90 Funny Rum Puns That Will Spread Good Laugh

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts. And there are many benefits to drinking rum. Rum is known to be a healthy drink because it contains potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and heart function.

However, you need to keep in my mind if one drinks it with a positive mindset, it will make you feel better and have more energy. But if one drinks it with a negative mindset, the opposite effect will happen.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Rum puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Rum Puns

1. You’re so rum-antic.

2. Rum forest, rum.

3. Girls just wanna have rum.

4. He has a rare synd-rum.

5. Time flies when you’re having rum.

6. Rum-brace the unknown.

7. I made a p-rum-ise.

8. Move over, coffee. Today is a day for rum.

9. If life gives you lime, make a glass of Dark ‘n Stormy.

10. It’s written in Rum-an numerals.

11. Can you pass the rum-ote control?

12. Don’t rum away from your problems.

13. Save water, drink rum.

14. My doctor prescribed herbal rum-edies.

15. Don’t brush it rum-der the rug.

16. Everyone rum-ain calm.

17. Rum-brandt was one of the best painters of all time.

18. Rum: the shy guy’s best friend.

19. I don’t rum-ember what I said.

20. For breakfast, I ate sc-rum-bled eggs.

21. I’ll rum-ind you later.

22. In a relationship with rum.

23. I’m traveling to Rum-ania.

24. Feeling rum-tastic.

25. It’s rum o’clock.

26. Have a glass of rum and see what you’ll become.

27. Rum keeps the party going.

28. There’s always time for rum.

29. These are the rum-nants.

30. Hit me with your best rum shots.

31. I’m starting a new exercise prog-rum.

32. We’re rum-ping up production.

33. My car has ch-rum wheels.

34. My favorite Japanese dish is rum-en.

35. Where there is rum, there is fun.

36. We’re about to rum-bark on a new journey.

37. Rum away with me.

38. Don’t be so d-rum-atic.

39. Let me rum-inate about the problem.

40. Rum-eo and Juliet.

41. I volunteer as a rum-pire for the local little league.

42. He was t-rum-bling with excitement.

43. I’m so hungry my stomach is rum-bling.

44. The condo had pano-rum-ic views of the ocean.

45. You’re rum-arkable.

46. I made a ce-rum-ic bowl.

47. I put rum-aine lettuce in my sandwiches.

48. The accident p-rum-pted an investigation.

49. I feel rum-pty without you.

50. Girls just want to have rum.

51. Hit the ground rum-ing.

52. Keep calm because it’s time for rum.

53. A drink a day keeps reality at bay.

54. The list shows inc-rum-ents of 5.

55. It was a p-rum-itive response.

56. Watch me sip, watch me lay lay.

57. I’m going to Egypt to see the py-rum-ids.

58. My kids are working on a science expe-rum-ent.

59. Rum: the golden liquid.

60. It’s not fun without rum.

61. My favorite plant is the pepe-rum-ia.

62. This is rum-believable.

63. I was born to rum.

64. They’re having a ce-rum-ony.

65. Rum gives my liver a sense of purpose.

66. Don’t comp-rum-ise on safety.

67. She’s a p-rum-inent person in the community.

68. I’m a bit rum-derdressed for the party.

69. He kept rum-bling on and on.

70. It’s of pa-rum-ount importance.

71. Coffee has a nice a-rum-a.

72. Our company hired new rum-ployees.

73. Did you hear the rum-ours about the pirate?

74. It’s raining. Don’t forget your rum-brella.

75. We rum this party.

76. Call me old fashioned.

77. Congratulations on your p-rum-otion.

78. She’s starting a new rum-ote job.

79. They rum-inisced about the past.

80. You are the piña to my colada.

81. I created a rum-ix of my favorite song.

82. Drink triple, see double, act single.

83. Our workplace is free of disc-rum-ination.

84. She’s a c-rum-inal.

85. I’m going to see our state’s p-rum-ier band.

86. Rule of rum.

87. Born to rum.

88. It rums in the family.

89. I’m studying c-rum-inology.

90. Go where the wifi is weak and the rum is strong.

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