Garden Names: 275+ Cool Names for Gardens

The best way to find the perfect name for your garden is to do your research One way is to ask your friends and family members for help. You can also brainstorm ideas by yourself. Be creative, think outside the box, and come up with as many ideas as you can during the brainstorming process.

Many people have never considered what they can do with a garden. It can be a place where you grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even fruits. You can also use it as a place for relaxation and peace of mind.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration when choosing the perfect name for your garden – such as what type of plants will you grow, who will be using it and how much time will you spend on it.

Here are some cool and catchy Garden names ideas that you’ll like. Make sure to select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Creative Garden Names

Suncoast Nurseries

Roosevelt Gardens

Cloud Nyne

The Garden Of Goshall

Wild & Free


Green Garden Glow

Leafy Garden

Picker’s Patch

Greens Ford


Queens Park

Spring Garden

Wonderful Gardens

Riverhill Garden

Sapphire Garden

Stone Lake Ground

Pleasure Gardens

Golden Meadow

New Era Garden

Green Eyes Garden

Plant Paradise

Floral Alleys

The Casual Gardener

Eco Friendly Greens

Purley Palms

The Harvard Garden

Garden of Earthly Delights

From The Garden


Alacook Garden

Garden of Dreams

Trebah Garden

The Park Of Minnepar

Gardens Wey

Fairy Flowers Gardens

Cyan Eco Garden


FeelGood Gardening

Godolphin Garden

The Lost Garden

Havermark Gardens

Plants In Bloom

Aestral Gardening

Downtown at the Gardens

Whitehall Gardens

My Cute Garden

Garden Plantland


Summer Fields

Green Heart

Dogwood Garden

Highdown Gardens

Lotus Garden

Ness Botanic Gardens

Earth Angels

Honeybee Gardening

Kew Gardens

Winter Garden

Northlake Gardens

VIP Eco Garden

Powerscourt Gardens

Holbrook Farms Gardens

Lawn Gnomes and Stone Fairies

Cool Garden Names

Almost Eden

Virgin Garden

The Peaceful Garden

Golden Bloom

I Need Seeds


Green Fingers and Thumbs

Elegant Garden

Yamato Garden

Golden Duck Garden

Inch By Inch

Sundercastle Garden

The Greenery

GreenGlider Gardening

Lelin Garden

Castle Gardens

Young Greens

Little Brook Garden

Lunchtime Gardener

Sunsport Gardens

Azalea Gardens


Nature Captured

Triangle Meadows

Succulents Garden

Plant Living House

Garden Scape

Natural North

Barkenford Plaza


Cypress Gardens

New Town gardening

Greenhouse 2U

Ashton Gardens

Thirsty Green


The Wise Gardener

Western Gardens

Flower Dome

Blessed Botanicals

Fletcher Gardens

Rose Bouquet

Crooked Garden

Premier Mart

Sun Stump Nursery

Jefferson Market Garden

Green Ivy

The New Bloom Inn

Soggy Springs Garden

Herb Lands

The Patch

Unique Garden Names

Arbor Gardening

Butchart Gardens



Garden Central

Southside Garden

The Garden Of Corrose

Golden Grounds


The People’S Garden


Pretty Patios

Conswell Garden

Agape Greenhouse

Keep it Green

Goulton Garden


Sunrise View Nursery

Eco-Powered Plants

Landscape Associates

GoodWave Gardening

Little Trees Garden

Cute Greens

Lush Harvest

A-Sister Garden


Designer Gardening

Cloud Forest

Oceanside Meadows

The Community Garden

Golton Meadows

The Loom Florist

Gardens Vale

Vauxhead Gardens


Bayshore Gardens

Linford Garden

Ida Gaye Gardens

Nature nest Landscape

Gardening Gloves

Sally’s Flower Bed

Green Solutions

Gardener’s Toolbox

Eynsington Meadows

The Garden Of Kingsbron

A Rays to Grow




Grow and Go To

Alpine Orchards

Catchy Garden Names


Seed Island

Midland Meadows

Twilight Garden

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Queen Rose Gardens

Perley Garden

Fairytale Garden


Sow Pretty

Northside Orchard

Natural Immersion

Lakeview Memorial Gardens

Garden of Wales

Almond Garden

West Dean Garden


Exbury Garden

Thyme Point Garden

Silver Oak Garden

A Garden Affair

Rosshurst Garden

Just Sprinklers


Healing Garden

Dahlia Garden

Gardening Cactus

Botanic Heaven

Green Doctor

Willard Bay Gardens

Succulent Nannies

Minute Mulch

Barnsdale Gardens

Bloom Season

Ecoe Baby Flowers

Well Planted


Flower Garden Names

The Secret Garden

Century Garden

A Lovely Fruitbed

Green Bliss

Taylor Gardens

Inner Heaven Garden

Gardonna Gardening

The Flower Magician

Move Mounts

Gardner’S Toolbox

The Nursery

Garden Artist

Vera’s Villa

Marble Greens

Giardino Tools

Grow and Flower

Highland Gardens

Sunflower Garden

Green Machine

Garden Hood

Adventure Island

Harvest Gardening

Your Fairy Garden

Container Garden

Bell Gardens Veterans Park

An Earthly Estate

Journeys to Paradise


Green Gardening

Lily Pad Garden

Infinite Green

Lotus Island

All Seasons Gardening


The Tiny Terrace

Green Side

English Scape

Violet Garden

Greenlife Gardens

Beginner’S Garden

Outside of Eden


Wildflower Garden

Garden Cress

Garden Style

The Flowering Tree

Dirt Huggers

Green Moor

Plant Nursery Names

Away Opera

Green Moist gardening

FarmBounty Gardening

AcreFood Gardening

Glamix Landscape

Nature Sense

Blissful Space

Green Hands


NorthVibe Gardening


Mystic mart

Mandolin Gardens Park

Elysian gardening


Gleen Glade gardening

Roots & Shoots

The Flower Bed


Seven Petals

Urban Orchid

Green Bang


Dumbarton Oaks

Nature Nukes

Green Haven

JoyBox Gardening

Green Posh

Conservatory of Flowers

Rose Garden

The Garden Gurus

Green meadow

Alpine Gardens

Urban Green

What Makes a Good Name for a Garden?

A garden is a place where we can grow and enjoy flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other plants. There are many ways to name a garden. A good name for a garden could be unique or has meaning to the owner.

The best names for gardens are ones that have personal meaning to the owner. For example, if you love roses you could name your garden “Roses”. If you love tulips you could name your garden “Tulips”. If you love mints then you could call your garden “Mints”.

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Garden?

A garden name is more than just a name. It’s an investment that you make in your personal space. The name you choose for your garden will be the first thing visitors see and will set the tone for what they experience when they come to visit.

First, think about what kind of plants you want to grow in your garden. Are you looking for flowers or vegetables? Do you want something easy to maintain or something that needs lots of attention? Is there anything specific that inspires your garden?

Next, consider how often people will be visiting the garden and what they might like best about it. Will they want to see plants with interesting colors or textures? Will they be drawn in by the smell of flowers or the sound of birds chirping?

Lastly, think about how much time and energy it will take to maintain.

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