117 Law of Assumption Affirmations to Achieve Your Dreams

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and positive laws of assumption affirmations that will help you recognise and understand your assumptions about yourself, your environment, and your future.

Law of Assumption Affirmations

1. I am the exception.

2. I am the creator of my reality.

3. Everything is possible for me.

4. I let my assumptions go wild.

5. There is nothing that is out of reach for me.

6. Everything reminds me of my weight loss goals.

7. I am proud of myself.

8. My visualization power is insane.

9. As I assume, I create.

10. I create all that I want.

11. I enjoy eating healthy foods that make me feel great.

12. If I can assume it, I can create it.

13. I hold the key to reality.

14. My boss respects my work and my time.

15. All of my goals are being achieved.

16. I am persistent.

17. I already have what I want.

18. My potential is astounding.

19. I am the author of my story.

20. Meditating is a piece of cake for me.

21. I am a powerhouse of positivity.

22. I deny the power of fear and negativity.

23. Persistence is key.

24. I’m making the life I want.

25. My sleep is better than it’s ever been.

26. I assume the highest and best for myself.

27. Change begins on the inside.

28. I assume the best for me and for others.

29. I can create anything I focus my mind and body on.

30. It’s easy for me to assume and create.

31. My thoughts are positive and uplifting.

32. When I am with my friends, I feel fantastic.

33. I am a magnet to brilliant opportunities.

34. I have everything I have ever dreamt of.

35. My manifestation is an unstoppable force.

36. I am so grateful for my wonderful life.

37. Nothing can hold me back.

38. I have the power to manifest anything.

39. I have more than enough energy for the entire day.

40. I can feel my progress each day.

41. I am grateful that I’ve received all my desires.

42. I am willing to suspend my disbelief.

43. What I can feel is already mine.

44. I am a winner.

45. Persistence is my greatest strength.

46. My assumptions lead to my reality.

47. Surely, my desires are accomplished.

48. I feel and know I am lovable.

49. The best is always happening for me.

50. I am open to a better life.

51. I am capable of manifesting my desires.

52. I can provide support and empathy to my friends.

53. I am that I am.

54. I receive what I believe.

55. It feels good to assume the best.

56. I am an expert at using the law of assumption.

57. My assumptions are creative and powerful.

58. I have plenty to offer to others.

59. Miracles often happen in my life.

60. I know my desire is already accomplished.

61. I have enough to live emphatically.

62. If I can feel it, I can have it.

63. I can rewrite my story easily.

64. I deserve a healthy life.

65. My assumptions quickly become my reality.

66. I can detect love from strangers.

67. I am worthy of receiving all I want.

68. I have a serene mind free from any toxicity.

69. My reality reflects my beliefs.

70. I am a good and loyal friend.

71. I wake up refreshed and ready for exercise.

72. Because I desire it, reality offers me ways to achieve it.

73. My assumptions reflect my reality.

74. The universe gives me all I want.

75. My assumptions help me create an extraordinary life.

76. I am bold to assume.

77. What I assume will manifest.

78. I assume only the best for myself.

79. My desire is already here.

80. My environment is friendly.

81. When I envision it, I manifest it.

82. My desires are valid.

83. I live from the end.

84. I control the trajectory of my life.

85. I am ready for radical change.

86. I let go of negativity and limiting beliefs.

87. I have a lot of optimism.

88. I am worthy and deserving of my dreams.

89. I’m thriving no matter my circumstances.

90. My thoughts create my reality.

91. No distractions can distract me.

92. I snack on healthy foods.

93. I have no fears.

94. It is absolutely possible to get what I want.

95. I am proud that I’ve become how I always wanted to be.

96. Law of assumption works exceptionally for me.

97. I shape my assumptions to my liking.

98. I love myself.

99. I constantly attract great opportunities.

100. I realize I am the only writer of my life story.

101. My mind and imagination show me the way.

102. I feel love from everyone and everything.

103. I have immense positive energy.

104. I’m fearless.

105. My coworkers and I get along great.

106. I am ready for a new way of living.

107. I never settle for less than I desire.

108. I persist despite what my physical senses tell me.

109. My visualization leads to stunning manifestations.

110. I don’t have any self-limiting beliefs.

111. I am strong and healthy.

112. My assumptions serve my highest good.

113. I have the ability to design the life I want.

114. I act like I already have my perfect life.

115. I am a powerful creator.

116. I feel safe in my friendships.

117. My assumptions are packed with creativity.

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