300+ Catchy Village Names Ideas

A village name is a name given to a group of settlements in the same geographical region, which often share a common history or common social structures. It’s an important part of local identity and culture. This is because they often reflect the area’s history and its people’s values.

It can be either descriptive or commemorative in nature. It can also be used as an identifier for a particular place in the world, such as “Machu Picchu” for the Inca ruins in Peru.

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool and catchy village name ideas that will help you make your story more memorable and unique – check out these awesome ideas!

Village Name Ideas

Wallux Town

Eden Village


White Bridge

Kalresu Village

Glimmer Village


Haling Cove

Waehr Village

Warcester Town

Port Gendar


Landmeadow Town

Old Norwich

Fair Village

Smew Village

Akriel Village


Brightwood Village

Mystic Red Village

Redgold Village

Old Pavo Village

Evanesce Village

Forcas Village

Blessed Village

Elixir Village

York Village

Solaris Village

New Town Riversville

Old Stunnersville

Violet Amethyst Village

Old Plushville

Eastern Trinzall Village

Pitmerden Village

Lyca Village




Daekrahm Village

Kald Village


Peach Pink Village

Ruby Village

Cosima Village

Grafburg Village

Wolfsburg Town

Wolford Village


Pineville Square

Ark Ville

Genly Village

Harmony Village

Old Janley

Old Lyptak


Mallowkeep Village

Lovely Village


Watcher’s Village


Fetching Square

Lingen Village




Orchard Square


Lockwood Village

Mint Ville

Bryxton Town

Azalea Village



Eriwald Village

New Town Summerville

New Xoclese Village

Catchy Village Name Ideas

Bird Valley

Eastern Trinzall

Tarnstead Ville

Old Town Joviz

Jarren’s Outpost

Cherish Grove

Begtuok Village

New Chestnut

Tangerine Town



Gale Town

Upper Pine Castle


Saeville Village

Kendra Town

Shadowwinter Village

Pristine Hills

Williams Land Village

Quiet Starrville

Old Babbler

Sweet Delphine Village

Grytt Village


Blackburn Village

Blurg Village

Old Town Farrahville

New Port Underville

Old Town Desberg

Ebba Village

Tiny Twig Ville

Pleasant Shores Village

Davina Village

Great McAllen Gate

New Atlas Village

Bering Village

Old Town Linhaven



Peterborough Town

Briar Glen

Old Pyro

Quinn Village

Old Sunflower Woods

Rock Castle Square

Brilfax Village


Old Town Gentlewoods

Sequoia Village

Penduline Village

Slahthar Village

Clover Village

Oar’s Rest

Cool Village Name Ideas

Vanora Village

Landow Village

Old Town Zahra




Frandlyn Village

Yellow Garden Village

Old Ephemeral Village

Chambery Village

Hicksborro Hills

Nadir Village

Zerta Village

Plum Paradise

Vihnlox Village

Openshaw Town

Fleur Village


Town of Ashby


Operose Village

New Xiah

Happy Smiles Village

Scintilla Square

Westerbarrow Village

Oakcross Town


Gentle Mornings

Fluhxly Village

Old Ghouls’ Town

Lorelai Village

Uriel Village

Old Bredwardine

Aysgarth Village

Zos Village

Princeton Village

Kincardine Town

Lucca Village

Old Coastfield

Greyridge Village

Old Surish Town



Lavender Sky Square

Eastsea Village


Warlock’s Village


Old Berkshire Village

Town of Esme


Apolline Village

Berkton Village


Old Nearon

Drago Village


Veritas Village

Lumina Village

Old Port Larkville

Fantasy Village Name Ideas

Coldbeach Village

Bybeech Town

Esteredge Town

Old Fern Spring

Fort Sheep View

Violetlyn Ville

Lucky Springs

George Hollow

Aurich Town

Metro Field

Nicosa Village

Fair Creek

Strongmeadow Village

High Rogerdale

Dormeadow Town

Deepoak Village

Bellhall Village

Zapatosa Ville

Birch Lookout Village

Calvary Gate

Tuskenvale Town

Scunthorpe Village

Old Town Northton

Southern Centeralton

Esterdragon Ville

Anglesey Town

Grand East Springs

New Birdsberg Town

New Falmouth Village

Briar Breach Village

Kruger Deep

Walt Mound Village

Gale Rock

Luxor Ville

Old Town Nox

Snowspell Village

Carmarthen Village

Sunfall Village

Southern Clear Field

Nas Laed

Frostmount Ville

Forest Pine

East Reeds Ridge

Wyvernland Village

New Rocknesse

Silent Stone

Stone Gale

Blue Grove Village

Clearfog Town

Aldness Village

Deep Run

Saltwreath Town

Lower Owl Lake

Green River Village

Spring Ridge

Maiden’s Eye Town

Old Goldfleece

Eastfox Village

Old Place Svendborg

Waterdown Village

Rockmount Village

Moose Village

New Underwent

Old Town Yorel

Fort Beaver Valley

Deepwald Village

Upper Church Town

Small Town Names for Stories

Birch Lake

West Strawberry Ridge

Western Mayford

Low Beaver Town

Copper Church

Clayborro Village

Sanborn View

Orchard Hollow

Woldford Village

Northern Sullerdale

Sand Park Village

Walt River

Port Deep

Riverford Village

Western Sutten Forest

Summerstown Village

Brickfield Village

Lincoln Creek

Green Haven

Green Bay

Fair View Village

Grand Strawberryfield

Hart Canyon Village

Keywoods Village

Allenwoods Town

Wood Spring Village

Reeds Point

Gateway Park

Roger Town

Watson Port

Arthurfield Village

Stark Forest Village

Andrewland Village

Central Village

Prince Church

Apple Castle

Allen Field

New Cliff

Strawberry Port

Sanborn Deep

Lower Sunflower Pond

Walt Grove

Marys Pond

Goat Bluff

North River Castle

New May Gate

Grand Beaver Union

Old Union Lookout

Kruger Bluff

Hicksberg Village

Great Thompson Land

Port Canyon

Centeralopolis Town

Sutten Village

Old Nightdale

Western Copperborro

Moore View

Potters Pine

Old Sanborngate Town

Nightcastle Village

Why Are Village Names Important?

Names of villages are important because they provide a sense of identity and connection to the land. They also help us remember where we live and what we were doing at a particular point in time. It can be traced back to the time when people started living in these places. For example, the name “Kerela” may come from “Kerala” which is an ancient word meaning “hilly land” or “place with many trees”.

Village names often tell a story about how people lived, worked, and died there for centuries.

How Do You Choose the Best Village Names?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best village name. The most important factor is what the people in the area want their village to be known for.

There are many different types of villages. Some have been named after a person, clan, or religion. Others have been named after geographical features like rivers or mountains. Still, others have been named after animals and plants that live in the area.

The process of choosing a village name is not an easy task, but it can be fun and rewarding once you find your perfect name!

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