33+ CPR Pick Up Lines

With the right words and attitude can make an unforgettable impression on someone you like. Not will it show your wit and charm, but it will make your crush smile and start a conversation.

So if you are looking for a romantic way to start a conversation with the person you like or just want to make them smile, these perfect CPR pick up lines will make an impression they won’t forget. So go ahead and impress with your smooth moves.

CPR Pick Up Lines

1. I’ve learned CPR, but I surely didn’t prepare for your love.

2. Are you a defibrillator? Because you just took my breath away.

3. I’m trained in CPR, but I lost my breath when I saw you.

4. You must be CPR certified because you make my heart beat out of my chest.

5. CPR works best on a bare chest…just saying.

6. I hope you know CPR because you take my CO2 away.

7. Are you CPR certified, because you just stopped my heart.

8. Are you my CPR manikin?

9. I hope you can do CPR, because I am drowning in your beauty.

10. When you walked in the door your beauty hit me so hard that I have a priapism from all the trauma.

11. Does your insurance cover ‘love at first sight’? Because I just fell for you.

12. Did I just have a cardiac arrest? Because I am breathless from your beauty.

13. You know, I’ve been highly trained to stick things into people…

14. Your eyes could bring life back to the dead; they got me needing CPR.

15. My heart may not need CPR, but it beats faster whenever I see you.

16. My heart needs resuscitation when I see you because you missed a beat.

17. Your look gave me cardiac arrest; your smile was my CPR.

18. Your beauty is so stunning; I might need CPR after looking at you.

19. Can you perform CPR? Because you just stole my breath away.

20. need your help! I can’t remember how to do CPR!

21. Just like a CPR pocket mask, your love is a life-saver.

22. I don’t need a rescue breath, but your kiss might make me faint.

23. Are you learning CPR? I hope you want to learn by doing because you taking my breath away.

24. Are you CPR? Because you got my heart pumping again.

25. That pulsation in my femoral sheath isn’t coming from an artery.

26. Do you know CPR? Because it seems like I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.

27. Your love is like CPR; it gives life to my heart.

28. Are you a CPR mask? Because I can’t breathe when I’m not around you.

29. My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia makes me think I’m falling for you.

30. Sit back and relax…I fix broken hearts.

31. You’re so hot, my CPR skills are useless.

32. I’m not a doctor, but I know CPR.

33. Are you a CPR mask? Because I can’t breathe without you.

34. The sight of you works better than any resuscitation.

35. You must be a CPR expert because every time I look at you, my heart skips a beat.

36. You’ve stopped my breath. Do you have a CPR certification to jumpstart it?

37. You bring my heart to life like a well-performed CPR.

38. Do I need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or are you just taking my breath away?

39. You make my dopamine levels all silly.

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