100+ Guess What Jokes That Are Hilarious to Read

A good belly laugh and a happy day can be achieved by having a good sense of humor. So sharing Guess what jokes can be a great way to exercise your sense of humor and bring joy to your surrounding people.

These jokes have become increasingly popular in recent years as people of all ages are looking for a way to bring some light-hearted humor into their conversations, and it’s a complete punchline of the joke that makes them more interactive than other traditional jokes.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 100+ Guess What Jokes that are enough to provide hours of entertainment for all ages. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Guess What Jokes

1. Guess what makes you go on red and stop on the green?

When you’re eating a watermelon.

2. I noticed a Fairy Tale t-shirt at an extremely low price. Guess what?

It was fair retail.

3. Guess what the man got when he won the Scrabble tournament?

A re-word.

4. Guess what presidents were the greenest?

The Bushes.

5. The cook gifted his girlfriend something she would like. Guess what?

An onion ring.

6. Can you guess why the bear failed the exam?

Because of his big pause.

7. I was in another city and guess what my mom texted me?

I want you home in 10 minutes.

8. I had a dream about an orange ocean last night. Guess what?

It was a Fanta Sea.

9. There’s a place where the English and French live peacefully. Guess where?

It’s Canada.

10. I won a rain dance competition. Guess what I got?


11. I saw a fairy tale T-shirt at an extremely low price. Guess what?

It was a fair retail.

12. Guess where fish keep their money?

In the river bank.

13. Guess who I bumped into on my way to the eye doctor?


14. Pigglet kept looking in the toilet. Guess what?

He was looking for Pooh.

15. I was trying to solve a few equations about circles. Guess what?

It was pointless.

16. Guess who woke up with 20 missed calls from his ex?

My ex.

17. The lovely turkey couple went for a dance, guess where they went?

To the butter-ball.

18. Guess who Dracula brings with him to movie premieres?

His ghoul-friend.

19. Guess what the ship had to go to therapy for?

He was a nervous wreck.

20. The elves went to school, guess what they learned?

The elfabets.

21. Guess what?


Good guess.

22. A famous tortoise lives next door. Guess what it’s called?

A shell-ebrity.

23. Guess what you call it when a prisoner takes his own mugshot?

A cellfie.

24. One friend took the lift other took the staircase, guess what?

Both were raised differently.

25. Guess what you call an alligator wearing a vest?

An investigator.

26. The mathematician served something special for dessert. Guess what?

It was pi.

27. I won a wet t-shirt competition. Guess what I got?


28. The frog parked his car in the swamp, guess what?

It got toad.

29. Military was standing outside my house, guess what I did?


30. Guess what, Facebook?

I’m not going to tell you what’s on my mind today.

31. I have a famous turtle. Guess what it’s called?


32. Guess why elephants are so wrinkled?

Because they take too long to iron.

33. My boss just came back from his holidays; guess what country he went to?

To Boss-Bados.

34. A thief got caught stealing pizza. Guess what the police told him?

His marinara rights.

35. Guess how do all the oceans say hello to each other?

They wave.

36. The banana went to the doctor. Guess what happened?

He was not peeling well.

37. The cat went to Minnesota, guess why?

To buy one mini-soda.

38. I met a witch at the restaurant the other day, guess what she ordered?


39. Guess what Starbucks and therapists have in common?

They encourage people to espresso themselves.

40. Santa Clause’s elves went to school, guess what they learnt?

The elfabets.

41. Guess what? Dating is so easy because you just ask someone out and they say no.

42. Guess what do you call a sleeping bull?

 A bulldozer.

43. The teacher said that he caught something. Guess what?

He caught my attention.

44. An archer who won a gold medal is opening a new store. Guess what he named it?


45. I was trying to solve a few equations on circles. Guess what?

It was pointless.

46. A butcher went out on a date. Guess what he said?

Nice to meat you.

47. Guess what I have right now?

Your ear.

48. I sneezed at the best time of the day. Guess what?

It was at-choo-o’clock.

49. Guess what one wall said to the other wall?

I’ll meet you at the corner.

50. Guess what Santa calls his elves?

Subordinate Clauses.

