350+ Catchy Food Business Name Ideas

A food business name is a unique and distinctive name for your company. It is an asset that will help you build a brand and generate sales. It should be memorable, descriptive, and fit with the company’s brand values. It should also be easy to spell and pronounce.

A food business name is a name given to a company that sells food and drink. It is used to identify the business on signage, advertising, and marketing materials. So it must be short, memorable, catchy, and easy to spell. But it should also be clear and concise. You need to think of the brand first before choosing the business name.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy food business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so your food business can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Food Business Names

Taste It With Me

Herb and Love Juice

Delicious Nutrient

Culinary Moments

Healthy Kitchen’s

Pop’d Up Pizza

Kitchen Matters

Barbecue Barnyard Bistro

In the Sky Sustenance

Picnic Goods

Tiny Tarts

Rapids Food Hub

Flaming Ovens

Spice Alley

Minute Meals.

Bite Sized Food

Pasta Palace

Love Lettuce

Flourish Foods

Nutrition Station

Aces Ocean Foods

The Good Food Shop

The Fit Shake

Pace Nutrition

Freedom Foods

Brunchtime Food

Tasty Grillz

Box Catering

The Busy Bee Cafe

New Hope Foods

Dollar Dumplings

Go Green Moo

American Food

I Will Bake It

Dash of Delish

Toddler Cuisines


One Stop Nutrition

Cook Cove

Hungry Helpers

King of Pops

Merry Mealtimes

The Joyful Bowl

Eat Fit Food

Spicy Thangs

Pub Soda

Candy Tastes Food

A Caper a Day

Fine Foods

Totally Healthy

Spice City

Treat Time

Flavor Fest

Ready Set Eat!

Food Forward

The Spicy Oak

Pretty Nosh

Snack Sprint

The Sidewalk Tales

Fruity Bag

Harvest Hill

The Moody Chef

Spoon and Food

Cavern Cooks

Detox Grocers

Taste and Health

Happy Thumbs

Transform Kitchen

Air Source

Lids Locks

Dine Table

Energetic Food Co.

Every Hour Eats

Hot Sauce Joint

Yummy Bites

Big Burritoz

Arissa Nutrition

Moveable Food

The Taste Buffet

Cooking Cheese

Fiesty Fork

Catchy Food Business Names

The Pot Gourmet

Nibbles and Sips

Sweet House Treats

Iron First Foods

Meal Crowd

Slices Chocolates

Fried Chickens

The Vegan Affordable

Grill Hub

Frosty Haus

Peas Family Food

Fruity Nutty Treats

Bitsy Bites

Liberty Burger

Snowy Blues Bagels

Bon Appetit

Big Bites Good Food

Aspire Foods

Treat On The Street

Dwelling Place

Soho Frozen Food

Global Food & Nutrition

Fry’s Food Shop

Roll Up Foods

Goodies 2 Go

Mess Hall

Green Mushroom

Tasty Fish

Beverage Express

True Foodies Foods

Union Kitchen Grocery

Chunky Monkey

Modern Market Eatery

Snack Basket

The Spoonful Boy

Sticks ‘N’ Grooves

Urban Bites

The Nutty Kitchen

Protein Bar

The Little Spoonful

Immigrant Food

Mountain Climber Munchies

Better Health

Mindful Eating Market

Nutrition Bomb

Good Life Bites

Sandwiches By Sidewalk

Belly Good Food

Taco Banditos

Frozen Vegetables

Nook Kitchen Food

Golden Foods

Genuine Power Products

Glow Delicious

Fried Fish Factory

Cheesy Wonderland

The Saucy Kitchen

Healthy Food Business Names

Go Gluten-Free

Healthy Sprouts

Power Plant Kitchen

Health Nuts Cafe and Eatery

Real Food Creations

Farm Fresh Delights

Sunny Greens

Dosh Dining

The Daily Veggie

Healthy Balance

Fruits Forever Shack

Natural Nosh Cafe

Fit Food Kitchen

Munchies Without the Guilt

Organic Garden

Veggie Ville Delight

Yummy Salads Eatery & Deli


Deliciously Fit

Refreshments Galore

Blue Moon Bistro

Bright Bites

Sunshine Smoothies

Healthy & Happy

Healthy Eats

Nourish Bowl

Healthy Eating Club

The Veggie Bar

Feel Good Foods

Eat Well, Feel Good

Olive Oil Oasis Restaurant

Healthy Harvest Catering

Purely Natural Foods

Nature’s Table

The Good Life Eatery

Kale King

The Salad Bar & Grille

Wise Provisions

Green Groceries Galore!

Good For You Foods

Nutrition Village

Organic Diet Center

Fit-Rageous Food

Get Fresh!

The Vegan Way

Blissful Foods

Oh Natural!

