emotional and protective.” ― Anonymous

3. “They will open your mind to things you never even dreamed of.” ― Anonymous

4. “If an Aquarius cares about you, you never have to question their loyalty to you.” ― Anonymous

5. “An Aquarius will stick by their beliefs even if it means standing alone.” ― Anonymous

6. “Aquarius are romantics at heart, not necessarily looking for passion but more of the mind.” ― Anonymous

7. “When an Aquarius is sorry, believe them and give them another chance.” ― Anonymous

8. “Aquarius women value friendship over love.” ― Anonymous

9. “Aquarius don’t let others see them cry. If they do, then something must be very wrong.” ― Anonymous

10. “They are very independent people who can make it on their own.” ― Anonymous

11. “People underestimate Aquarius because they never show their true potential until they really have to.” ― Anonymous

12. “Old soul with a wise, emotionally detached kind of attitude. That’s an Aquarius.” ― Anonymous

13. “They need someone who is not on them all the time but attentive enough to make them feel special.” ― Anonymous

14. “An Aquarius never forgets how you treated them. Ever.” ― Anonymous

15. “When angered, Aquarius can become seriously rude, alternating between deafening silence and sudden outbursts of temper.” ― Anonymous

16. “Aquarius form connections mentally before connecting physically and emotionally.” ― Anonymous

17. “Aquarius likes to do things with meaning. Even in their most random moments, there’s a cause for it all.” ― Anonymous

18. “Aquarius mentality: I’m going to do what I want and there is nothing you can say or do to change that.” ― Anonymous

19. “An Aquarius can sometimes be consumed by their own thoughts especially at night. They can’t find the “off” switch.” ― Anonymous

20. “An Aquarius is very good at pretending like everything is fine and can shut down emotionally.” ― Anonymous

21. “An Aquarius will give you the world but they will give up on you if you give them nothing in return.” ― Anonymous

22. “It takes a lot to hurt an Aquarius but when they do get hurt, it hits them hard like a ton of bricks.” ― Anonymous

23. “An Aquarius mindset is so far into the future. It’s hard for people to truly understand them.” ― Anonymous

24. “An Aquarius is the type of person you can chill with and start telling things you’ve never told anyone before.” ― Anonymous

25. “Aquarius is the most faithful partner and will give you the world until you give them a reason not to.” ― Anonymous

26. “Very few people are privileged enough to be allowed into an Aquarius heart. Don’t mess up.” ― Anonymous

27. “An Aquarius needs someone who is as independent as they are.” ― Anonymous

28. “Aquarius are addicted to occasional distance from the world and the people in it.” ― Anonymous

29. “An Aquarius goal: Make everyone around them happy while creating something that can change the world.” ― Anonymous

30. “When an Aquarius female falls in love, she will love for a very, very long time.” ― Anonymous

31. “Aquarius may hold onto someone until they have nothing left to feel. If they become numb to your existence, it’s hard to reverse that.” ― Anonymous

32. “When an Aquarius is really mad or sad, they find it safest to keep quiet because if they try to talk, they’ll break down.” ― Anonymous

33. “An Aquarius is one of the most loyal friends and partners you can ever have.” ― Anonymous

34. “An Aquarius thinks like an adult but runs around like a free child. They have a good heart.” ― Anonymous

35. “Aquarius mentality: I am who I am, for better or for worse, what you see is what you get, accept me for me, or don’t waste your time.” ― Anonymous

36. “Aquarius don’t respect people who have no respect for others. Respect is earned not given.” ― Anonymous

37. “Once an Aquarius loses interest, it can be hard to get that spark back.” ― Anonymous

38. “An Aquarius regrets not trusting their intuition because it’s usually always right.” ― Anonymous

39. “An Aquarius doesn’t take kindly to people telling them what to do.” ― Anonymous

40. “Aquarius are very guarded about their emotions and they aren’t very comfortable discussing their problems with anyone.” ― Anonymous

41. “If an Aquarius cares about you, you never have to question their loyalty to you.” ― Anonymous

42. “Aquarius independence is what gives them so much pride so just expect them to figure it out on their own before asking for help.” ― Anonymous

43. “Aquarius anger is like a raging storm complete with blinding lighting, heart racing thunder and torrential downpours.” ― Anonymous

44. “There is nothing fake or airy about Aquarius love.” ― Anonymous

45. “When an Aquarius loves, they love strong. When they get upset, it’s not random. Don’t underestimate the reason behind their emotions.” ― Anonymous

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