Running Team Names: 190+ Names for Your Running Group

To have a successful running team, it is important to have a good name that can help create a sense of identity and belonging for the team. Also, create an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.

The name of your running team will be the first thing people see when they do a search for it, which means it needs to represent what your team stands for. Therefore, It should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and not too long. Also, it must be descriptive so it can better represent what the team does or what they are aiming for as well as what they want their members to feel like when they are part of the team.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and badass running team names that you’ll like. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Running Team Names

Dumbo Running

We’ve got the Runs

Stormy Waves

One More Mile

Agony of DeFeet

Rascally Ramblers

Bow to Us Wows

Team Sloth

Scrambled Legs

Run Amuckers

Cape Bretoners

Buns on the Run!!!

Relay-istic Winners

Fast Women

The Smashing J’s

Sons of a Wit

The Quick & The Dead

Glitter Divas

Sizzling Shirazes

Craigburn Cruisers

Pronation Nation

Slowed Down

Speed Work

Full Throttle

Zero Limits

Marathon Maniacs

Runnin’ On Empty

Heart & Sole

Dreadmill Trainers

Speed Bumps

Trained For Speed

The Running Dead

Smokin’ Laces

Sweaty Sprinters

Blaising Glory

Game On

Team Spanks

Rattling Legs

Colorful Teens

Happy Feet

Cadence Counters

Run For Liberty

Sisters Holdin’ Aces

Boom Shaka Laka

Free Men Run

Punching Feet

Sole Sisters

Fast Fighters

Training Wheels

Fifty Shades of Awesome

Fo Shoe

Mile Crushers

Cool Running Team Names

Fit Like Sticks

We’ve got the Runs

Jokers Are Wild

Miserable Runners

Dead On Arrival

Get ‘er Run

Team Awesome

Hot pursue

Keep Calm & Cramp On

Not-So-Lucky Runners

Quads Of Fury

Xtreme Physio

Nite Swets

The Rolling Hills

Matching T-Shirts

Sore to the Finish

Legs Be Slippery

Miles To Go

Rungry Racers

Dude, Run!

Lucky Runners

Twisted Blister

Powers Of Attorneys

On the Run

Wait For It…

Not Fast But Furious

Holly’s Hustlers

Cereal Killers

Pain For Gain

Wii Not Fit

Badass Running Team Names

Sole Survivors

Race Ventura

Running Scared

Sisters With Blisters

Running To Wellness

Shoed to Kill

Relay The Energy

Follow the Run-bow

Run From Shame

Sutherly Flow

Karma Chameleon

Fired Up

Driven To Run

Smooth Speeding

Kicking Asphalt

Loaded Legs

The Running Joke

Craze For Running

Misfits Only

Dash Dolls

Get Fit or Dye Trying

We Overslept

Cirque de Sore Legs

I’ve Got The Runs

Running Sole Sisters

Run But You Can’t Hide

Legs Miserables

Sole Mates

Born To Run


The Fats and The Furious

Roger’s Run

Broken Feet

Hitting The Road

Amazing Running Team Names

Kickin Asphalt

Rapid Sprinters


Maddening Missiles

Stunner Runners

Holy Fit

Rat Racers

Hell on Heels

Premature Acceleration

Bunz on the Run

Stayin Alive

The Rubber Duckies


No Rest Days

Run With Wrath

Relay-ted Comrades

Lords Of The Tracks


From Start To Finish

Kiss my Asphalt

Achilles Heals

Yes, Another Lap

Cutting edges

The Jelly Beans

Catchy Running Team Names

The Run-Arounds

Cirque Du Sore Legs

Distance Matters

Turtle Legs

Stretch Ya Self

Fueled Up

Slow Motion Ninjas

Pushing Limits

Pace Makers

Jugs a Joggin’

Because Uber Was Busy

Call Me A Cab

Adrenaline Rush

The Runnin’ Dead

The Run Arounds

Happy Trails

Naked Legs


Easier Said Than Run

Wickedly Fast

Running For It

Ignorance is Blisters

Fast Creepers

Run Dmc

Blazing Glory


Snap, Crackle, Pop



Team Sonic

Unique Running Team Names

Furious Toes

Run For Place

Olympic Worthy

Run Like the Winded

Thundering Herd

Quickened Up


Stunner Racers

Busy Bustlers

Road Quest

Lucky Little Lovelies

Wishful Thinkers

The Pro-Baton-ers

Lords of the Wind

The Berners

O Van, Where Art Thou?

Baby got Track

Twisted Blisters

Running on Empty

Eat Pray Run

Agony of Defeet

50 Shades of Trained

The Flash Mob

Motley Shoes

Itchy Feet

Pumped Up Kicks

5 Fast 5 Furious

How to Choose the Best Running Team Name?

A great and unique team name represents the team’s values. Well, many factors go into choosing a good running team name, such as length, uniqueness, and humor level. There are also many different ways to generate names for your team: word association, and brainstorming sessions with your teammates.

The best way to choose a good running team name is by generating ideas with your teammates and then voting on the one you like best together.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the best running team names:

  • Choose a name that reflects your personality or some aspect of your life.
  • Choose a name that is related to the team members’ interests.
  • Choose a name that is related to the team members’ careers.
  • Choose a name that is related to the team members’ favorite hobby or sport.

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