235+ Lemonade Stand Names to Make High-profit

Lemons are sour, but they are also sweet. This is the perfect metaphor for what a lemonade stand name should be. It should be catchy and memorable, but also have a bit of a twist to it. A good name will make your lemonade stand stick out from the rest.

A successful lemonade stand name is memorable and unique. So here we’ve compiled the list of catchy Lemonade stand names that will surely spark some creativity in you and help you stand out from the competition by boosting your sales.

Lemonade Stand Names

Hearth Lemonade

Summer Shack

Lemonade on the Go

Sweetie Pies Lemonade



Lemonade by Linda

Spoonful of Sunshine

Seriously Squeezed

Lemon Love

Bazaar Clever

Magical Lemons

Lots of Lemon

Lemonade Time

Sunny Lemonade

Lemon Scentsations


Gotta Have It!

Sippin’ Soda Co.

House Of Lemonades

Just Juiced Lemonade


Beverage Station


Lousiana Lemons

Lemon Lunatics

Sugar Cubes, Inc.

Fresh Squeeze

Citrus Twist

Nature Lemonade

Cool Citrus

It’s About The Fizz

Lemons n’ Love

Lemon and Loaded

Lemon Paradise

Lemonade Hangout


Life of a Lemon

Lemonade Paradise

Lemonade Lane


Jazzy Juiced

Sweeter Than Sour


Lemons in the Buff

Exotic Infusion Lemonade

The Pink Ladies


Squeeze The Day

Power Lemonade

San Fran Sour

Lowest Leasing On Lemons

The Squeeze Box

Lancaster Lemonade

Citrus Sunrise

Happy Lemonade

Twist of Lime

Pucker Up Lemonade

Life’s Lemons

Cool Lemonade Brand Names

Cheers Clever

Looking Fresh

Hang Your Lemons

Iced Clever

Susie’s Stand

Doctor Lemon

Your Locally Operated

Lemonade By Linda

Sunny Daze

The Squeeze Stand

Lucky the Lemon Man

Sassy Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Squad

The Local Lemon

Lemonade X


The Lemon Garden

Lemons in the City

Lemon Fresh Cayenne



Lemon Street

The Real Lemonade

Cool Brew Lemonade

Squeezy Stand

Creative Craft Lemonade

Lemon Pucker

Sunshine Splash

Bursting Lemons

Sunny Drink

Lemon You Glad

Hero Clever

Lemon Streak

Beans Clever

Lemon Licious

Sunshine In A Cup.

We’re Sour

Jolt Lemonade

Tropical Treat

Dream Squeeze

Cold Refreshments

You Can’t Drink It!

Lil’s Lemonade Stand

Amy’s Cooler Treats

The Sweet Squeeze

Positively Lemon

Catchy Lemonade Stand Names

Bob Knows Lemons

Passion Pop Lemonade

Grinded Clever

Cooler than Ice

Right Mix Lemonade

Lemonade Shack

Mellow Yellow

The Sugary Stop

Little Lime

Fresh Icy


Lemon Creations

The Last Taste in Sunshine

Summer In A Cup!

The Zest Lemonade

The Lovely Lemon

Burst Lemonade

The Lemon Pit

Junction Lemonade

Lemon With a Twist

Squeaky Lemons

Cuppa Lemonade

The Lemon Ladies

Laughing Lemons

HQ Lemonade


Ruby Red Squeeze

World Famous Lemonade


The Refresh Hut

Sour, Sweet Squeezes

Pressed n’ Pulped

Lemon Eyes

A Bitter Taste of Money

Lemon Fun Day

Taste The Sun

Aromatic Lemonade

Dwell Lemonade

Come Quench

Sugary Sour

The Jolly Juice

Wake Lemonade

Lemon Pump

Sqeesshy Lemons

Long River Limonade

Squeezed in Seattle

Aroma Lemonade

Sweeter than Sour

Heisenberg’s Sweetness

Seaside Squeezes

Lucky Lemon

The Yellow Lagoon

Cute Lemonade Stand Names

Grounds Clever

Whole Lotta Sweet

The Main Squeeze

Be Lemony

The Sour Sip

The Lemon Tree

Peel The Sour

Cucumber Lemon

Pour Clever


Sunny Delightfuls

The Cool Stand

Lemon on a Leash

Popular Lemons

Sunshine Daydreams

Lime Breeze

Retro Lemon

Grab a Refreshing Glass

Lemonade Hut

Yummy Lemonade

Super Sour Drinks

Cold Stone Lemonade

Local Lemonade


The Sunny Stand

Brewed Clever

The Sour Sisters

Snappy Lemonade

Sour Patch Kids

Frozen Smarties Lemonade

Beans Lemonade

As Lemony as it Gets

Something Flavorful


A Taste of Lemon



Sweet Side of the Street

Licky Wicky

Sunny Daze Lemonade

Commune Clever

Funny Lemonade Stand Names

Standby Lemonade Stand

Piping Hot Lemonade

The Very Best Lemonade

Sunny Lemon

Pucker Up

Squeeze the Day Lemonade

The Sour Kids

Lemon on Top

Lime Squeezy

Lemon In Disguise

Friendly Little Lemon

Cold Cut Cravers Delight



Lemon Me Up

Be my Zest

Tour of Tastes

Crush Dreams

Roadhouse Clever


Lemon ‘N Tonic

Berry Good Lemonade

Shoot the Moon Lemonade



Energize Lemonade

Lemony Sweet

Gourmet Clever

Squeeze It Up!

Lemons From Heaven

Sweet Like Sugar

The Fill-Up Station

Squeezed Sweetness

Lemon It To Me

Pressed Juicery

Lemonade on the Brain

Lemonade Ville

The Lemonade Exchange

Not Just Lemonade

Crazy Lemons

Twisty Flips Lemonade

Squidgy Lemonheadz

Totally Lemonade

Lemons 4 You

Lemon or Lime?

Crystal Clear Lemonade

County Fair Lemonade

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Lemonade Stand?

There are many things to consider when choosing a name for your lemonade stand. Some of these factors are: how easy is it to remember, does it sound good with your company’s tagline, and what does the customer think about the name? Therefore, It is important to choose the right name because it can make or break your business.

The first thing you should do is brainstorm some names that you like and write them down on a piece of paper. Once you have some ideas, start crossing them off the list if they don’t match any of these criteria:

  • Does it sound too much like an existing company?
  • Does it sound too much like another lemonade stand in your area?
  • Is it easy enough to spell and pronounce? – Is there anything else about the name that just doesn’t feel right?

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