270+ Honey Business Name Ideas to Grow Your Brand

Honey is a sweet, naturally-occurring food substance that is produced by bees. And it is collected from the beehive and stored in honeycombs. Honeybees use the nectar of flowering plants to produce honey and store it in their hives.

To sell honey, you need to register your business with the state. You can choose a name for your company based on what you want your company to stand for or what you want people to associate with your company.

The first step in choosing your honey business name is finding out what type of honey you are going to sell. You can use this information to narrow down the list of names available for consideration by searching for related names on Google or conducting a trademark search online.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy Honey business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd and grow your brand. Let’s see what we have here.

Honey Business Names

Bee’s Wish

Zingy Bee Products


Red Tulips

The Honey Farm

NatureDrops Honey

Honey Bear Drops

Classic Honey


Northern Honey Co

Honey Hug

Bees Knees Honey

Golden Sunlight Honey



Sweet Dreams

Bee My Queen Bee

Hopeful Honey

Yummy Honey

Golden Harvest

Bewitched Bee Farm

The Honey People

sunday pulse

Honey Thieves

Special Honey

Bumbles and Honey

Happy Bees

The Honey Tree




Bee Healthy


Boston Honey

MidMatter Honey


Honey Naturals

BeeThrive Honey


Where Is The Buzz

Amplinox Honey

Bunches of Honey

Fuzzy Natural

Red Bee Farm and Gifts


The Hive

Crazy For Naturals

Lucky Honey



Bunny Honey


Merry Honey Suckers

Jar Of Happiness

Bee Goodness

Honey Tree

Bee Happy Honey


Golden Liquids


Neighborhood Honey


Bee Skits





Bee Sweet

Let it bee

Happy Bee Inc



Bee Rainbow


Raw Honey

Cleonell Honey

Beeswax Basics


Bee Sweet Co.


MotionHive Honey

Honey Company Names

Buzz Sisters’ Honey

Buzz-bee Honey Co


Busy Bees

Honey Room

Loved Honey

Let It Bee Honey

Company Of Bees


Tiffany Honey


Bee America

RedZings Honey

MIller Honey Farm

Gotta Be Bees

Smiley Bees

Hive Thrive

The Bee Hive

Major Honey Company

The Honey Stop

Bee Beats

Cape Coral Honey

Home For Bees


Hive Bee Café

HiveFlip Honey

Jar Of Gods

Sweet as Honey

Beeline Honey Inc.

Luscious Honey Drops

Bee Treat

All Honey Bee Farm


WestBerry Honey

BeeBest Honey

Honey Trap

Hon Cool

Residence Honey Bees

BigBrute Honey

The Taste Of Honey

Honey Bliss

Bee Hive

Sweet Bee Honey

Raw And Rich

TinyBee Honey

Honey Hooligans

Cool Honey Store Names

Crazy Clover Hive

Bees Jar

Loved Naturals

Enchanted Honey

Winter Park Honey

A Bee-utiful Thing

Charm Bee Honey

Bee-Haven Honey Farm

Hi Honey

Sweeie Please

Grabit HOney

Smith Apiary

Keep The Bees


Georgia Bee Company

The Beehive’s Delight

Bee Organic

Bee King

The Honey Bear

Bumble Bees Honey

Buzzed Baking

Chip Bee Honey


Sweat Bee

Lappé’s Bee Supply

Honey Bunny

Honey Pot Shop

Bee Sweet Inc


Busy Buzzy Bees

Honey Bee Apiaries


Hive Help

Honey Crib



Honey Love

Nectar Jars

Honey Bee Sweets

Benefitted Bees

Foret Honey & Gifts

Honey Buzz

Old Naturals


Bee & Bee

Amber Candor

Hornet’s Nest Honey

Bees Day Work

Honey Pot

Helping Bees

Honey Bee Farms

The Honey Experts

Sweet Jar

Isle of Honey

Honey Please

Nectar of the Gods

Catchy Honey Business Names

Honey Fly

Magic Honey, Inc.

Bees Pit Honey

Abundantia Honey


Pots Of Gold

Bottom of the Hive

Mirella Honey

Nectar Nook

From The Hive

Honey Wagon

Honey Hoops

Backyard Honey


Bee Hives Farm

Helpful Hive

Beeswax Honey

Mad Honey

Jar Of Honey

Happy hurray


Dew Drops

House Of Bees

TooYum Honey

Hiveings Honey

HoneyBeat Honey

Maple Valley Honey

Bee-Come Honey

Live And Breathe Honey

Happy Honey

The Honey Bridge

Bee Line


Honey Hive

Abe’s Honey

Emillin Honey

Bee Lover’s Paradise

Country Honeybee Farm

Little Frosted

Bee Flower Farm

Bee Honey Love

Buy More Beeswax

Honey Bunch

Factory Of The Nectars

Sweet Treats


Honey Bee Man

Bee more

Sunshine Honey Farm

Happy liquid

Unique Honey Business Names

The Farm Days

Honey Do

Honey Galore

Bee Products

Buzz Honey Ltd.

Rich Gold Honey

Queen Of Honey

Garden Of Bees

Magic Bee Apiaries

Original From Farms

Backyard Bees

Amber Hill Apiaries

The Farm Dews

Sunny Bees

Local Hives Bee

Fun Honey’s

Bee Happy Company

Bee Wood

Flavorful Honeys

Honey Stopper

Expert Of Honey

Funny Honey

Honey Forth

Amella Honey

Sweet Nectar

Sweet Tails Honey

Queen Bee Farm

Bee Keepers

Milk and Honey

Honey Co.

Humble Bees Hive

Local Bees

Honey Bee Lemonade



Honey Corner

Sting Bees Garden

Dripper Honeys

God Bee Good

Orga nee

Loved Honey Bees

The Importance of a Great Honey Business Name

A great name is the first step in creating a successful honey business. It is a name that tells the customer what you have to offer and what makes your product unique. it’s important to keep up with trends and avoid naming your company after something that has already been taken by someone else.

Some names are more popular than others, so must choose a name that resonates with your audience. It should be easy to remember, catchy, and provide value to the customer.

Honey is a highly competitive industry so having a good name can help you stand out from your competitors.

How to Choose the Best Honey Business Name?

There is no single answer to what makes a good honey business name. But there are some factors that you should consider when choosing your company’s name.

First, the name should be unique and memorable. Second, it should be appealing to the target market. Third, it should not be too similar to existing names in the industry. This will make it difficult for consumers to find your company’s product or service online.

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