300+ Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

When you are starting a new business, you need to think about the brand name that you will use. But choosing the best clothing brand name for your company is a tough job. You need to consider factors such as your target audience, market size, and positioning. There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing the perfect name for your clothing brand.

You should consider the following when choosing your clothing brand name:

  • The uniqueness of your company’s name
  • How easy it is for people to remember and spell
  • How well your brand name resonates with the market
  • Your company’s target audience
  • Your company’s overall goals

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy clothing brand name ideas that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd.

Clothing Brand Name Ideas


Men’s Wearhouse

All Custom Apparel

Aqua 4 Swimwear

Foreign Falcon

Ready Made

London Britches

Bee Free

Jelly Kelly

Basics Life

Tanked Up Co.

Selection Boutique

English Factory

Formal Wear

Pro Fashion Boutique

New Look

Real Deals

Quick Prints T-Shirts

Bishop + Young

London Clothing Company

Branded Clothes Supply House

Porcelain Apparel

Blue Moon Clothing

The Wearing Brands

The Fashion Gallery

Bewitched Boutique

Jim & Jago

Dantelyn Dressshop

Blueberry Hill Ventures

Cut Loose

The Country Collection

Glamour Clothes

Finish Line

Apparel Boutique

Apparel 360

Belle Chic

Quiz Clothing

Fashion Bug

Pleased To Dye For You

The Outlet Store

The Fashion Store

Big and Tall Clothing Store

Clearance Center

Petit Monde Apparel


Studio 51 Clothing Co.

Repeat Performance Boutique

Dolled Up Fashion Boutique

Sparkles & Lace Boutique

Moon Clothing

Zee Collections

Sunglow Fashion

United Colors

Rosebuds for Girls

Blanca’s Boutique

The Pretty Shoppe

Bad Boy Outfitters

Crafting Club

Folded & Hung Boutique

Cult Chateau

Evolve Designs

Sophisticated Pieces

The Studio – Bridal Gowns

After Market

Rainbow Shops

Blue17 vintage

Repeat Performance

Soul Clap

The Activewear

Ross Dress for Less

Threads & Treads

10 Days Apparel

Modern Walk

Men’s Closet

For all

Aesthetics and Essence

Hunny Bunny Baby

Piramide Boutique

Shirt Works Custom

The Wardrobe

Moonbeam Clothiers

Title Nine

Catwalk Juniors Clothing

Adventure Apparel Co.

Spotlight on Style

Living Simply

Francis Clothing Company

Yours Clothing

Fascinating Accessories, Inc.

Dry Goods

Matches Fashion

Forever New

All About The Fabric

Freak Chic Boutique

Casually Luxurious

Fashion Hub

Primrose Shop

Modern Man – Men’s Clothing Store

Cool Clothing Brand Names

Trending Luxury

Apolon Clothing

Closer to Heaven

Forbes Essentials

Loco Designs

Blazin White

Finns Clothing

Airlock Clothing

Beacon Designs

Fashions of Asia

My Roots Run Deep

Sweet as Honey

Black Sheep

Camden Cloth Shop

Petals & Promises

Chictown Outlet

M&S Western Wear

Clothes Connection

Spectacle Fashion

Rush Baby Clothing Store

Gentlemen’s Corner

Casual Male

United Apparel Shop

Cozy Closet

Sea of Everything

Outdoor Clothing

Lucky Brand New York

Soul Train Fashions

The Style Place

Gents and Ladies

Bespoke Modernwear

Blues Apparel

Sporty & Sleek

The Pink Uniform

Dress It Well

Bloom and Grow

WildSide Clothing

Foam Cloth

Wish Clothing

Reyes Costume Design

Unique Clothing Brand Names

Global Baby

Baby Depot

The Look Store

Soma Couture

Tilly Clothing

Charm Cuffs

Lids and Boutique

Vincent’s Closet

Country Roadhouse

Vision Couture

Fashion Boulevard

Lovesac Clothing Co

Peacock Designs

Clothing for All

Fab and Funky

All Things Consigned

Revelation Design

Dana L. Wells

Jeans of War

Classic Pose Boutique

Flirty and Fun Fashions

Clad in Style

Page Baby clothing

Foam Clothiers

Kidz Lifestyle

Sinka Family Fashion

Sport Closet

Flowerz Apparel Boutique

Sassy Gowns

Baby Steps

Creative Clothing Brand Names

Cotton on the Wall

Xclusive Closet

White Wolf Designs

All Dressed Up

Adore Fashion

Legend Apparel

Ongles Elegant

Arrow Clothes

Outfit the Box

Ann Dress Shop

Dolce Envy Boutique

Charming Charles

Dui Et Fromage

Emperor Clothes

Sunfire Enterprises

The Dress Barn

Annual Equinox

Tropicana Clothing

The Men’s Uniform Centre

Tubby Fashion Inc.

