143 Self-Care Affirmations for Your Inner Peace

Below we’ve compiled a list of best and positive self-care affirmations to help you stay connected to your feelings and take better care of yourself.

Self-Care Affirmations

1. I am patient with myself.

2. I choose to think positively about myself.

3. I love myself, and I like myself too.

4. Taking care of myself is rewarding.

5. I take great care of my body.

6. There is a beautiful loving light inside of me.

7. I give myself permission to succeed.

8. Each day is filled with joy.

9. I am worthy of love.

10. I deserve to treat myself well.

11. I deserve to take care of myself.

12. I am now in control.

13. I pat myself on the back.

14. I love my inner child unconditionally.

15. I can rely on myself.

16. My imperfections make me beautiful.

17. I am free from expectations and criticism.

18. I make a difference in the world.

19. I honor my intuition and use it as a guide.

20. I celebrate all of who I am.

21. Taking care of myself brings me success.

22. I am as kind to myself as I am to others.

23. My best is good enough.

24. I am lightening my load.

25. I am a priority in my own life.

26. I am a gift to the world.

27. I participate in activities that I like.

28. I give myself permission to fail.

29. I am doing the best that I can do.

30. I enjoy taking care of myself.

31. I love myself, so I take care of myself.

32. I have the right to complete all my needs.

33. I am a unique and no one can ever do it like me.

34. I speak positively and kindly to myself.

35. My inner child deserves to have a voice.

36. I am my own best friend.

37. I praise and encourage myself.

38. Taking care of myself is loving.

39. I am good enough.

40. I am ready to move forward with my life.

41. I feel good about the future.

42. I am able to take good care of myself.

43. I can easily manage my emotions.

44. I enjoy my mind and the way I think.

45. I will be kind to myself today.

46. I understand that taking care of myself is important.

47. I choose to forgive myself and let go of my past mistakes.

48. I am letting go because I need to go.

49. Taking care of myself makes me strong.

50. I like myself, so I care for myself.

51. I am patient and kind with myself and my progress.

52. I enjoy my body and take good care of it.

53. I choose not to take things personally.

54. It is okay for me to be kind to myself.

55. I listen to my thoughts and feelings.

56. I choose to be free and happy.

57. I make sure I get enough sleep.

58. I am taking steps to learn how to love myself.

59. I am ready.

60. I am learning from my mistakes.

61. I give myself permission to slack off.

62. Healthy food fuels my body.

63. I give myself all the validation I need.

64. I live in the present moment.

65. I am making myself a priority.

66. I take excellent care of myself.

67. I open my soul to peace.

68. I am relaxed and at peace.

69. I take the best care of myself.

70. Self care is a habit that I nurture each day.

71. Self-care is important to me.

72. Taking care of myself makes me smart.

73. I am on the right path for me.

74. The past has no power or control over me.

75. I take time to nourish my whole self.

76. I take care of myself so I can take care of others.

77. I am in control of my day.

78. I love, accept and appreciate myself and my talents.

79. I am powerful.

80. I treat myself with compassion.

81. I can do this.

82. I care about myself.

83. I am willing to accept my wholeness.

84. Every day, I choose to learn more about my authentic self.

85. I am grateful for what I can do.

86. I accept myself just the way I am.

87. I am always learning.

88. Compassion fully surrounds me and my life.

89. I move at my own pace.

90. I am loveable.

91. All is well today.

92. Taking good care of myself is easy.

93. I take a few deep breathes when I need to.

94. I trust my inner child.

95. I am smart, courageous and self confident.

96. I choose the contents of my life.

97. Taking care of myself is wise.

98. I let go of negative experiences.

99. I am free of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

100. I nurture my creative side, as much as my practical side.

101. I validate my inner child’s thoughts and feelings.

102. I deserve compassion.

103. I love my smile, mind, and body.

104. I cheer myself on.

105. I choose to embrace my inner child.

106. I am growing wiser each day.

107. I accept myself just as I am.

108. I nourish my body every day.

109. I am deserving off all the good things in my life.

110. I understand that it is okay for me to take a break and rest.

111. I choose to love and accept myself.

112. I take tender care of myself.

113. I am in control of my negative thoughts.

114. I love being playful and friendly.

115. My daily commitment to my self-care isn’t selfish.

116. I accept everything in my life.

117. I am at peace with myself.

118. My body is calm.

119. It is okay for me to feel my feelings.

120. I take breaks when I need to.

121. I choose wholeness.

122. I am breathing slowly.

123. Taking care of myself brings me health.

124. I live with intention and following my purpose.

125. I am lucky to be me.

126. I am strong, empowered and capable of anything.

127. I am an independent thinker, not a people pleaser.

128. My self care is worth making time for.

129. I choose to let go of negative mental self-chatter.

130. I am what I need.

131. I give myself permission to heal.

132. I make good choices for myself.

133. I deserve rest and breaks.

134. I realize that self love is a journey.

135. I am cool, calm, and collected.

136. I am at peace with my appearance.

137. I laugh with myself.

138. I am responsible for taking care of myself.

139. I am happy to be me.

140. I am top priority in my life.

141. I make the right decisions for myself.

142. I focus on only what I can control.

143. I prioritize self care in my life.

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