227 Best Golf Team Name Ideas

A golf team name is one of the most important aspects of a successful golf tournament. A catchy and unique name can help players get excited about their games, as well as help them remember who they are playing for or against. Also, it can make the difference between a team that has fun and a team that is just another group of people playing golf.

Consider these factors when choosing your golf team name:

1) Does it accurately describe who you are?
2) Does it represent your personality?
3) Is it easy to pronounce?
4) Is it easy to spell?

Here we’ve compiled the list of 227 coolest golf team names to inspire your winning goals and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Best Golf Team Names

Sniper Skills

Birdie Babes


Having A Ball

We Always Go First

Tee Drivers

Gang Green

The Fore-father

The Longballs

X Marks The Spot

Sandy Savers

Hook and Skulls

High Rollers

Fairway Miners!

Designated Drivers

Hanging the Liars

Fowl Assassins

The Hole in None’s

Green Thumbs

Thunder Chickens

The Power-putt Boys

Angry Birdies


Tiger Stokers

Dirty Janzen


Wrecking Balls

Strokes to Par

Never Coulds

Hard Hitters

Trouble Shooters

The One Shots

The Whippy Links

Drop Dunk

Don’t Rory Be Happy

Gimmie Par

Team Foot Wedge

Ball Bailers

DeLaet Gratification

Misfits of Fairway

Angry Birds


Against the Grain

Fore Play

Foot Wedge Crew

Green Days

Duck Hookers

Tap That

Barack O’Ballers



Long Balls

The Putt Pirates

Tiger’s Wood

Natural Hazards

Fantasy Golf

Rainbow Warriors

Fairway Miners

Shooting Stars

Bush Wackers

Cool Golf Team Names

Bird’s-Eye View

Fairway Ninjas

Hackers of the Apocalypse

The Sultans of Swing

Fringe Players


The Has-Beens

Putter Face


Trap Setters

Recent Posts

Meet The Putters

Going Pro

Worm Burners

Off-Road Challengers

Stroke Of Luck

Golf Funland

Beach Bums

Baffy: The Ball Slayers

The Chili Dippers

Power Putt Boys

Balls of Fire

The Green Rangers

Fore Sighted

Pin Highballers

Pin High

Bunch ‘O Hacks


Balls Of Fire

Different Strokes

The Bandon Dune Ducks

Birds of Away

Brick Heads

Sand Traps

The Fair Miners

Fresh Cut Grass

The Birdies

Long Putters

Tee Rific

Hit And Run

Mini Golfers

The Water Wizards

The Mulligans


The Mexicanity

Amazing Golf Team Names

Stroke of hard Luck

The Poulter-geists

Couples Therapy

Iron Horse Grass Boys

Hack Attack

Bermuda Knights

The Mallet Mafia

The Sand Baggers

Fore of a Kind

Bunch o Hacks

Whistling In The Wind

Golf Machines

The T-Birds

Swinging Balls


Par Tee Girls

Tiger Woulds

the wrecking balls

Golf Warriors

Smoking Tees

The Big Sticks

The Perfect Stance

Everything but the Stewart Cink

Smooth Strokes

Clean Shots

Par Tee Timers

19th Hole or Bust

Balls Deep

Puff Caddie


Only Fore You


Wonder Woman

Tiger’s Woodsmen


Cink Links

The Sand Trap

Catchy Golf Team Names


The Caddies

Beer Wings and Swings

Burly Birdies

Bag Boyz

Club Groove

Aces Ventura

Target In Sight

Slice and Dice

Rough Boys

Stroke and A Strike

Ball Slayers

Fast balls

Smooth spin

Foot Wedge

Return to Senden

The Never-coulds

The Priority Team

Fists of Furyk

Greener On The Other Side

Stiff Knockers

The Bogey Boys

Fringe Crew

Dimpled Balls

A Stroke of Luck

The Were-whiffs


The Hole-in-Fun Gang

Strokes of the gods

Hole In Fun

Lords of the Pin

Putting Pirates

The Woodsmen


Dr. Vijay’s Antler Spray

Holey Shotz

Hole Shooters

strokin our balls

My Block

Restless Doglegs

Who’s Your Caddy

Funny Golf Team Names

Chosen by Goosen


Play Friendly

The Bunker Blokes

Grip it and Sip it

Chicks n Sticks

Beer Wench

Serenity Now

The Four Divots

Close Enoughs

Tiger’s Wood

The Sand Traps

Men in Tee

Cup Hunters

Shaft Shank

The HandiChaps

Winning ways

House of Hogan

Wrath of Putters

The Pencil Pushers

We Dream of Dormie!

Hills And Holes

Tee Mendous

Club Hoppers

Back Spinners


Well Gripped

Party of Fore

Perfect Scores

Dirty Birdie

The Sweet Spots

Team ‘Where’s the beer girl?’

Tee Party

The Men-in-tee

Grip it n Rip It

Fore Father

Shots R Us

Hole Packers

The RunAway Birdie

Hunting Eagles

Steel Spikes

Wet Wedgers

The Master Strokes

Is it Fairway

Tips to Choose the Best Golf Team Names

When it comes to choosing the best golf team names, there are many things you should consider. First, you need to think about the number of players on your team. You should also consider the level of competitiveness and how creative you want your team name to be.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best golf team names:

  1. Keep it simple. The simpler, the better.
  2. Use a theme or pun that is related to the sport or activity.
  3. Avoid using clichés and overused phrases such as “winners never quit” or “go for it” which have been used thousands of times before by other teams and will make your team name seem unoriginal and uninspired.
  4. Keep it appropriate – avoid using racist, sexist, homophobic, or another offensive language in your team name as this will make your team seem less professional than others on the course and may offend some of your opponents or other players on the course who are sensitive to these issues.

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