Sun City Run


Papaya Clothing

Flavor Street Wear

After Dark Apparel

Blue Inc.

Flow Motion

Glamour Baby Store

TrueBlue Baby clothing

Bright Beginnings Boutique

Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

Chris & Carol

Variety Bridal Boutique

Ann Taylor Shop

Blush Boutique

Positive Image Apparel

Fashion Superstore


The Bailiff’s Loft

Innerwear Jour


Classy Missy

Urban Touch

Urban Wear Store

Urban Dressing Room Boutique

OC Avenue

Something Special Boutique

Cult of Green

Nike Factory Store

Airtique Boutique


Children’s Wear

Bridal Gallery

Top40 Apparel

Pas De Deux



Jane Consignment

Factory Connection

Fashion Loft

Valley Green

Pumpkin Clothing Co.

Fashion Trendz


Gorgeous Gurls

Southern Clothing Boutique

YOLO Streetwear

Coco + Carmen

Fashion Joy

Avalon Exchange

Wild Feather

Tater Tots

A Luxury Bound

Stageworks London

The Platinum Zipper

Star Trends Apparel

Luna Boutique

Blackbird Studios

Working Style



The Hope Chest

Lane Bryant Shop

Lucky Brand

Peace of Mind

Relic Vintage


The St-Viateur

K Fashion Boutique

The J Crew Store

Fashion Cafe

Just Jeans

Dove Clothing Line

Pacific Sunwear Outlet

Uniform City

Purple Roses Boutique


Fashion Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Red Wing Outlet

Southern Tide Store

My Lollipop Kids

Vintage Corner

Apex Clothing


Clothing Connection

Lofty Lingerie


Chace Vintage

Nut Clothing

Stasis Apparel

Lily Collective

Orchid Clothing


Crumpled Clothes

Esquire Menswear

Petal Rose Company

Fancy Dress Store

Plains and Prints


Innovative Baby clothing

Fabulous Fabrics

My Clothes Store

Delight Fashion

Valid Clothing



Clothing Cabinet

Style Smile

Spotlight Clothing




Fancy for Summer

Red Star Dresses

Eagle Outlet

Trade Clothing

TKL Lifestyle


Sharp Suits

PeaceLove Clothing


Rara Avis Couture

Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Global Culture

Deal Jeans

Fashion Camp

Clothes Gallery

Fashion Look

Chic Boutique

Trendy Hub

Throwback Junction

Retro City Fashions

Cookies Clothing

Reliance Trends


The Lifestyle Shop

The Blackbird Boutique

Fashion Boomy

Hidden Hype

Eagle Clothing Boutique

Happy Garments

The Pale Blue Dot

Rare Thread Company

Style Encore

Grey and Wild

AutoZone Auto Parts

Luxury Consignment

Fancy Cloth House

Black & White Apparel Company

Imperial Vintage Clothing

Spice Clothing

Flying Machine

Dark Garden

Children’s Wear Store

The Hideout Clothing

Mosskids Apparel Inc.

Readymade Cloth Shop

Fabric Gallery

Cue Queen Street

Red Fashion

Sweet Grace Boutique

Queen’s Palace

The Dolls Studio

Golden Antiques Mall

Bench Boutique

Revolving Closet

Vintage Streetwear

Winter Collection

Squared Fashions

Tommy Hilfiger Outlet

Forever Fashions

Rising Sun Clothing

Clear Designer Clothes

On the Square Wear

The Importance of Choosing the Right Brand Name for Your Clothing Business

The first step in creating a successful clothing business is choosing the right brand name for your clothing business. This will help you establish your brand identity and will also help you with marketing.

Choosing the right name for your clothing company can be difficult. Many factors need to be considered, such as being unique, relevant to your target audience, easy to remember, and able to stand out from other companies in the same industry.

When it comes down to it all you have to do is choose a name that makes sense for what you’re selling and what’s important about it.

The most important factor when choosing a clothing brand name

It is important to understand that the most important factor when choosing a clothing brand name is the meaning behind it. The name should be meaningful and should have a story behind it. This can be anything from the name of a historical figure to an idea or even just a word that sounds good together.

When it comes to choosing a clothing brand name, the most important factor is the brand’s identity. The name should be associated with what the company stands for and reflects its values.

For example, if a clothing company is named after a color such as “Blue”, then their logo and business card should be blue as well.

How to Choose the Best Clothing Company Names for Your Business?

One of the most important aspects of your clothing company is its name. You need to make a name that is catchy and memorable.

The first thing you should do is brainstorm a list of words that represent what your company does. This will help you come up with a list of potential names for your company.

Once you have narrowed down the list, it’s time to start coming up with different variations and different ways to spell out the word. You’ll want to make sure that it’s easy for customers to say and remember.

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