350+ Cool and Catchy T-shirt Company Names Ideas

You need a T-Shirt company name because it’s the first thing people see when they search for your company. It sets the tone of your business and tells people what to expect.

It is important to have a T-Shirt company name that is catchy, memorable, and reflects the brand of your company. Those are some of the reasons why you need a T-Shirt company name – in order to create an impact on potential customers.

Here we’ve compiled the list of awesome T-shirt business name ideas that will definitely come in handy for you, so get cracking on your brainstorming session and the name that is just right for you.

T-Shirt Business Names

Xrated Wears

Trexity Tees


Glebe Fashion

Fait Accompli

T Shirt & Sons

HappyZing Clothing

Night God Creations




WavePlanet Factory

Elite Cotton Prints

Print Me A Shirt

WhileStuffed Shirts

Prestige Tees

D’Front Creations


JustBeYou Shirts



Graphic Impact

Alpha Liquid Clothing

YellowVibe T-Shirts

Pearl T-Shirts

CrimSSom T-Shirts



Squad Shirts

Eleven West T-shirts


TopTop Stop

Tee for Me


Stitch & Print

DuoTap Creations

Get Dirty

Mall matrix Tees


Fabbona T-Shirts

AllNight tees

Blue Cool Shirts

Awesome Merch

Broken Arrow

Urban Hero


Tees to Inspire

Marvel Stitch

AllGreat Shirts

Future Stud

Pippin Impact

Sparkler Wears

Born & Thread

Gem Wears

Vocalbird Tees

Goldprize Shirts

HappyTrails T-Shirts

CottonChirp Clothing

Aeronna T-Shirts


Provoke Tees

CrazyDots Tees


Hybron Creations

Robbien Factory


T-Shirt Company Names


BeyondGlider T-Shirts

Capa Cosmix

McGrace Creations

BetterBread T-Shirts

RightEffect Clothing

Broden Grey T-Shirts


Style Path

Tall Order Ts

Orange Milk T-Shirts

Desley Dee T-Shirts

Turbine Tree

T Shirt

Stylin Online

EliteCross T-Shirts


Blanche Tees

The T-Shirt Bakery

North Vertical


Graphics Galore



Numona Myth T-Shirts



New Merlin T-Shirts

WiseWesley T-Shirts

T Shirt Printing


Black Hob Tees



Kickout Creations



GV Art and Design

SwagCity T-Shirts



T. Jefferson Tees

Cotton Colleagues




The Good Thread

Ileria T-Shirts

New Addict

Blue Ridge Graphics

RapidLibo T-Shirts

Gold Star Graphics

Munofie T-Shirts

HighZing Creations

ColoNell T-Shirts

Ettisson Creations

paperLOft T-Shirts

Cool T-shirt Company Names


Last Exit Creations

80s Tees

DarkForce T-Shirts

Pure Prints USA

North Edge

Print N Chill

Eleven West Inc.

Printed T-shirts

Innovation Printing

Albert New

Space Cowboy Boots

Animal Hearted

Cuppa Tee

LoveScale T-Shirts


Tropical Grace T-Shirts

Tasteful T-shirts

Elite Screen Printing

T-shirt Collection

Smashing Shirts

J & C Top Fashions

Dew Daddy

Le Messa

Fantastic Art

T Shirt Works




Bull Shirts Inc.


Ritten Impact

Red Avenger T-Shirts


Hugo Boss

Impact Printz

Sixty Seconds T-Shirts

Signs Lab


Superior Silk Screen Inc.


DriftWood T-Shirts

NorthWander T-Shirts

Good Move T-Shirts

Creative T-shirt Brand Names

Apple Press

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

T-Shirt Promotions



Golden Goods


Next Feel Tshirts

The Maverick T-Shirts

Classy Tees


Jada Assortments

Silk Road Tees

BlueDrops T-Shirts

T-Shirts Made Perfect



Custom Prints


Blank Shirts

T-Shirt Printing Company

Ridiculous Tees


Dadny T-shirts

Dreamy Graphics

Funky Prints

Contees T-Shirts

Kits T Shirt Express

Astoria T Shirts

Splendid Tees

Wholesale Blank

beuBelle T-Shirts

Coyote T-Shirts

T-Shirt Safari

T-Shirt Branding Co.

Gem Tees

Choice T-shirts

Artik Promotional Products

Trendy T-Shirts

City Printing & Signs

The Print Bar

Lords Of Stitch & Print

Custom T-shirts

Capital Tees

Fancy T-Shirt Prints

Tee Inspiration

Sparkler Tees

T-Shirt Elephant

Zircon Tees


Great Name for T-Shirt Company

Tees Please!