Health Freak Restaurant

Nutrition By Nature

Good Choice Organics

Balanced Bites

Chia Seeds & Things Deli

Delightful Farm

Just Greens

Get a Grip

Organic Oasis

Eat Your Way to Health

Go Organic Foods

The Garden of Health

Cool Food Business Names

Industry Kitchen

Kitchen Karma

Munchy Box

Whole and Hearty

Tantrum Treats

Food Cart Franchise

Frite Marche

Frosty N’ Craved

Blanchy Bites

Fresh Fusion Foods

Quickly Lab

Proper Food

Beachwood Food

Fetch and Fry Food


Pure Foodie’s

Bread and Mercantile

The Soup Cellar

Peanut Buttermilk

Food Panda

Simple Homemade

Ham It Up Deli

Fletchers Deli

Captain Cook’s

Greenlife Grocer

Nutrition Rush

Funny’s Kitchen

Love of Cheese

Plethora Creamery

Alliance Select Foods

Highway Hunger

Sun Natural

Frozen Life Foods

The Juice of Choice

Tandoori Caterers

Better Choice

Food Innovation Network

Plaid Restaurant

Freshly Made Co.

Delightfully Salty

Cleaned & Fresh

Pure Leaf Foods

Natures Unique

Greenway Nutrition

Salted & Sweet

Hungry Housewives



Meal Mates

Aroma Natural Foods

Mint Leaf Thai Restaurant

Coco Loco Foodie

Dulcet Moon Food

Nutty Pie Company

Creative Names for Food Business

Sweet Treats

Schnitzel Diner

Noodle King

Motivate and Satiate

Melt Of Yummy

Nugget Nutrition

Sunrise Health Foods

Saffron Flavors

Herbivore Kitchen

Food Fusions

Meals Subsidiary

Stampede Pressed

Spoonful Deli

Fresh on Main

The Grill District

The Mighty Bean

The Chef’s Kitchen

The Delicious Project

Mouth Foods

Fuel Hot

Whiffy Waves

Urban Eatery

Cool Refrigerated

Saucy On The Go


Food Bank

Chilly Goods

Pure Organic Kitchen

Spicy Lips

Happy Days Groceries

Juice & Freshbox

Pepperoni Popsicles

The Capital Grille

Spice Street Market

Tastebud Cafe

Chef Prime


Cha Cha’s Kitchen

Foodingly Good

Dixie Diner’s Club

Totally Spoonful

Savory Staples

Mad Hatter BBQ

Foodie Paradise

Jealousy Food Truck

Lucky Brand Sweets

Marathon Munchies

Vegetarian Dim Sum

Grains N Gains

Healthy Palms

Juice Press

J & J Spoonfuls


Protein Shake Bar

Funny Food Business Names

Grill’d & Ready!

Simply Elegant

Foods Superior Corporation

Time-Traveling Sushi Shop

Fresh Start Foods

Healthy Chefs

Nearly Homemade Foods

Visionary Catering



Sun Fresh Produce Inc

Missy Makes Meat

Frozen Chix

Golden State Foods

Office Gourmet Catering

Zestful Grub

H2k Culinary

Blossom Valley Foods

Safeway Beltline

New Level Brewing

The Purple Cabbage

Frosty Love Foods

Sweetnd Custom Cakes

Dole Food Company

Souperie Montréal

Scented Subs

Food Agency

Galant Food Company

Success Yum

Blaze Pizza

Back To Basics Food

Dare Foods Ltd

Pasta Slurp

Taste of Tasty


Papaya Fusion

Kiss Me Kebab

Buns & Bites


Fratello Coffee

Valley Snack Foods

Fresh & Lively

Global Pet Foods

Good Mood Brewery

Safeway Mission

Mimi’s Spoonful Cafe

Burger Blok

Citizen Brewing Company

Taco Town

Tandoori Grill

Taste It All

The Garden Deli

The 3 Most Common Mistakes when Choosing a Food Business Name

The food business name is the most important part of your business. It’s the first thing that people will see and it’s the first impression that you give to potential customers. The food business name is also one of your main marketing tools.

There are many ways to pick a name, but there are three common mistakes that you should avoid:
1) Too generic or boring
2) Too specific or hard to remember
3) Not giving enough thought to choosing a name

How to Choose a Unique & Memorable Food Business Name?

A good food business name will make people want to come back to your restaurant or buy your product again and again. Well, Some people have a hard time coming up with a name for their food business. It can be difficult to come up with an idea that is unique, memorable, and also has the right tone.
So, how do you choose a unique and memorable food business name?

Look at the type of food you are selling, its ingredients, benefits, or general idea behind it.
Use keywords that are related to your type of food or idea for your company name.
Consider words that are similar in meaning but have different connotations in order to find an interesting choice for your company name.

A food business name is a key part of the marketing strategy. It is the first thing that people see and it is what they remember.

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