20+ Monopoly Pick Up Lines

Monopoly is a classic board game and it’s always the best way to spend an evening with friends and family, but do you know you can use Monopoly as a tool to flirt with someone you’re interested in? Yes, with these funny and cheesy Monopoly pick up lines, you can start a conversation with your crush and break the ice in no time. These lines are hilarious taht will make that person laugh.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced Monopoly player or new to the game. You will make a lasting impression on your date. So go ahead and show your funny and romantic side. Enjoy.

Monopoly Pick Up Lines

1. Hey, you ever play Monopoly? You should take a Chance with me.

2. If you land in Jail tonight during monopoly, would you be open for some conjugal visit.

3. Babe, I’m a natural monopoly. I’m big enough to supply your entire market.

4. Hey girl, are you the goal in monopoly? Cause I had to cheat to get to you.

5. Are you a monopoly? Cos you are all I can demand.

6. Babe, when we play Monopoly tonight. You could blow yourself out of Jail anytime.

7. So, what property does it take to trade for your love?

8. Hey Girl, I need a Get Out of Jail card tonight, because your beauty will send me straight to Jail.

9. Baby you could cheat all you want with me, as long as it’s Monopoly.

10. Girl, Monopoly isn’t the only game that we will play all night long tonight.

11. Have you seen my missing Monopoly real estate card? Because I have a property saved for you tonight.

12. Are you a monopoly property? Because I want to own whole sets of you.

13. Baby I got the money to treat you right tonight, and it definitely isn’t Monopoly money.

14. If life’s a Monopoly game, I’d rather never Pass Go and go straight to your heart.

15. Did you know I was a monopoly board? Because you and your friends could land on me all night long?

16. If I had the monopoly on you, I’d be sent straight to jail.

17. So how much would it cost to own all of you in monopoly?

18. No way you will lose Monopoly with me tonight, I will trade you $20 for kisses and $100 for

19. Do you play Monopoly? Because you just owned every set of my heart and soul.

20. I am like the Go on a Monopoly board, you will just keep on coming to get more.

21. Babe, are you intereted to play Monopoly? You definite should give me a Go.

22. How much would it cost to own all of you in monopoly?

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