61+ Best Llama Puns That Are Enough to Spread Laughter

Llamas are very friendly and gentle animals that have a very distinctive look. They consider one of the cutest animals, usually brown, black and white.

The Llamas are very playful, and they like to interact with humans. This is because they have been domesticated for a long time. Also, they are very curious and will often approach humans to see what they are doing.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Llama puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Llama Puns

1. That’s a beautiful llama-ghini.

2. You’re llama-zing.

3. An alpaca’s favorite country to visit is South Cria.

4. She was g-llama-rous.

5. Be careful because it’s f-llama-ble.

6. The two llamas who stood close were within spitting distance.

7. What Led Zeppelin song do llamas like to hear? “Whole Llama Love”.

8. The Dalai Llama.

9. Llama-llama-ding-dong.

10. The end of the world is called llama-geddon.

11. An alpaca’s worst hair problem is spit ends.

12. The alpaca was punished for his im-peru-dence.

13. How do llamas know it is time to get up in the morning? Their a-llama rings.

14. Llamas sing best when they sing in alpacapella.

15. A super-fast llama is called a llamaghini.

16. A llama’s favorite pudding is a banana spit.

17. Llama always love you.

18. Fa la la la la la la llama.

19. When you cross a llama, camel, and cow, you get a llamadairy!

20. When llamas hear funny llama jokes, they spit their sides laughing.

21. A llama’s favorite drink is Llamanade.

22. What sound do you hear when you ring a llama’s doorbell? Llama-llama-ding-dong.

23. I’m an a-llama from Llama University.

24. Alpacas are usually born in the month of Dec-hembra.

25. Most llamas like cooking their food on a spit.

26. Did you hear about Kendrick Llama’s new album?

27. I ordered it from Llama-zon.

28. A llama who is covered with lights is i-llamanated.

29. You can commonly hear a comedian llama say, “Well, llama say, I’m funny.”

30. When llamas are in a hurry to leave, what do they drive? A llamborghini.

31. Llama-nade is perfect during a hot summer day.

32. Alpacas share profit by spitting it 50-50 among themselves.

33. Who is a llamas’ spiritual mentor? The Dalai Llama

34. Llama leave soon.

35. I graduated and received a dip-llama.

36. The llama who writes books is a woolly thinker.

37. The llama felt extremely irritable and itchy. He probably had fleece.

38. Celebrity llamas always drive around in their llamarazzi.

39. No prob-llama.

40. It was made of a-llama-num.

41. Where does the llama go to take a long vacation? Alpacapuco

42. Barack O-llama.

43. The dating expert in Llamaville is called Chuck Woolery.

44. The imaginary world of an alpaca is known as the Eupho-cria.

45. The favorite month of an alpaca is the month of Nov-hembra.

46. Llamas love the song ‘Whole Llama Love’ by Led Zeppelin.

47. Llama just make a quick stop before we go.

48. Llama-ste.

49. When llamas graduate from school they receive a dipllama.

50. An alpaca cover a long distance within a spit second.

51. You’re such a llama queen.

52. Alpacas usually enjoy boat rides in the can-alpaca.

53. There was ca-llama-ty.

54. A llama who reads a lot is wool-versed.

55. Baby llamas usually go to eat pizza at the pizzacria.

56. The llama couldn’t believe that the mirror showed his spitting image.

57. What did the llama say after he met Mr. Grass? “Nice gnawing you.”

58. Male alpacas usually order machos at the movie theatre.

59. I llama-nated my card.

60. The llama parents were so proud when their son got his high school dipllama.

61. A broker llama usually goes to Wool Street to work.

62. The Llama mother and daughter are spitting images of each other.

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