The Flag Shirt

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

Ball Up Sports Tees

My Logo Shop

Designed in Ink

T-Shirt Party

Stitch Me

ArienStar Creations


Flobbon Graphics

Ezarra Graphics

Sporty Girls Tshirts

GreyBar Tees

3rd Rail Limited

Ban T-Shirts

DerbyDive Creations

DreamShift Tees

Links T-Shirts

The ThreeWave

Chic Threads

On The Limit

Arthur Gluck Shirtmaker

Yorkbang Graphics

SOHO Screen Printing & Embroidery

T-shirt Printing

Sunshine Glide Tshirts

SilkyShine Tshirts

Image Market

The Cool Cord Tee

Soft Babe Tees


Splash Shine Tees

Billy’s Print Shop

Tshirt Lab Shop


Colorpop Tshirts

Ragged You

The Milky Tee Company

EarthSwing T-Shirts

Choice Image Inc.

The Perfect Fit

John Agugliaro Printing Co

Catchy T-shirt Business Names

Get Your Tee

Brilliant Tees

Terrific T-Shirts

Crocktell Factory

Custom Tees Now

Instant Inc.


Artistic Attire

The Fabric Forge

All About Tees!


T-Shirt Spot

Tee Yourself

Tee Zone


Lost T-shirts Shop

TrendyClap Creations

Shirtie Shirts

Awesome Tees

Mozzo Impact Tees

Talking T-Shirts

Mighty Tees

Funky City

Wearable Works

Bombay Tees

T-shirts Today

Captivating Tees

The Limited Edition

Tee Collection


CrazyBlack Factory

Funky Tees

Detour T-Shirts

Adorable Tees

Hello Tees

FabNOb Impact

TweenCoast Tees

Passion Prints

Super T-Shirts

CustomAxe Clothing

Mother Falcon

Tee It Up

Threaded Bliss

Customized Couture

Apparel House

Liquid Blue

Odd umbrella

Stunning Names for T-shirt Business


Tee and Co

Wemade Tees

VelvaMode T-Shirts

Dilly Dally

Tees & Topz

Mission Print

The Big T

T-Shirt City

The Gifted

Tees For Me

InkMaster T-Shirts

Tough Tees

Wear It Well

DuoTap Apparel

Vibrant T-shirts

Tempted By T-Shirts

Stylemaker Tees



Dashing Dudes


Direct Print Tees

Cotton T-shirts

Clever Threads

Charles Tyrwhitt

Upstring Tees

HomeBrewed Tees

T-Shirt Screen Printing

The ClubKiss T-Shirts

X Professionals

Edinburgh Harley-Davidson

Alternative T-shirts

Forty Clothing

Ink Images Custom Apparel

T-Shirt Station

T-shirt Mania

Cool calmy

Printful Custom Printing

Your Way Tees

T Shirt Print

FreshFind T-Shirts

T-shirt Colleagues

The Savile Row Company

Charming Tees

Fire Label Merchandising

CurvedStar T-Shirts

Love You Tees

United Shirts

Trusted T-Shirts

The Importance of Branding with Your T-Shirts and How it Matters for your Business

Branding is a term used to describe the process of identifying and developing a unique identity for a company, product, or service. Branding is often associated with marketing, which is the practice of making goods or services known to targeted audiences through various marketing channels.

T-shirts are one of the most popular items that you can use to promote your brand. They are cheap and easy to produce, which makes them perfect for promotional campaigns. The best part about T-shirts is that they can be customized easily. You can make them into different sizes and colors so that they match your brand’s identity perfectly.

What are the Most Commonly Used Words in T-Shirt Company Names?

T-shirt companies are a dime a dozen, but what makes them unique? One thing that stands out is the name of their company. In this article, we’re going to explore which words are most frequently used in T-shirt company names and the popularity of these words. We’re also going to explore how many companies have these words in their name. and what the most popular T-shirt brands are.

Words use in T-shirt Company Names vary drastically, but they tend to use common words. The top five most used words in t-shirts company names are: “Tees,” “Shirts,” “Clothes,” “Apparel,” and “Fashion.”

How to Choose a T-Shirt Company Name that is Unique and Memorable

Choosing a T-Shirt company name that is unique and memorable can be challenging. It is important to look for a company name that will attract attention and stand out from the competition.

Here are some tips on how to choose a T-Shirt company name:

  1. Make sure your company name is not already taken by another business. This will ensure you are the first in the industry with your brand.
  2. Pick a creative and memorable word or phrase that is related to your business or industry.
  3. Consider keeping it short, but make sure it has enough keywords to make sense in Google search results.
  4. You can also use a catchy acronym like “Let’s Play” as an example.

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