The 73 Best The Scorch Trials Quotes

1. “It’s what you would’ve wanted us to do.”

2. “We exist for one purpose and one purpose only: to save the world from catastrophe.”

3. “But what about all those dead people we saw? Maybe they rescued us for real, got killed, and now we’re screwed. Maybe we were supposed to do something, but now it’s all been messed up and we’ve been left here to die.”

4. “happened to her? What had happened to them? Where were”

5. “You’re so sweet,’ Frypan said with a snort. ‘Go ahead and die with Thomas. I think I’ll sneak away and enjoy living with the guilt.”

6. “False hope,” she said. “Guess that’s better then no hope at all.”

7. “He still felt her absence; it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. You wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone.”

8. “Thomas knew what he thought. Those images would never leave—the Gladers would be haunted by the horrible things that had happened in the Maze for the rest of their lives. He figured that most if not all of them would have major psychological problems. Maybe even go completely nutso.”

9. “When someone is close by, you just know it.”

10. “Newt was sitting on the ground with Frypan and Minho, all three looking as if they were waiting for the end of the world.”

11. “Even before he got there, he could read the words printed on the ribbon, black on orange. THE SAFE HAVEN”

12. “Maybe it was bad, maybe he was a jerk. But looking at her made him want Teresa back.”

13. “No. I kind of accepted it, in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had.”

14. “If I can tell you anything today, it is that you should never, ever believe your eyes. Or your mind, for that matter.”

15. “Just dying till the day you ask me to be your Crank bride.”

16. “He wasn’t dead. Unless the afterlife was just a crappy room of blackness.”

17. “No. Just thinking about how much my life sucks.” “Mine does, too. Sucks big-time. But I’m glad I’m with you.”

18. “it was like opening up that vast void within all over again. As if during the days since her disappearance a thick liquid had slowly seeped in and filled that chamber, only to have it all sucked out again when she came and went.”

19. “I think we should take a break, fill our little tummies and drink up.”

20. “dying would be the easy way out.”

21. “Are you guys done up there?” Aris yelled, still facing the other direction. “Yes!” Teresa called back. “And don’t expect me to ever kiss you on the cheek again. I think my lips have a fungus now.”

22. “Okay.” He hesitated. One word. So far, not so good.”

23. “See ya tomorrow,” he says. Which is true, and it hurts.”

24. “Phase Two. The Scorch Trials.”

25. “Running away from her was the hardest thing he’d ever done, he had no doubt of it.”

26. “Thomas had never heard such arrogance from her. She was either a really good actress or had started going crazy. Gained a split personality or two.”

27. “then we’re all gonna bust our humps walking all night.”

28. “All right. Go. Our brave little shank.”

29. “The rain fell in torrents, like God had sucked up the ocean and spit it out over their heads in fury.”

30. “Let’s all go over there. She could have an army of psycho girl ninjas hiding in that shack of hers.”

31. “Yeah, we’ve heard that before. This time we mean it. We’re not going to sit back and let you treat us like rats anymore. We’re done.”

32. “And when she left, it was like opening up that vast void within all over again.”

33. “…You’d think the little part about them supposedly killing us would be the attention getter.”

34. “They just had to go, to move, to do. That was it.”

35. “Did Thomas the boring slinthead actually make a joke?”

36. “What’s going on?” Newt asked, looking back and forth between Thomas and Aris. “Why’re you guys looking at each other like you just fell in love?”

37. “Is it your goal in life to piss me off until I cut your arteries open one by one?”

38. “Well, this is hard because I don’t know what you know.”

39. “He heard the hiss right before a billion pounds of dynamite exploded in his shoulder. His mind said goodbye for the third time.”

40. “you’ll be cured of the Flare. That’s exactly two weeks—starting the second you step through the Trans. If you don’t make it, eventually you’ll end up dead.”

41. “ghostly forms of darkness in the heat mirage,”

42. “Sometimes I wonder, if being alive matters. If being dead might be a lot easier.”

43. “What’s gonna happen’ll happen.”

44. “Rose took my nose, I suppose”

45. “She spoke to him before the world fell apart”.”

46. “And who knew what obstacle might spring up next? Or had the girls planned something else for him?”

47. “He turned to look just in time to see the rain start falling out as if the storm had finally decided to weep with shame for what it had done to them.”

48. “So we’ve had to up the ante, and now it’s time for Phase Two. It’s time for things to get difficult.”

49. “Concern seemed to bleed his heart dry as they ran along.”

50. “I’m sorry, Tom, she answered back, in his mind once again. But thanks for being our sacrifice.”

51. “They fell from the sky in jagged streaks, like bars of”

52. “In some places where skin was exposed, raw red blisters peeked out like menacing alien eyeballs.”

53. “he didn’t feel as if dying would be the easy way out.”

54. “He wasn’t sure when he’d reached this turning point. But something had cracked within him.”

55. “Like living nightmares, missing only a death certificate to make them official zombies.”

56. “If he threw it all up, he’d just enjoy eating all over again. Hopefully a fresh batch.”

57. “Thomas rolled his eyes. “I never said jack about me being braver than anybody. I’m just sick of hearing people’s voices. Yours included.”

58. “It just came out, a new number one on the list of the dumbest things he’d ever said.”

59. “He felt empty and lost like he didn’t belong anywhere.”

60. “dead might be a lot easier.”

61. “Didn’t know you could measure distance so well with nothing but you bloody eyeballs”

62. “We were lining up and counting off nice and easy till you came stumbling through like a doped-up bull,’ Minho responded.”

63. “The girl leaned forward and kissed Thomas on the cheek. “You’re sweet. I really hope we don’t end up killing you, at least.”

64. “Heat, like a dry ocean through which they had to swim.”

65. “We’ve done it, too, man,” Aris said. “Don’t you remember?”

66. “Real piece of work, this guy. I’ve gotta get one of those shuck suits. Fancy stuff.”

67. “i felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone”

68. “I was the last one to come through. Did everyone make it?” “We were lining up and counting off nice and easy till you came stumbling through like a doped-up bull,” Minho responded.”

69. “Another pop, this time followed by the tinkle of glass sprinkling on the floor.”

70. “The bodies were gone, with no sign that they’d ever been there in the first place.”

71. “I’ve thought about you every second since they took you away.”

72. “When they’d settled into bed last night, everything had seemed good and safe. Yeah, maybe this was worse, to have that suddenly taken away.”

73. “It was as if the buildings were alive, growing right before their eyes as they got closer.”

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