90+ Cool and Catchy Park Names Ideas

There are many factors that go into choosing the right type of park name. The first thing you need to decide is what your goal is with this park. For example, if you want people to come and enjoy nature, then a naturalistic park name might be the way to go. If you want people to come and exercise, then a fitness-related name might be better.

The next thing you need to think about is what kind of animals live in your area. If you have a lot of snakes, for example, then an animal-related name might be more appropriate than if there are no snakes in the area at all.

Choosing a park name can seem like an easy task but it’s actually not as simple as it seems!

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool and catchy park names that will help you make your garden more memorable and unique – check out these awesome ideas!

Park Names

Flowerscent Garden

Nourished Nature

Sedgeraine Gardens

Wallto Gardens

Inniscook Meadows

Suntara Plaza

Golden Gardens

The Meadows Of Herelin

Dunlodge Meadows

Liberty Gardens

Magcoln Grounds


Oceanside Plaza

Mulching Mastery

West Beach Plaza

Sand Cove Grounds

The Grounds Of Sherpawa

Solstice Meadows

Yarwood Meadows

Balmar Meadows

Green Dreams

Sea Breeze Meadows

Flower Park

Garden Goddess

Ladybug Meadows

Twin River Plaza

Silver Plaza

Diamond Gardens

Landscape Revivers

Solstice Garden

Raccoon Meadows

Leaves Of Green

High Valley Park

Ocean Breeze Gardens

Sapphire Plaza

Northlake Garden

Lighthouse Meadows

Crescent Meadows

Greenwood Plaza


Lively Landscapes

Lonster Meadows

Crossroad Park

Green Marine Meadows

Lonlem Grounds

Clinterre Park

Good Park Names

Peace Park

Riverfront Meadows

Leehazy Gardens

Hillmeda Plaza

Pandora Garden

Greenbelt Meadows

Discovery Plaza

Vennan Park

Phoenix Meadows

Penquet Plaza

Birdsong Park

Gardner’S Gadgets

Great Valley Park

Emerald Moss Park

Green Machines

Drumholm Meadows

Bearhug Garden

Yorkden Park

Forvista Plaza

Whitena Garden

Boulderfield Park

Emerald Garden

Greener Gardens

Cliffburn Garden

Unique Park Names

Stone Lake Gardens

Action theatre


Clifnola Meadows

Happy Valley

City Square Grounds


The Pleasure Island

Riverside Plaza

Bubble works

Juniper Grounds


The Garden Of Hereliers

Wonderful gardens

Happy Meadows


Eagle Eye Plaza

Smisomin Meadows

New Forest Grounds

Buchher Grounds

City Hall Plaza

Crystal Lake Meadows

Croyton Garden

Country Bear

Driving school

Ellingmack Park

Haversby Park

The Importance of Park Names

Park names are important for identity and for the sense of place.

The name of a park is important because it can affect how people perceive it. A park with a name that is well-known or evokes positive imagery will be perceived as more attractive than one with an unknown or negative name. In addition, parks with good names are easier to find on maps and in directories, which can help people to get there.

A good name can also help attract visitors to a park by making it more recognizable and memorable.

How to Choose the Best Park Name?

There are three main factors to consider when choosing a park name: the historical significance of the park, the geographical location, and the feel of the park.

The most important factor is historical significance. A good park name should be associated with a significant event in history. For example, Central Park was named after its location in New York City and reflects its natural landscape of winding paths and lakes.

Geographical location is also an important factor because it can help visitors find your park when they are looking for directions on their phone or GPS.

The feel of the park is also important because it will give people an idea of what they can expect before they arrive at your destination.

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