233 Cool Tournament Names Ideas

When you ask someone what they think about when they hear the word “tournament,” most people would probably say the name of a sporting event.

The name of a tournament can have a significant impact on how it is perceived and how it is used. As it can be chosen for its descriptive power, or it can be chosen to evoke certain emotions or associations.

The purpose of a tournament name is to create an expectation in people’s minds about what they are about to see and experience. Also, it helps them understand what kind of match-ups they can expect and how long it will take them to reach them.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 233 coolest and most inspiring Tournament names that will motivate you to focus on your goal. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Tournament Names

Sprooders Tournament

Ferocious Supernovas

Luckey Pick Tournament

star war chaampionship

Beat The Stump

Ball Bat Stingers

La candovell

Techie Blasters

The Longest Yard

Receiving Brady

Cricket Magicians

Early Gaming

Breaking Balls Tournament

Melodic Execution


Dak in a Box

Tinker Stinkers

Knight with Action

Snap! Tackle! Pop!

Huddle Buddies Tournament

Santos Tournament

Wombats Championship

Nothing But Fournette

Four Kings

Hitbird Gaming

Karma Synergy

Reflective Coercion

Slayers Giant League

Odell’s Kitchen

Cool Tournament Names

Dick Cream Tournament

Super 4’s Tournament

Arctic Aesthe

Happy Dugouts Tournament

Royal Stars League

Hard Hitters League

Swingers Of Games

Boundary Aimers

Royal Tyrants

Mud Giants Tournament

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Le’Veon on a Prayer

Pitch Smashers

Pigskin Junkies

Last Place Champions.

Drug Runners

Kelce’s Grammar

Angry Men

Way Cool League


Super Smash Bros

Roadrunners league

Extra Gaming

Awkward Turtles

Metro Showdown

Brokebat Mountain League

Better buddy club

Basketball Tournament Names


Show Us Your TDs

Defeeters Tournament

All Stars Chamionship

StarMotion Gaming

Trigger Head Kill

Blue Marlins Tournament

Milan Tournament

Odell’s Bells

Musketeers League

Throwing Balls

MightyMing Gaming

Air Force Tournament

Balls Of Fury

Vivacious Scorers

MotherBricks Gaming

Blue Line Babes

Jesse James

Monarchy Masters

Quicks Queer

Creditors League

Supersixers League

WhiteCoast club

Sports Tournament Names


Goodfellas and Bad Girls

Amazing Shoters

Justice Bringers

SpruceCity Gaming

Timber Wolves League

Cricket Skeletons League

SereneDive Gaming

Runners For Victory

General Gliders

Loon Messiahs

Attackers Championship

Dapper Dundee Kill

Royal Masters

Turn Down for Watt?!

Sparta Tournament

Stumblin’, Bumblin’ and Fumblin’



Goonies Woonies

Gronk If You’re Happy!

Quick Capitals


Hungry Dogs

The Crick Axeman

FIFA Tournament Names

Slog Warriors League

Quality Service

Master Blasters

Calm Outlaws

Tit Whiskey

Hello, Newton!

Golden Eagles

The Hockey Pucks

Wonder League

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Ballistic Preachers



Ice Age Tournament

Ball Burners League

Ice Masters Tourney

Willows Scoring

Lady Loads

Brave Warriors League

My Ball Zach Ertz

Killer Swingers

Lady Pumas Tournament

World Cyber Games

Bungy BLues

Challenging Royals

Las Aquilas Tournament

Sons Of Pitches

Best Football Tournament Names

Ramona Neopolitano

Balls of Fury

Tournament of Champions

Besties of the ESPYs

Mettle Blades


Hempers Tournament

Belichick Your Head

The Red Hot Julius Peppers

Braggin’ Rights

Frozen Tundra League

Drug Runners League

Fantasy For Family

DOTA 2 Asia Championships

Challenge Tournament

King Pong

The Dirty Randys

Blaze of darkness

Scared Shotless

All in the Family

Ironfist warriors

Boys in Black Tournament


Cool Gaming Tournament Names

Elegant Death Squad

Game of Jones



Drugrunners League

Sigma Demons

Goregrinder Warriors

Edge Tournament

Rockstar Lifestyle.

Bit Giants League

Goregrinder warriors

Total Pongage


Duke of Gurley

Extreme Monsters League

Golden Eagles League

Silent Assassins

Thumpers Coolers

The Vinegar Strokes

Evolution Championship Series

extra Gaming

The Ashes

Baseball Tournament Names

MagniZent Gaming

Pucker Up

Ultiimate Battle

Risky Royals

Lords of Absurd

The Madden Curse

Bird smash

Sons Of Ground

Thunderbats League

Unique and Creative


The Mighty Midgets

Red Tide Tournament

Above The Boundries

Annihilators League

Sharp Scorpions

Ferocious Fasties

Upstring Gaming

Stand United

Hot Shots Tournament

Big Hit Theory

Best Video Game Tournaments

Code Wars

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The Beasts

Heat Tournament

Drive Through League

Avalanche Tournament

Crick Kingdom League

Balls Deep Tournament


Fever Tournament

TruJoy Gaming

Celtics Tournament

babie Pluckies

betterBuddy club

Wood Bat Classic

Ball Bat Burners

Strigrays League

Battle Of The Ice

Cubic Comets

Soccer Tournament Names

Wanderers League

Trolls Tournament

Blast Tournament

Thunder Thrives


Re Lions league


Lave Raisers

Mirage Death

Math Mavericks

Volcano Tournament

Six Offenders

Bird Smash

WinoCrew Gaming

The Big Beaters

Dota Championships

Ca go Gaming

Win And Joy

What Makes A Good Title For An Tournament Event?

A title for a tournament event is crucial. And It must be catchy, eye-catching, and make the audience want to click on it. The title should also be relevant to the event and the type of competition that is taking place. It should also provide some insight into what the event will be about.

A good title for an event is often a combination of these three things:

  • A catchy phrase that people will remember.
  • A descriptive phrase that tells the audience what kind of event it is.
  • A compelling phrase that makes people want to know more about it.

Tips For Coming Up With A Great Tournament Name

A tournament name is the first impression a player gets when they hear about your game. It should be catchy, inviting, and memorable. Well, there are many ways to brainstorm ideas for a great tournament name. As you can brainstorm with your team or ask players what they think of certain names.

Here are some tips for coming up with a great tournament name:

  • Think about the type of event you’re hosting. For a Sports tournament, think about what genre it’s in or what kind of game you’re hosting. For a golf tournament, think about colors and sports teams that might have a connection to your event.
  • Consider how easy it will be for people to remember your tournament name after hearing it once or twice. If you want people to remember it easily, make sure that the words in your title can be spelled out quickly and easily without having to pause.

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