270+ Plant Nursery Name Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

Choosing the best name for a plant nursery is not an easy task. Several factors come into consideration while naming a nursery. It requires careful consideration of various factors before making a final decision on what to name it.

The following points will help you decide on the best name for your plant nursery:

  • Think about what you want to achieve with the business, whether it be providing plants or gardening supplies, or something else entirely.
  • Choose a name that resonates with customers and reflects what you do interestingly – this will make people remember your business more easily and make them want to visit again.

Here we’ve compiled a list of unique and attractive names for Plant nurseries that you’ll inspire people to go with nature. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Plant Nursery Names

Heart and Home

The Plant Babies

Premier Mart

Plant Alone

The Sweet Little Plants

Spring Bloom

Nursery For Trees

The Super Shaders

The Green Goddess

Harvest Garden

Crazy Plants Nursery

Lone Star Nursery

The Spring Park Nursery

The House of Plants

Quality Trees Ltd

The Garden Shop

Plant Up

The Green Thumb

Cute Little Trees

Let It Grow!

Growing Nature

Love of Flowers

The Tropical Flowers

The Morning Glory

Pine Lake Landscaping

Plant Trustee

Naturally Native Plants

The Spring Blooms

The Life Greeneries

Plants of Desire

Tower of Evergreen

The Lush Garden

Cacti Nursery

Grow Daisies

Nursery Wholesale

Garden Store

Plants In Stock

The Cute Little Plants

Plants From The Tropical

Fresh Cut Flowers

Crooker’s Plant Master

The Beautiful Greenery

Flora Guards

I Love Plants

The Royal Landscape

In Bloom Florist

The Aesthetic Garden

How Green Nursery

The Spring Gardens

Beautiful Plantations

The Sunshine Diaries

Gardening Paradise

Blossom Branch

Bedrock Roses

Beautiful Blooms

The Fine Filth

Urban Motive

Gardening World

Green Acres Nursery

Astro Garden

The Green Patch

The Evergreen Club

Ivy Garden

Splendid Flowers

My Little Tree House

Keepers Nursery

Shield The Plants

Pansy Hands

Bloom Nursery

Midsummer Landscape

The Grower

The Tree House

Blue Gardener

Brookside Nursery

Plant Wonders

Hillside Nursery

Little Garden


Cool Plant Nursery Names

The Bloom Store

The Rose Garden

Get, Set, Plant!

The Green Earth

Bird of Paradise

Big Red Sun

The Seed Island

The Tree Culture

Balance The Food Cycle

So Green!

Nurture Your Trees


My Sunday Holiday

The Grass Shop

Garden Dreams

Golden Bloom

The Master Gardeners


Blossoms In Spring

Kinder Garden

Breath In Nature

The Desert Cactus

Green Love

Love For Mother Nature

Purple Flowers

Petals & Leaves

Gardenia Nursery

Super Fast Greeneries

The Happy Buds

Baby’s Breath Garden

Three Sisters Nursery

Gardening For All

The Green View

Lake Tree Farm

Nurture Your Plants

The Rose Plantations

Emerald Coast Plants

Kingdom Of Plants

Certified Plant Growers

Mount Folly Nurseries

The Oak Greeneries

Royal Gardens

Everyone Can Garden

The Green Seedlings

Creative Plant Designs

The Tropical Shoots

The Alpine Gardens

Catchy Plant Nursery Names

Essen Blume

Tree Farm

The World Of Gardens

The Tribal Plants

Protect The Greens

Go Plants!

Backyard Blooms

Pacific Nurseries

Maintaining Masters

The Mystical Flowers

The Lush Bloom

The Flora Culture

Evergreen Growers

The Greenscape

Dirt Huggers

Jungle Rose Nursery

Plant Vault

The World Of Plants

White House Gardens

The Wise Gardener

Weed Free

Bountiful Petals

The Green Machine

Blaise Plant Nursery

The Tree Nursery

The Green City

All About Plants

The Crazy Plants

Eat, Pray, Plants!

Signs of Green

Premier Plant Nursery

The Decorative Florist

The Pretty Plants

A Gardener’s Delight

Rolling Greens

Shooting Star Cactus

Lone Star Bloom

Evergreen Nursery

The Gorgeous Garden

Trees Please

The Sugar Gardens

Vibrant Earth

The Blooming Buds

The Luscious Garden

Crabapple Babble

Mary’s Plant Ville

Grow a plant shop

Easy Big Trees

The Spotless Patch

Unique Plant Nursery Names

The Great Outdoors

Paradise Green

Plants For All Seasons

Zion Gardens

Trees And Seeds

Cactus Clouds

Happy Ground Nursery

The Proud Gardeners

The Gorgeous Leaves

Growers Outlet

Jeffer Valley

Glamorous Green

Gateway Gardens

Garden of the Ancients

Lush Harvest

Clover Nurture

The Beautiful Blossoms

Sprouts and Shoots

The Harvard Garden

Rooted in Nature

The Japanese Botany

Decorate Your Plants

Scenes of Green

Shrub Buffer

Succulent Shop

Leaves Of Green

Clear Sky All Day

Budding Beauty

Floral Passion

Morning Glory Nursery

Green Lovers’ Association

Green of Grass

Love For Plants

Blossom Valley

Gardening In Style

Raising The Plants

Nature Captured

The Thriving Plants

Spring Buddie

Love For Trees

Premier Pray

The Darling Dahlias

Thrive and Bloom

The Local Greens

Plant Materials

Green Petals

In the Pear Tree

The Plant Will

Grow Getter Plant

Creative Plant Nursery Names

The Green Ivy

Paradise Nursery

New Hope Greenhouses

Special Plants

Lakeside Nursery

The Gardening Pros

King’s Greenhouse

Roots Garden Center

Rare Plants

Plant A Seed

The Female Gardeners

Nature nest Landscape

Dragon Trees

Harmony Garden

Flora And Fauna

Garden Giver

ABC of Seeds

The Alpine & Grass Nursery

Urban Garden Supply

Daily Wish

A Hint of Spring

Interior Plantscapes

Guard Your Floras

The Succulent Company

Garden Retreat

Miracle Gardens

Growers Paradise

Heaven For Plants

Bloom Season

Beyond Paradise Nursery

Green Machine

Baby Bulbs

Fine Gardening

Perfect Plants

Rose Culture

Love For Flowers

Earth to the Garden

Ross Farms

Botanical Gardens

Time For Green

A Rose For You

The Lotus Garden

The Plant Professionals

Bonanza Plants

Oakdale Greenhouses

New Greens

Grow It!

The Blue Ivy

Greenhouse Growers

Ultimate Landscapes


Land Art Nursery

Everything’s Green

Black rabbit florist

Blooming Diversity

Garden Gate Nursery

Planter’s Nursery

The Nursery Keepers

Say Green!

Dew Drops Nursery

How to Choose the Best Plant Nursery Name for your Business?

Choosing the right name for your plant nursery is an important decision. It will help you to create a brand identity and set the tone for your business. And when you are thinking of how to choose the best plant nursery name for your business, it is important to keep in mind that the name should be memorable and easy to pronounce. It is also important that the name of your business should not be too long and hard to spell.

The first thing that you need to do when you are thinking about naming your business is brainstorm. You can use a word or two from the company’s mission statement as inspiration for coming up with a list of names. You can also use words from your logo as inspiration for coming up with a list of names.

Another way that you can come up with names is by looking at other businesses in the same industry and seeing what they have named their company. If there are any words or phrases.

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