130 Cool & Best Wiffle Ball Team Name Ideas

A good and powerful Wiffle ball team name can be a source of motivation, and it could also be a way to playfully poke fun at your opponents.

The importance of a good Wiffle ball team name is that it can make all the difference in your team’s success. So it must be simple, memorable, and unique. It should also be easy to pronounce and spell.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best Wiffle ball team names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Wiffle Ball Team Names


Big Test Icicles

Bad Axe Hatchets

Pitches Gone Wild

Ham Fighters

Ball Busters

Line Drivers

Butternut Midgets

Leather and Lace


Lineup Legacy

Balls to the Wall


Trigger Happy Bunnies

Buttered Wiffles

Multiple Scoregasms

Wiffle Iron

Brew Crew

Misfits Combined

Blooming Prairie

Lucky Strikes

Master Batters

Breaking Ballers


Stickin’ around

Ponytail Express


Beerly Legal

Heavy Hitters



Wiffle Waffling

Smokin Bases

Exploding Elmos

Bolton Wanderers

No Substitutions

Honey Nut Ichiros

Voo Doo Dolls


Odd Balls


Village Idiots

Dirty Divas

Cool Wiffle Ball Team Names

Cold Hearted Pitches

Nice Snatch!

Bat Attitudes

The Curveballs

Force Plays

Special K’s

Wiffle While We Work

Wiffle House

The Beer View Mirrors

The Soft Serves

The Abusment Park

Rounding Third

Mad Balls

The Lazer Show

Chin Music

Wiffle Warriors

Hit for Brains

Get a Wif of This

Wifflers In Training

Batter up

Blood Bath and Beyond

Wood Chuckers

Catchy Wiffle Ball Team Names

Balls Out


Pitches Be Crazy

Jeters Never Prosper

We Bruise Easily.

Holy Balls

Hit For Brains

Wii Not Fit

Colorado Crush

Saved By the Balls


Designated Hitters

Ice Cold Pitchers


A Case of the Wiffles

Amazing Wiffle Ball Team Names

Scared Hitless

Bomb Squad


Poles And Holees.

Aces of Bases

Power Outage

Victorious Secret

Wifflers in Training

Deep Balls

Swingin’ Singles

Wiffle Hitters

Pink Sox


The Walk Outs

Strikers Zone


Pitch Slaps

Caught Lookin’

Batter Battalion

Base-ic Pitches

Roster Rebels

Unique Wiffle Ball Team Names

Fighting Koalas

Chickson Dix

Hood Rats

Queen Bees

Blue Ballers

Balls Deep

A Case of The Wiffles

Spinal Tappers

Flaming Turtles

Banana Slugs

Sons of Pitches


Circuit Circus

Yager Bombers

Wiffle Squad

One Hit Wonders

Pocket Full of Sliders

Who Whiffed

Grim Sweepers

Good Wiffle Ball Team Names

Fast Pitch Force

Walk-Off Warriors

Weakened Warriors

The Quiffle Balls

Strike Out Mafia

Old Enough to Wiff

Mean Girls

Cleats and Cleavage

Swerve Balls

High Heat

Major Wiff Leaguers

Ball To Me Dirty

Tips on Choosing Best Wiffle Ball Team Names

A good team name can make the difference between a winning and a losing team. It can be a reflection of the team’s personality, or it can just be something easy to remember. Well, It requires creativity and imagination. So, here are some tips on how to choose the best team names for your Wiffle ball team:

  • Keep it short and simple – A long name is difficult to remember.
  • Try not to choose a generic name like “Team 1” or “Team 2”. Make it memorable!
  • Add some creativity – You don’t want to sound like every other team out there, so add some creativity!

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