221 Golf Tournament Name Ideas to Motivate You

If you want to attract a lot of people with your golf event name, it is best to choose one that has a catchy title. The longer your tournament takes place, the more money you need to invest in it.

The length of the name is important because it needs to be short enough for people to easily remember it. It should also be catchy and should have a positive connotation. Lastly, the meaning of the name is important because it should be something that will resonate with golfers and golf enthusiasts alike.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best Golf tournament names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Golf Team Names

Greens and Brews

Hackers and Wackers

Golf Tourney to Remember

Balls Deep

Bogey Golfers

Apple Baker Golf Classic

Rough Riders

The Back Nines

Corporate Golf Classic

Par-Tee Poopers

Par and Away

Fore the Love of Golf

Elite Golfers Tour

Ace Venturers

Tiger’s Wood

Defenders Golfers

The Wrath of Putters

Pebble Beach Invitational

Birdies for The Brave

Back 9 Bandits

High Rollers


Billy Ho’s Before Bros

All Pro Golf Tournament

Planet Players

Mashie Mutts

Wonder Golfers

The Motormouths

The Bogey Men

The Birdie Bash

Return to Senden

Warrior Golf Tournament

Fall Masters Golf Tournament

A Stroke From Heaven

Champions Invitational

Presidents Cup

Duck Hookers

The Wet Wedgers

The Green Troopers

Spanish Bay Pro-Am

Bogey Boys

Putting for Profits

The Power-putt Crew

Mighty Mulligans Golfers

Strokes With Golf

The Sand Baggers

Bogey Four

The Longest Yard

Drop Dunk

Most Valuable Golfer

Fore Sighted

Golf Kickstart

The Wankers

Mull It Over Again

Walfer Golfer

Masters of Golf

Golf Marathon

Dynemo Stevens

The Golfing Gophers

The Super Scramble

Where’s Faldo

Buster’s Big Blast

Dimpled White Balls

Annihilators Golfer

Natural Hazards

Couples Therapy

Hoof Hearted

Wencher Gophers

Just a Hack

Lucky Holes

The Never-Coulds

Brick Heads

Bunker Battalion

The Grand Slam

Catchy Golf Tournament Names

Swing for The Green

Make Your Mark

Stiff Knockers

Chicks n Sticks

Droppin Daisy


Back to the Kuchar

Can’t Touch This

Ball Busters

The Mulligan Classic

Big Shots

Sand Gophers

Bag Boyz

Fairway to Heaven

Spring Scramble Open

The Shankaholics

Sand Trap Strikers

Aces for Autism

The Tree Stooges

Green Grass Classic

Play Amuse

King of The Links

The Golf Legends Cup

The Mighty Mulligans

The Chili Dippers

Macho Terminators


The Walking Divots

Driven to Distraction

Sultans of Swing

The Great Golf Scramble

The Sweet Spots

The Wedgies

Bagged It Again!

Playing Through

Golf Mashed

The Woodsmen

Soaring Eagles

Come out Swinging!

Golf Odyssey

The Fairway to Heaven

Double Bogey Open

The Royal Affair

The Final Frontier

Strokes of Genius

The Loyal Eagles

Hanging the Liars

Unique Golf Tournament Names

All Bets Par Off

No Bogey

One Putt Wonders

Bunkers Fore!

The Happy Traps

The Birdie Challenge

Dirty Birdie

Birdie Little Secrets


Bogie And Bacall

Horsemen of holes

International Golf Tour

ore of a Kind

The Players Championship

Fairways at Life

The Scramble

The Last Shot

Hot Swings in The Desert

Gimmie Par

Flirt with The Green

Breaking Badly

The RunAway Birdie

Eagle’s Eye View of Life

Putter Madness

Birdies for A Cause

Dirty Birdies

The Big Scramble

Driving for Dollars

Genesis Open

Choi Story

Greens and Giving

All-Star Golf

Birdie Gurus

Bunch ‘O Hacks

The Clubhouse Classic

Bermuda Knights

The Ultimate Players

Tour of Champions

Smoking Tees

Bogey Boys Golfers

The Long Drive

Masters of The Green


Green Jacket Invitational

2 Putts Are Never Enough

Riviera Classic

Putter Fingers

Whose Boss? Golf Cup

The Charity Champs

Long Drive Challenge

The Fair Miners

The Shanksville Duffs

Multiple Par-gasms

Sniper Skills

The Hole in Won

The Presidents Golf Cup

Masters of The Mulligan

Funny Golf Tournament Names

The Bogeymen

Golf Serendipity

The Miniatures

The Four-Ball

Winning the Trophy


Far from Par

Modern Day Walkabouts

Droppin’ A Deuce

The Hounds of Stableford

The Long Game

Stroke by Stroke

Golfing in The Clouds


The Royal Fore-baums

Misfits of Fairway

Brothers In Arms

Bird’s-Eye View

Hicks with Sticks

Big Sticks

Meet the Putters

Gang Green

Pro-Am Challenge

The Forefathers

Express Pass

The Masters

Putter Golfer

Half Balled

Tee Totals

Golf Sunday, Every Day

Wing Swing Golf

Puff Golfers

The Woodsmen Warriors

Golf Buddy

Club Rentals

The Masters of Mashies

The Hole Lotta Fun Cup

Putt It There

The Swingers

The Sandbagger Classic

Fore! Fore! Fore!

Totalers Gophers

Par Tee Girls

How Many Characters Should Your Golf Tournament Name have?

This is a question that we get asked often. Especially when it comes to golf tournaments.

In general, the more characters in your tournament name, the more likely you are to draw people to the tournament. However, it is important to keep in mind that some people will have difficulty reading your name and might not know what it means.

First of all, you need to decide how many characters you want your golf tournament name to have. This can be a number that is between 1 and 8 characters or it can be 10 or more. The key is that it should be a number that is easy for people to remember and spell out in their heads.

However, there is no right answer to this question. It depends on the size and scope of your golf tournament.

3 Key Factors to Consider when Choosing a Golf Tournament Name

Golf tournament names can be a tricky thing to come up with. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the type of audience you want to target, the length of the name, and what your company values.

Here are the Top 3 Key Factors to Consider when Choosing a Golf Tournament Name:

  • Audience: This is important because if you want your golf event to attract more people, you should choose a name that is not too complicated or hard for people to remember.
  • Length: The shorter your golf tournament name is, the easier it will be for people to remember and use.
  • Company Values: If you have a company that values simplicity and clarity in their marketing materials, then they may not like long names that are difficult for people to say or pronounce.

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