100 Latest & Catchy Health Awareness Slogans

Replace those fries with fruits

For all your healthy needs

To eat is a necessity but to eat healthy is an art

Burn calories, not money

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege

Fitness boosts your energy

You know what sweat is , its your fat which is crying

Helping Others Stay Alive

Move it or lose it!

A healthy lifestyle is a perfect lifestyle

You will enjoy losing too if its fat

Don’t be a Brat burn that Fat

Good health will help you in the long run

Keep your health fit and your mind wise

Rest a while and run a mile

Make your health your priority

Don’t be a fluffy cat. Burn the extra fat

Live healthy. Live long

Embrace your health. Don’t make it a waste bag

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Too Fit to Quit

Go healthy and be happy

Health is the real wealth

Being healthy or fit isn’t a fad or trend , its lifestyle

Come forward to a healthy life

All hearts strong

A healthy family… is a happy family

It is easy to weight fat but hard to lose

Give a commitment to a healthy lifestyle

Be keen to live long

Being on a diet is better than being on a hospital bed

It’s your duty to protect your health

Depend on Us for Life

A healthy body is a home for a healthy soul

You are what you eat

Money isn’t real wealth

Just for the Health of It

Your health comes first!

Eat healthy… Live healthy

Your health is your biggest asset. Take good care of it

To fight like a champion , you must train yourself as one

Proud to Be Smoke Free

Be aware about health and live life peacefully

The larger the portion size is. The larger you will become

Avoid chocolate cakes to avoid being fat

Care for your heart!

Shape up your figure

Seven Days without Exercise Make One Weak

The fitter you are, the better you are

If you want to be wealthy , start with being healthy

Fat and ugly. Fit and beautiful

Keep your heart happy

Eat the best, leave the rest

Health Matters

Don’t limit your challenges , challenge your limits

Keep your heart strong

If you want stay hit , first be fit

No Smallpox – No Polio – Know Public Health

Burn fat and leave the rest

Eat healthy food. Keep your health good

It’s time to go to health!

Eat healthy, u won’t regret it!

Don’t give up on your health

The first wealth is health

Running to the Future

Do your own homework

Health should be your priority

Fitness is important

Always have good health

Your life is precious. So is your health

Gift yourself with good health and good sense

Go healthy and happy!

Beautiful body. Beautiful mind

Say no to junk foods. Stay healthy

Eat less and live more

Being fit is important

An apple a day, helps you run in a long way

For the love of your heart

Do exercise to burn fat

Your health is your responsibility

One step towards a healthy life

Your body hears whatever your mind says

Have control over your mouth to have control over your weight

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen ,start working for one

Wealthy by health

Check in With Your Health

A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth

Care that never quits

Your happiness and peace is a reflection of your health

Care for your health

Commit to be fit

Workout to work it out

The fitter you are. The better you are

Get a jump on your day!

Either stick to it or fall sick

Are you healthy and happy?

Healthy life begins with a healthy heart

Healthy physique brings confidence in life

Health is greatest wealth

A healthy heart is a wealthy start

Stay Strong, Live long

Hustle to gain more muscle

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