300 Catchy Names for Electrical Companies

A company name is a unique identifier for a business. It can be used to identify the company in the market and on social media. And it is usually made up of three parts: the first part is the word that identifies what type of business it is, the second part identifies what geographical location it’s from, and finally, the third part provides additional details about it.

Here are some cool and catchy electrical company names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Electrical Company Names

Iconic Electricals

Best Electrical Co

Mid-State Electric Inc

Key Energy Solutions

iPower New Jersey

Bugs Electrical

Circuitry Solutions

GreenTech Electric

Open Circuit Electric

Supply Electric Solutions

Gold Medal Electric

Sooper Electricals

Vaulted Energy

Voltage Solutions

Electrical Suppliers

Sunshine Electricals

Arc Solutions

Frequent Electricity

Ampere Solutions Inc

Shine Electric

Substation Nation

Power Poles

DaisyDuke Electricals

Venus Electric

Eco Electric

Fission Electricals

Apollo Electricity LLC

RESA Power Solutions

Save Energy Solutions

Daniels Electric Power & Light, Inc.

Emerald City Electric

Mirsky Electric

Electrifying Electricals

Cascading Electricity

Free Energy Edu

Ready Electricity

Bear Electrical Solutions

Xoom Energy

Electric Avenue

Brotherhood Electricals

Bug-Free Electricals

High Bar Electric

Green Energy

Pacific Gas & Electric Co

Sierra Electric Company

Radiant Electricity

Stoneway Electricals

Magnetic Electric


Barbed Wire

Ampere Hour

Tin Man Electricals

Diversified Electric Co

Influx Electric

Seattle Electricians Today

Electromotive Electric

Electric Force

Expert Electricity

Power Computing

Stusser Electric Co

Silicon Valley Breaker & Control Inc

Edisons Solutions

Bring The Light

Power Market

Next Generation Electric

Green Pro Service

We Volte

VECA Electric & Technologies

Abc Electrics

MakeIt Electricals

Payless Disposal

High Voltage Systems

The Power Professor

Running on Ready

Spark Engineering

Nelson Electric

Buckles-Smith Electric

Excel Electric

Delta Electric

Device Deals

Smooth Electricity

Cyber Switching Inc

Power PR

Artisan Electric Inc

Positive Voltage

Electrical Contractor Services



On Demand Circuit Services

Cool Electrical Company Name Ideas

United Power

Eaton Corporation

Edison Electricians of Seattle

Amigo Electric

Electrical Solutions

Public Service Elec & Gas

Polar Solutions

The Electrical House

Stoneway Electric Supply

Sun Path Electric

Reactive Electric

Electrical Services

Budget Electric

No More Blackout

The Power Pros

Durkin Electric Company

FixIt Electricals

Toronto Wiring

Lights On Always

Gold Medal Power

Neptune Electric Co

United Electricity

Bulls-eye Electricity

Bargain Electricity

Millennial Electric

Ace Electrical

Electrical Contractors

The Corner Electrical

A-Grade Electricity

Duke Energy Carolinas

All Wire Electric, Inc.

C & R Electric

Power Supply Gurus

Consumers Energy

Conducive Solutions

ACDC Company

Bargain Electric

Midwest Generation

Electrical Experts

Power Prose


Power House

Personal Electricity

High Energy Electric

City Wide Electric Co.

Star Electrical Services

Kilowatt Electric

Off-Grid Solutions

Monarch Electric

Creative Electrical Company Name Ideas

Southern California Edison

Electrifying Solutions

Fab Electric

Horizon Electricals

Turnbased Electrical Solutions

Wire Cutters

Progressive Electricals

Pacific Power

WasteNot Electricals

Essential Electric

Electricity Input

Sun Electrical Systems

Rich Electric

Pacific Gas & Electric

Wise Electricals

Butterfly Electric

Electricians By Trade

Solar World Electricals

Electric Express

Shocking Electric

Connect Electric

Edison International

NoTricks Electrical

Dahlgren Electric

Great Power!

