35+ Roller Skate Pick Up Lines

When you are enjoying Roller skating and find a girl or guy you are attracted to, it can be hard to come up with the perfect thing to say. But with the help of these roller skate pick up lines, you can start a conversation that could lead to something more. Also, it will make a great impression on that person to make the roller skating experience memorable for both of you. So go ahead and show your personality in a unique and flirty way. Enjoy.

Roller Skate Pick Up Lines

1. Even the best fall down sometimes, and girl you make me fall for you tonight.

2. If you fall, I’ll be there.

3. Can I borrow your skates for a little while? I promise to return them in good condition.

4. I’ve never roller skated before, but I’m willing to try it with you.

5. Keep calm and skate on.

6. I’m not sure what you’re skating on, but I want to borrow it.

7. Ready to bring on the big ramps?

8. I am not just a roller skate, I am a lover not a hater.

9. Can I buy you a drink? I think you’ve had enough skating for one night.

10. Wanna go for a spin on my rail? I promise to be gentle.

11. You make me weak at the knee pads.

12. I’m not a skating expert, but I know a good pair when I see one.

13. You and me, we’d make beautiful music together on the rink.

14. I don’t usually go for girls in roller skates, but you’re an exception.

15. Are you roller skates? Because you are my favorite thing to do in the whole world.

16. Wanna go skating on my love rail tonight?

17. Do you roller skate, because baby I am the pavement and you are in control tonight.

18. No hiking, let’s skate instead.

19. Let’s roll.

20. Four wheels are better than none

21. I bet you and me would make a great pair of skaters.

22. I’d pick you for couples skating any day.

23. Nobody is perfect, but if you can skate you’re pretty close.

24. I don’t know how to roller blade but if you show me ill let you roll all over me.

25. Roller Girl, you are the queen of my world.

26. Do you skate? Because I have been rolling all my life to find you.

27. I’d roll with you any day.

28. Do you want to go for a spin on my roller blades?

29. Let the good times roll.

30. Skip the roller skate for a date?

31. Do you know how to do a triple axle?

32. Derby girls score in under 2 minutes.

33. Girl, I would skate my heart out for you.

34. Be the girl who decided to go for the big ramps.

35. Are you roller skate? Because babe I am falling for you tonight.

36. How about we go on a date? We can roller skate all night long.

37. Roller skating is a good way to get some exercise without really realizing it. And so is sex.

38. Ride me and you’ll get the best quality roller blade.

39. You must be a hockey puck because you’ve got me totally off balance.

40. Roller skating is a great way to spend time, with you.

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