51. I won a rain dance competition, guess what I got?


52. Sky had to pay her bills, guess what she gave?

A rain check.

53. One really famous tortoise lives next door, guess what it’s called?

A shellebrity.

54. Guess what type of fish frequents the best reefs in the ocean?

The so-fish-ticated type.

55. Guess what move pigs learn in martial arts class?

The pork chop.

56. Guess what the zero said to eight?

Nice belt.

57. It always coming but never comes, can you guess what it is?


58. The teacher said he caught something. Guess what?

It was my attention.

59. The shooter is opening a new store, guess what he named it?


60. I got a wooden bike with wooden handles and wheels, guess what?

It woo-den start.

61. Guess what you call a comedian who’s about to make a joke?

Someone with a pun in the oven.

62. I was dreaming of an orange ocean tonight. Guess what?

It was a Fanta sea.

63. Can you guess what coat hangers do on the weekends?

They hang out.

64. Guess what kind of hike I went today?

I hiked my pants.

65. Guess what you call a sleeping piece of paper?

A napkin.

66. Guess what monkeys eat in space?

Space bananas.

67. I recently went to a restaurant, they poisoned my tiramisu. Guess what?

I tiramisued them.

68. The astronaut was using the computer and guess what key he kept pressing?

The space bar.

69. A girl won a Scrabble tournament. Guess what she got?

A re-word.

70. Two eggs went for a comedy gig, guess what one egg said to the another?

Let’s get cracking.

71. My twin brothers dressed up as a bird this Halloween, guess what they said?

Trick or tweet.

72. My doctor’s name is Doctor Pepper. Guess what?

He’s a Fizzician.

73. I was trying to mimic a flamingo. Guess what happened?

I had to put my foot down.

74. Guess what method of transportation self-driving cars use on their day off?

A human driver.

75. Two monkeys are sharing an Amazon account, guess what are they called?

Prime mates.

76. Guess what kind of hike I went on today?

I hiked up my pants.

77. Guess how do you keep an elephant from charging?

Take away his credit card.

78. Guess why the glassblower went home early?

He got a stomach pane.

79. My boss just came back from his vacation. Guess what country he went to?


80. I opened the creepy closet, guess what I found?

Narnia business.

81. Guess what sits at the bottom of the ocean and shakes?

A nervous wreck.

82. Guess what happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?

It gets toad away.

83. Guess what number of pessimists it takes to screw in a lightbulb?

None – they gave up.

84. If they used money in space, guess what it would be called?


85. Two mice went fishing, guess where they parked the boat?

At the hickory dickey dock.

86. You wanna know why I hate circles so much?

They’re just so pointless.

87. Can you guess what bands turbines love?

They are big metal fans.

88. Guess what you call someone who never falls down the stairs?

A stair-voyant.

89. Taught my pig karate and guess what we call him now?

Pork chop.

90. If you see two girls at a bar, guess what?

The short one is single.

91. Guess what coat hangers do on the weekend?

They hang out, of course.

92. Can you guess where that famous painter’s ear went?

I saw it get in a Van and Gogh.

93. Guess what I found in the creepy old professors’ closet?

Narnia business.

94. I opened the creepy closet. Guess what I found?

Narnia business.

95. Once there was a fish with no eye, guess what they call it?


96. The gym instructor broke up with his girlfriend, guess what happened?

It did not work out.

97. The baby tomato was running late for school. Guess what his mommy said?

Come on, ketch-up.

98. Guess what bands turbines love to listen to?

Not sure, but they’re big heavy metal fans.

99. Guess what you call a baby reindeer’s first teeth?

Buck teeth.

100. Guess why did the picture go to jail?

It was framed.

101. Cinderella couldn’t play soccer guess what she did on the field?

She ran away from the ball.

102. Guess what made the sea monster such a successful comedian?

He was always kraken everyone up.

103. I was having a very important conversation with my teacher. And guess what?

I zoned out.

104. It sits in a corner and still travels around the world, guess who?

A stamp.

105. Guess what I have right now?

Your attention.

106. Guess why learning sign language is such a good idea?

Because it is quite handy.

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