Atlas Electricity

Plug It In

Tangent Electric LLC

Divine Electric LLC

Georgia Power

Power Professionals

Power Progress

Heber Light & Power Co.

Helix Electricals

Wire Jumpers

Top Electrical Service

Longman Electric

Mogul Electric

Premium Electric Company

Broadway Electric

Dominion Energy

Florida Power & Light

NoImpact Electric

Ecofriendly Electricity

Electric Eye Corp.

Harmony Electric Co

Metering Solutions

Live Wire Electrical

Platt Electric Supply

OneSource Electric

Zoom Energy

Miller Electric Co

Laz Electric LLC

Energy Progress

Discount Appliances

Green Electric

Service Electrical

Consolidated Edison

Poles Of Power

Empire Power

Xooming Electricals

Wire Tappers

National Grid Electric

Evergreen Electric

Unique Electrical Company Name Ideas

A&R Solar

Convenient Appliances

Exact Electric

United Electric Supply

Titan Electric

Power Stat!

Bellevue Electric

Midsouth Synergy

Elec Sol

Max Electric

Office Elec Solutions

Innovative Electricals

Exact Electric: SoDo

Kemly Electric Inc

Bridge Electric Inc


Zwicker Electric

Halihan Electric

Handy Electrical Services

Service Electric

North Bay Corporation

PowerDa World

Kiwi Energy

Dempster Plumbing

Load Solutions

Pika Power Solutions

Onyx Electric

Sphere Solar Energy

Generator Joe


Kinetic Energy

fredy handyman


Transformer Solutions

Renewe Electric

Horizon Solar Power

NW Wind & Solar

Spark Plug Electric

LoadOff Electric

Blooming Energy

Solar Mass

TipTop Electricity

Eversource Energy

Timely Electricl

Wire Craft Electric

Urban Electric

Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc

Loaded Electricity

On-Tine Electricity

Bothwell Corp

Homeowner’s Electric

Obot Electric

Positive Electricals

Holbrooks Electric

Duke Electric

Sempra Energy

Terra Electric

Grounded Electric Solutions

Electric Company of Seattle

Westcoast Industrial Electric

Construction Agents Northwest


Funny Electrical Company Names

AllGo Electrics

Angelink Electrical

Emerald Pacific Electric

Wattage Solutions

S D G & E Services Center

Krasi Electric

Noble Electrical

Edison Electricians

Rock Electric Inc

Raceway Electric & Solar

Urban Electric Company


Dynalectric San Diego

Little Bird Electronics

Power Surge

Laurence Kolb Electric, Inc

New Leaf Electric Inc.

Electric Corporation

Affordable Electrician Service

Ray Electrics

Rob’s Electrical Services


Frank Electric Inc

Gforce Green Electric Solutions

Always Quality Electrical, Inc.

Specialty Electricians

Helix Electric

Global Power & Financial

619 Contractors Diego

San Diego Electric Inc

Lightning Electric

Helios Electricity

Strip Lighting

Southland Electric Inc

Sparky Direct

Moriset Construction & Electrical

Electrical Pros

Davies Electric Co Inc

CityWide Electricals

Jamar Power Systems

Affordable Electricians

Why You Should Care About Your Electrical Company Name?

The name of your electrical company is a reflection of your brand. It is the first impression that people will have about you and it is crucial to get it right. It should be descriptive, easy to remember, and relevant to the type of work that you do. It should also be easy for customers to spell and pronounce.

Here are some tips for choosing an electric company name:

  • Think about what type of work you do – Is your work more mechanical or technical? – What are the common words associated with your industry?
  • What does your company stand for? Is it a family business? A well-known brand? A service provider?

How to Choose the Best Electrical Company Name Ideas?

When you are thinking of a new business, one of the first things you need to do is come up with a name for your company. You don’t want a name that sounds generic or will be forgotten easily.

It’s important to take into account both the meaning and sound of your business name before choosing it. The meaning should be something that aligns with what you’re selling and the sound should reflect your company’s personality.

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