57 Alcohol Puns That Will Raise Your Spirits High

The popularity of alcohol can be attributed to its effect on mood and behaviour. It can make people feel happier or more relaxed. Also, it helps people to feel more confident when they are talking to others or trying new things. Therefore, when choosing the best Alcohol pun, it must be funny, memorable and relevant.

Here we’ve discovered some of the best Alcohol puns that are based on their memorability and humour. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Alcohol Puns

1. I whiskey would try harder.

2. Keep your gin up.

3. What should you order if you just want a small drink?

4. Take a pitcher – it’ll last longer.

5. I wish you were beer.

6. I was going to get a 12-pack of beer, but I got 24 just in case.

7. It sake.

8. It’s time to wine down.

9. Don’t worry, beer happy.

10. Stop and smell the rosé.

11. Beer heals ale-ments.

12. Beer cures what ales ya.

13. Hoppy birthday.

14. I promise not to drunk dial you. Alcohol you later.

15. What the ale?

16. It worked out, aperol.

17. I’m expanding my vodka-bulary.

18. I like drinking, but tequila is where I draw the lime.

19. You had me at merlot.

20. I make pour decisions.

21. “Sobriety” is not in my vodkabulary.

22. A marteenie.

23. Gin-gle bells.

24. You’re prosecco-nd to none.

25. It’s a gin-der-neutral restroom.

26. Happy alcohol-idays.

27. Be gin-uine.

28. Cognac West.

29. My spirit animal is Grey Goose.

30. Thanks for your Patrón-age.

31. Hoppy Octo-beer.

32. Pail ale.

33. The coldest alcohol is brrr-bon.

34. My relationship with whiskey is on the rocks.

35. Liquor might not solve all your problems, but it’s worth a shot.

36. Liquor may not solve your problems, but it’s worth a shot.

37. I feel like I can do Henny-thing.

38. Which Campari going to?

39. I have no Kahlua.

40. IPA-lot when I drink.

41. My favorite book is How Tequila Mockingbird.

42. I was born to rum.

43. Let’s make like a ghost and get sheet-faced.

44. Alcohol you later.

45. Give me a riesling to believe you.

46. Will you be wine?

47. My favorite dessert is c-rum brûlée.

48. We won the champagne-ship.

49. I didn’t black out. I just got a little absinthe-minded.

50. What kind of beer is always served in a bucket of ice?

51. Call me old-fashioned.

52. A mini-bar.

53. If you annoy him, he’ll get sangria.

54. Drinking too many margaritas is liable to tequil-ya.

55. My dog will liquor on the cheek.

56. Like a bear drinking honey from a bee hive, I’m getting really buzzed.

57. Where’s the best place to order a marteenie?

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