83+ Wine Puns That Are Hilarious to Share

Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from grapes. It is often consumed with dinner or at social occasions such as dinner parties or celebrations. It has been used in religious ceremonies and rituals for centuries. Wine is also said to have medicinal properties, improving health and well-being.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Wine puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Wine Puns

1. Wine is like duck tape, it fixes everything.

2. You can’t sip with us.

3. It’s wine o’clock somewhere.

4. All for wine and wine for all.

5. Rise and wine.

6. Here for the right riesling.

7. It’s just another Merlot Monday.

8. Sorry I’m tipsy, alcohol you later.

9. Que syrah, syrah.

10. Feeling grape.

11. Oh, sweet child of wine.

12. Vino vidi vici.

13. Chardonnay, or should I go.

14. Here for the right Riesling.

15. Sip happens.

16. It isn’t good to keep things bottled up.

17. What a wine-derful world.

18. It’s wine o’clock.

19. Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine.

20. There is no crying in the vineyard but you can wine.

21. Will you accept this rosé.

22. Forever making pour decisions.

23. I woke up feeling wine.

24. You are so bottlefull to me.

25. Let’s go wine tasting on the couch.

26. You are the wine that I want.

27. Sip, sip, hooray.

28. Grape minds think alike.

29. Wine a little, laugh a lot.

30. Wine not.

31. On cloud wine.

32. Will you accept this rose.

33. It’s time to wine down.

34. Time to wine down.

35. I feel like I’m on cloud wine.

36. I need to re-wine my life.

37. You’re the wine that I want.

38. I make pour decisions.

39. Cabernet. More like, caber-yay.

40. How Merlot can you go.

41. You’re my only Riesling.

42. Let’s re-wine this day, please.

43. Love the wine you are with.

44. I can’t find my glasses.

45. This is wine-derful.

46. I will always be your partner in wine.

47. Will you be wine.

48. You give me reasons to wine.

49. Will you accept this Rosé.

50. Yes way Rosé.

51. Hakuna moscato.

52. Life is wine-derful.

53. Stop and smell the rosé.

54. Why have less scato when you can have mo-scato.

55. Some you wine, some you lose.

56. I’m not old. I’m aged to perfection. And full bodied.

57. Where there’s a wine, there’s a way.

58. Everything happens for a riesling, right.

59. I don’t complain, I just wine.

60. No wine left behind.

61. You had me at Merlot.

62. You had me at merlot.

63. About to make some pour decisions.

64. You’re wine in a million.

65. Why have less scato when you can have mo’ scato.

66. Another glass? Wine not.

67. You’re the wine for me.

68. Ah, screw it.

69. I’ll be there in a Prosecco.

70. Feeling really grape.

71. Sip back and relax.

72. Stop and smell the rose.

73. I think we’re ferment to be together.

74. Great minds drink alike.

75. Que Syrah Syrah.

76. Say you’ll be wine.

77. Chardon-hey.

78. Read between the wines.

79. Everything happens for a Riesling.

80. Partners in wine.

81. It’s a grape day to be alive.

82. Do I like wine? You bet Shiraz I do.

83. This wine really cask a spell on me.

84. Love the wine you’re with.

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