Top 290+ Bakery Names Ideas to Boost Your Brand Success

A bakery name is a name that is given to the company that operates a bakery. It is typically used to distinguish the company from other bakeries that may be operating in the same area. It is a unique name that helps you to identify your business from other businesses in the market.

A good bakery name helps customers find you and distinguish your bakery from others in the market. It also helps with marketing and advertising purposes as it can be used on social media, business cards, letterheads, websites, etc.

There are many reasons why a bakery would need to have a unique name. Some of which include:

  • To distinguish themselves from other bakeries in the same area.
  • To have an easier time getting customers through marketing campaigns, such as social media and search engines.
  • To have an easier time finding their location on Google Maps.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy Bakery names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one.

Catchy Bakery Names

Tea Time Cakes

Sugar Street Sweets

Tasty Bakery

Golden Goose Bakery

Crumbs Bake Shop

Led Zeppoli

The Rolling Pin

Dipped Donuts Diner

Breaking Bread

Bunnie Cakes

Sweet Tooth

Baker’s Daughter

Nice Cinnamon

Sweetie Pies

I bake it you take it

The Cakesmith

Skippity Scones

Better Batter Bakery

Gluten Free

Doughy Delights

Blue Dream

Pretty Baked


Bread Concoctions

Red Rooster Pastries

Wake and Bake

Bread & Butter

The Nutty Bunch

Top Tier Treats

Tiny Delight

Bright Bites Bakery

Golden Donut

Cupcakes R Us

Baker’s Bites

Hot Biscuit

The Cupcake Bakery

Turtle Bakery

Pastry Emporium

Honeybaked Ham Company

Cheeryble’s Kitchen

Butterfly Bakeshop

Cake a Diem

Angel Maid Bakery

Apple Pies ‘N’ More

The Cookie Jar

The Bread Street Bakery

Amber Waves of Grain

Cupcake Revolution

Cherry Merry

Pie Love

Baker’s Treat Bakery

PURE Cupcakes

Dream Puffs

Divine Cupcakes

Cakes With honey

Cake Superior

Upper Crust Bakery

Platinum Bread and Butter

It’s My Jam!

Knead Bread?

Sweet Sensations

Gluteus Minimus

Flour Shower

The Sweet Corner

Cutie Pies

Angel Bakery

Bliss Bakery

Sugar Daddy

Flying Elephant Bistro

Cool Bakery Names

Zak the Baker

Apple Tart Surprise

Cake & Cream

Super Buffet

Bake Sweetly

Brownies ‘n Coffee

The Cooling Rack

Please Come Back

Honey & Butter

You Knead This Cake

Baked With Love

Frost Goddess

Crispy’s Donuts

Cake Walk

Gimme S’more

Rolling Dough

The Sweet Room

The Bun Stop’n Shop!

Charm City Cakes

Absolutely Muffin

Front Season

Bread Talk

Evans Bake Shop

Rico Bakery

Cookie Encounter

The Cake Corner

Cake O’Clock

The Baking Room

Bake Off

The Cake Fairy

Baker’s Delight

Honey Bunny

The Baker’s Table

Candy on Top

Chocolate Heaven

Blueberry’s Bay

Finest Donuts

Take the Cake

Nutty Creations

Trendy Bakery Names

The Dream Pies

The Rolling Scones

Donut Bar

Drive-By Pies

Holy Dreams

Bread Street

Baker’s Mate

Great Buns of Fire!

Knead to Know Bread

Mad Batter

Fondue Factory

Cake My Day

Pie Bar

Lucky Bakery

Make It Sweet

Candy Cane Delights

The Chocolate Chip

Red Velvet Bakery

Cotton Cakery

Give U Treat!

