51 Sugar Pick Up Lines

Do you know you can make our woman or man fall for you by expressing yourself in a creative way? We know sometimes you want to make your loved one swoon, but finding the right words is a hard job, so dont worry here, we’ve compiled the list of best and cheesy sugar pick up lines that will make your date memorable and show your romantic side.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date, an anniversary celebration, or any other date. These pick up lines will make that person feel special, and you will create lasting memories that will be cherished for years. So scroll down and get ready to get closer to the person you love. Enjoy.

Sugar Pick Up Lines

1. High blood sugar may be temporary, but baby, our love is forever.

2. Are you sugar? Because you’re sweet and I wanna spoon you.

3. Babe, want to see how I can pump out sweet sugar with my sugarcane?

4. Sweetie, you give new meaning to the definition of ‘edible’.

5. I am not even gonna try to sugarcoat it, I just want to suck on some sugarcoated.

6. You’re so beautiful, I think I’m having a pink sugar heart attack.

7. Babe, let me give you some sugar and cream and make it into the icing on the cake.

8. Are you a sugar baby? Because I want to shower you with my sweet love.

9. Are you sugar? Because I want you in everything I have.

10. Are you baby corn? Because girl I can be your sugar popcorn.

11. Well, hey there. I sure don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.

12. Eating Sugar? No Papa. Open your mouth. Hahaha.

13. Girl, I want to dip my fingers into your sweet sugar bowl.

14. Sugar is sweet, Honey is sweeter, Do you have a sister cause I want to meet her

15. Girl, I want to preserve our love with sugar. Because you are my jam.

16. Are you a donut? Cause your all sugar and curves.

17. Mama said to stay away from sugar. But babe I cannot stay away from you.

18. Babe, are you a donut? Because you’re all curves and sugar.

19. Did you sit in sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass.

20. Hey, you make me with high blood sugar now, because you are my true sweetheart.

21. Hey, my blood sugar isn’t the only thing on the rise right now.

22. I like my sex how I like my sugar. Unfiltered and Raw.

23. You must be a Powerpuff girl. Because your made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

24. Are you sitting on a pile of sugar? Cuz I think ur kiss is sweet.

25. Do you need more sugar or am I sweet enough?

26. Are you sugar? Because I just had sweet dreams about you.

27. Sugar cubes won’t be the only I shove down your throat tonight.

28. Did you have sugar? Because you got a sweet smile.

29. Do you wanna plant some Sugar Daddy?

30. Are you a sugar maple tree? Because I would totally tap that.

31. Did your donkey fall in sugar? Then what is that sweet ass?

32. Did you sit down in sugar? Cause you gotta sweet ass.

33. You so sweet, you are giving me cavities just talking to you.

34. Babe, are you made of sugar? Because you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

35. You seem like a sweet girl. Mind if I lick you to find out?

36. Babe, this coffee is too strong. How about a kiss because you are the only sugar I need?

37. I don’t need to check your blood sugar to know you’re a 10.

38. Did you fall into a pile of sugar? Because I want to lick you to find out.

39. Sugar is sweet, honey is sweeter. Look at me and touch my wiener.

40. You remind me of a bunch of cookies. Your smile is like a sugar cookie. It’s nice and sweet.

41. Oh, baby, your name should be Sugar because with you I’m always sugar high.

42. Girl, I want to sugarcoat every part of your body, then I am going to eat you.

43. You got some cookies? Let me pour some of my white sugar frostings to make them sugar cookies.

44. Girl, I would carve out my sugar for you all night long.

45. Are you a sugar momma? Because I want to lick some sweet milk off you.

46. Would you like to go for a coffee sometime? I heard that it tastes better with sugar.

47. Are you powdered sugar? Because you’re sweet and fine.

48. I may be sweet like sugar, but I still get hard with my cane.

49. Pass me the coffee and sugar girl, because you already made me cream in my pants.

50. Babe, I just poured some sugar on myself. Are you ready for a sweet ride?

51. Want a sugar daddy? Let me add some sweet syrup into you.

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