Top 200+ Life Coach Business Names for Potential Clients

Life Coaches are professionals that help people through their life-changing moments. They provide guidance, support, and emotional support to help clients achieve their goals and find the best way to get there. They work closely with clients to develop a plan for achieving their goals, which may include setting and achieving short-term and long-term goals.

In today’s world, where technology plays a major role in our lives, life coaches have become an integral part of the business landscape. They are also known as life coaches or executive coaches.

A life coach assists their clients in areas such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Effectiveness
  • Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence

Here we’ve compiled the list of creative and inspirational Life coach business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd and change people’s lives.

Life Coach Business Names

Wake Up Wealthy

Passion Finders

Soul and Life Coach

Heart Song Life Coach

Be Happy in LIFE

Heart & Soul Life Coaching

Healthy Mind Coaching

No Regrets

Results Coaching

FreshStart Life Coaching

Calendar Clutter

Balanced Success

Joyful Cactus Coaching

Total Balance Career

Life Therapies Ltd

Balance and Change

Daily Lessons

Eclipse Life Coaching

Progressive Growth

Ascent Health Coaching

Beyond Thought

Pro Life Guidance

Pegion Pray

Love Your Career

Live Your Life

Positive Psychology

Clearview Coaching Group

Modern Mind Matters

Discoveries of Adversity

Happier and Healthier

Life is Short

Life Design Coach

Practical Life Coaching

Magnificent Life Coaching

One Life Coaching

Perfect Life

Enjoy Your Life

Noyonis Coaching

MindFuel Coaching

Do Your Dream

New Patient Group

Integral Solutions

Change Your Life

Engage Life Coaching

The Navigation Coach

Create a Better You

The Trades Coach

Limitless Living

Wired 4 Success

Mindstream Life Coaching

Joy Life Coaching

Creative Business Coach

Life Coach for Busy Moms

Life Lessons

Cool Life Coach Business Names

Don’t Settle!

Awakened Life

Personal Motivator

Change My Life



The Motivational Coach

The Bella Life

Life Coach

Lovely Nutrition

Nlp for Success Coach

The Workplace Coach

Clear Life Coaching

The Boss

Attitudes of Success

Mindset Mentor

Life Partners

Devosfly life Coach

Life Purpose

Zest Tree

Surviving Your Split

Touchstone Coaching

New Insights


Black Swan Coaching


Integrative Coaching

Life Balance

Coachme Solution

Change Is Good

Honey Bunch

Help Is Here!


Loving Life Coaching

The Restful Coach

Mindful Choices

Journey to Success

Balanced Life Academy

Mental Healer

Spirit Guide

Life Skills & Mind Fitness


Catchy Life Coach Business Names

Sport Mind Coach

Inspired to Action

The Coaching Toolbox

Prosperity Coach

The Secret Bible

The Sacred Vision

Carey Coaching

Life Unlimited

Life Of Luxury

Happy Coach

Make It Happen!

Just Life Skills

Fresh Start Coach

Coach For Careers

Spark For Life

Shine Like the Sun

Passion People

The Organised Coach

Life Coach for Pets


Path Career Coach

Basic Humanity

Making Change Work!

Inspirational Coach

Breakthrough Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

The Calm Coach

Action Coach

Inspired Wellness

Academy of Life

Money Mindset Coach

Simple Luxuries

Career Makers

Life Of Laughter

Life Counseling

Dream Job

Happiness Advisor

Unique Life Coach Company Names

Smart Coach

​Idea Alive

Coach on the Square

Your Next Jump

Passion Catalyst

Live Fulfilling Life

TruLife Coach

Heal Your Life

TouchBase Coaching

Energy For Life

Basic Living Rules Coaching

Life Coaches

Rise To The Occasion

Choice Life Coaching

Friendly Fulfilment

Success Coach

Imagine Life Coaching

Life Core Coaching

Clefford Life Coaching

New Life Practice

Executive Coach

First Choices Career

Cause Coaching

Aspire Coaching

Lifestyle Stars

Rise To Life

Career Strategists


Empowerment Coach

Align Your Life

OpenAir Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coach Names

Wellbeing Guru

Yoda Coaching

Goal Setting Coach

Mindfulness Maestro

Angel Life Coach

Calm Connections

Soul Protector

Breakthrough Expert

Lead Your Life

Living Lightly

Prosperity Room

Karma Coach

Coach Your Life

Embrace Your Power

Freedom Strategist

Be at One

Life Confidence Guru


Ask An Angel

Life Stylist

Financial Freedom Code

Chakra Life Coach

Holistic Life Coach

Channel of Calm

Heart-weaving Wisdom

Divinity Within

Health Coaching Business Names

Healthy Vision

Good Energy

Healthy Lifestyle

The Soulmate Coach

Wellbeing Coaching

Total Life Changes

Smart Health

Psychic life coach

Nutrition Central

Healthy Living

Blue Rose Life Coaching

Deep Roots Wellness

Inner Peace Counselors

Life Of Courage

Lifetime Lessons

Healing Equilibrium

Healing Wellness

Body & Mind for Life

Total Health Coach

Whole Body Care

All About Wellness

Capable Care

Health Rabbit

Mindful Body Fitness

Helpful Hearts

Kindly Care

Health River

Finding Your Journey

What are the Types of Life Coaching Businesses?

Life coaching is a type of professional counseling that helps people deal with problems, such as relationships, parenting, and career issues. The goal is to help clients achieve personal growth and happiness by identifying the root causes of their problems and developing a change plan.

Some life coaches work in hospitals or clinics, while others work independently. They may also work with corporations or organizations to help employees become more productive or happier at work.

There are three types of life coaching businesses:

1) Life Coaching Businesses – These are the traditional type of life coaching businesses where the coach provides one-on-one services with the client.

2) Independent Consultants – These types of life coaches work as independent contractors or consultants for different companies, organizations, institutions, etc. They don’t have a direct client relationship with these organizations but they provide services such as speeches, workshops, or presentations on behalf of their clients.

3) Coaching Programs – These are also known as corporate coaches and they work with large groups or organizations to help them improve performance.

How To Choose Perfect Life Coach Name?

Choosing a perfect life coach name is not an easy task. It requires lots of time and effort cuz you want to make sure that your name choice is not just catchy but also relevant.

You can choose your life coach name based on your personality, profession, interests, and goals. However, the best way to choose a perfect name is to use a list of names that you like.

When choosing a life coach, it’s important to think about what kind of service you want and how important it is for your life. Are you looking for someone who will give you advice or someone who will help with goal setting? Maybe you are looking to find someone who can help with relationship issues or even self-care? Once you know this, it’s time to start thinking about what type of name would work best for that particular service.

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