130+ Latest & Catchy Diabetes Slogans

Diabetes in today’s world has become one of the fastest diseases that affect millions and also change the lifestyle of people has this disease. But having powerful slogans serve as beacons of hope and inspiration so people can easily fight with this and take it as normal.

From raising funds for research to empowering peoples to take control of their health, we’ve compiled a list of the best diabetes slogans so you will know how having strong lines play a vital role in shaping the narrative surrounding diabetes.

Scroll down and contribute to the fight against diabetes. Let’s see what we have here.

Diabetes Slogans

Someone I love needs a cure

What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger

Care for you

Prevent the sugar rush

Friends Helping Our Sweetest Friends

Health is wealth

What’s your type?

Prevent it today

People with DIABETES are much the same as you and me

Next god is technique

Manging your diabetes is not a science. It is an art

Your family needs you

Walk daily , earn good health

Spread awareness

Because you deserve good health

Heredity is nothing but stored environment

Maintain it or create a tantrum

We’ve Got Fingertips of Steel

A spoon full of insulin helps the sugar go down

It keeps your life

My pancreas runs on AAA batteries

Help fix Diabetes; I’m sick of managing pricks

Who’s your sugar daddy?

Make it Sugar free

Blood test requisite

A sugar coat

Diabetic, not a patient

diabetes the silent killer which kills part by part of our life

Don’t worry, eat sugar free

Take some rest otherwise it create a lot of test

It is the lousy illness

I have diabetes. What’s your excuse?

Happiness lies, first of all, in health

Together we can stop diabetes

Sugar, sugar you give me a rush!

My pancreas is on strike

Diabetes: Don’t sugar coat it

Sugar is poison

The pancreas strike

Stop because you love your family

One day I would love to say I HAD diabetes

Destroy your cell

Diabetics are normally sweet

I have a needle, and I’m not hesitant to utilize it

Tomorrow’s prevention, today

Health is first of everything

Keep quiet and get some information about Diabetes

Stop the silent killer

Never underestimate the power of a diabetic

Diabetic patients are sweet

Keep diabetes at bay with insulin shots

If it looks tasty I can’t eat it

Feel free to express

Rules and regulations leads to good circulation

Insulin, a way to live

Because people love you

Life is not over because you have diabetes

Insulin isn’t a fix it’s life bolster

I may look sweet but I have a needle

Less or more insulin is the source

I’m not ill, my pancreas is just lazy

Blood sugar the world’s most prominent substitute

I am a walking science experiment

Types of diabetes, but always sweet

Diabetes, It’s solitary a word not a sentence

Reports should normalise

i shoot up when i get high

Never think little of the intensity of a diabetic

I am waiting for Apple to come out with the iPump

The Gluten STOPS Here!

Help cure Diabetes; I’m tired of dealing with pricks

To be in a fit rage eat healthy

Pancreas is on protest

One day I would love to state I HAD diabetes

Set your mind and heart

Diabetes is caused by melancholy

I’ve got a needle, and I’m not afraid to use it

I wear Grey for someone who means the world to me

Destroy hormones, creates problems

Get the pump!

You are so sweet, I just went into diabetic shock

We have to be Fitness freak

Don’t play with yourself

Diabetes. It’s only a word. Not a sentence

Don’t make us deal with another prick

Got Insulin?

Dealing with multiple pricks daily

Not Diabetic, Just Sugar Challenged

Blurry vision, a symptom

Avoid sweetness for your betterment

I adore somebody with diabetes

Maintain or sustain

Not Diabetic. Simply Sugar Challenged

Take the insulin

sugar? nah Im sweet enough

Insulin is not a cure – it’s life support

Check your body time to time

Manage your health first

Together you can make it possible

Naturally sweet

Don’t take risk just have some doctor tips

Heath is priority

be well, know your BGL

It’s not a word, it’s a sugar coat

Live your life according to your wish

Know your BGL

Be nice to diabetics, we deal with enough pricks already

Do you have sugar

I may look sweet however I have a needle

Be fit , be healthy

Advice from doctor

Accept the advice and walk on it

Fighting For Our Future

Blood sugar – the world’s greatest scapegoat

A world free of diabetes isn’t our fantasy, its our promise

Extreme hunger

Increase sugar level, a diabetic person

Duck the highs, duck the lows, duck the diabetes

A world free of diabetes is not our dream, it’s our pledge

Please don’t sugarcoat it, I’m a diabetic

Not your fault, it’s just hault

Diabetics are naturally sweet

Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body

Insulin: a way to life

Together we can stop this

For better future, feel the nature

I Am Waiting For Apple To Come Out With The Ipump

Today’s care for a better tomorrow

You are so sweet, I just went into Diabetic stun

Be always happy

Sleep properly , know your worth

We Keep Life Sweet

Do not be sweet to me. I am diabetic!

Finger Prickin’ Good

Don’t panic, there is technique

Don’t hesitate, it degrade

Be strict with you

Do you have sugar, mommy?

Weight loss


All diabetics are not textbook cases

Life is not over with it

Who’s your Sugarmomma?

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