Masterpiece Cake

Sweet Love Pastries

The Donut Hole

Bakers Delight

Hotty Buns

Irresistibly Warm

Marla’s Sweet Treats

Just Cakes

The Pie Chart

Cake and Spoon

Petite Patisserie

Baker Boys

Honey Bunch Bakery

Colonial Bakery

Kind Bakery Corner

Cake and Art

Grandma’s Best

Cute Bakery Names

Cupcake Notion

Mix-Up You Need

Flying Apron

Sticky Buns

Flavorish Bakery

Nutmeg Bakery & Café

Sweet Cakes Shop

Valley Bakery

Zesta Bakery Cafe

Sweet Delights

Scented Macaron Bakery

Bagel Bite

The Salty Donut

Dough Darlings

Proof Bakery

Tiramisu Bakery

Donut Darling

Honey n Cakes

Cake Pie Bakery

Street Sweets

Shiny Confections

Sugar and Crumbs

Buns of Steel

Cupcake Nation

Cookie Monster

Buttered Toast

The Mix-Up

Muffin Man

The Skipper Sweets

It’s a Piece of Cake

Pure Cravings Bakery

Sweet Indulgence

Rocking Rolls

Bake in Care

Golden Bakery

Cakes Walk

Pink Frosting Bakery

Bread Lounge

Charlotte Bakery

Wonder Bakery

Insomnia Cookies

Unique Bakery Names

Sweet Dreams Bakery

Stairway to Leaven

El Donutador

Crumb On The Bottom

Sunrise Breakfast

All Your Cake

Pinecrest Bakery

Crummiest Cakes

Cupcakes and Pastries

Bake and Take Shop

Let’s Eat Cake


Rockin’ Rolls

The Cupcake Factory

Yours Truly Baking Company

Artsy Tartsy

Sweet Love Treats

Cookies Tonight

Forgot the Flour

Gratitude bakery

Cupcake Crazy

Treats bakery


The Cooling Pan

Bake and Be Happy

Butter Me Up

Cake Fuel Co.

Happy Days bakery

Flour Power Cakery

The Good Stuff Cookie

Flour Bakery & Cafe

Red Velvet Dreams

Twisted Cakes

Creamy Ideas

Lucky Rice Cake

Grateful Bread

Flour Box Bakery

Nothing Batter Cakes

Bloom & Beans

Bakery Bits

Magnolia Bakery

Anytime Cakes

Blissful Bites

Royal bakery

Modern Bakery Names

Sugar Shaker Bakery

Crumble & Flake

Dream Pies

Scrumptious Sugar

Tiers of Joy

The Bun Also Rises

Petit Treats

A Basket of Bread

Diamond Bakery

Sugar Coated Cake

Buns and More

Gingerbread House

Molly’s Cupcakes

Frost Me Gourmet

Bootstrap Bakery

Three Dog Bakery

Monster Cookies

The Flaky Croissant

Extraordinary Desserts

Cupcakes Squared

Sweet ‘N’ Savory

Break O’Clock

She Bee

Milk Jar Cookies

Au Bon Pain

Cookies and Cream

Modern Bakery

Cupcakes on Call

Puff Pastry

Big Sugar Bakeshop


Especially Cakes

Spread Bread

Crave Cake

Delicious Treats

Humble Pie Desserts

Queen’s Bakery

Euphorium Bakery

Creative Bakery Names

Cake Time

Puff-Puff Pastry

Heavenly Treats

Cute Cakes

Baking Corner

Cake and the City Bakery


Boardwalk Bakery

Chewy, Crunchy, Chunky

Pie-licious Bakery

Sweet Little Things

Poppies Bakery

Pie Perfection

Collin Street Bakery

Mousse Boutique

Muffin Top

Cookie Area

Treats of Sweets

A Bun in the Oven


Cupcake Crafters Inc

Crafted Baked Goods

Donut Disasters Bakery

The Vanilla Bean

Warm Buns Bakery

Dream Sweets

The Village Bakery

Sweet Freedom Bakery

How to Choose the Right Bakery Name?

When it comes to choosing the name for your bakery, you need to consider a few things. You should consider your target audience and the flavor profile of your food. There are some other factors that you should think about too, like whether or not it is easy to spell and pronounce and whether or not it is catchy enough.

The name of your bakery is just as important as the quality of your baked goods. So, it is important to choose a bakery name that is catchy and easy to remember.

Here are three important things you should consider when choosing the right bakery name:

1) The first word in the business name should be short, and easy to spell and pronounce.
2) The second word in the business name should be descriptive.
3) The third word in the business name should be unique.

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