Top 55 Catchy World Diabetes Day Slogans With Taglines

Diabetes must never win!

Letís beat Diabetes

Diabetes doesnít discriminate

Diabetes kills 1 person every 8 seconds

Quit sugar for a better life

One day I would love to say I HAD diabetes

I am in a fight against Diabetes

Never underestimate the power of a diabetic

Stop Diabetes before it starts

Keep Calm and Beat Diabetes!

Together we can stop diabetes

Keep calm and spread awareness about diabetes

I can do anything except make insulin

Keep calm & Support World Diabetes Day

Add sweetness to your life and not to your food

Stay away from sugar to stay healthy

Donít let Diabetes ruin your life, letís beat it together!

Not Diabetic, Just Sugar Challenged

Will you act in time?

Being proactive every day,

Diabetes is a silent killer

Donít let your health suffer because of sugar

Manage well, live well

Create awareness about diabetes

A World United Against Diabetes

Bring Diabetes to light

keeps diabetes at bay

Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes

Got insulin?

Together letís show we care

Insulin is not a cure ñ Itsís life support

Tomorrowís prevention, today

Knock out Diabetes

We are better than Diabetes

Funny and Inspiring Diabetes Slogans

Being proactive can help you keep diabetes at bay

Eat to stay healthy, not to get diabetic

Diabetes awareness: Because it matters!

Insulin addict for life

Faith, Cure, Hope ñ Diabetes

No sugar means no diabetes

Watch out your lifestyle to avoid diabetes

Letís take control of diabetes now

Yes, Iím diabetic. No, it is not because I ate too much sugar

Letís all stand together in the fight against Diabetes

Diabetes is the biggest threat to life

Letís Dia-Beat This!

Keep eyes on Diabetes

Diabetes can no longer be ignored

Pancreas on strike

Never underestimate the power of A Diabetic

Learn to enjoy life without sugar

Be cautious of the sugar you consume

Be well, know your BGL

Whatís your type?

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