200+ Catchy Shirt Brand Names Ideas

Choosing the best shirt brand name for your company can be a difficult task. Many factors need to be taken into account before finalizing a brand name.

The first thing you should do is to find out what kind of shirts you want to sell. Are they formal shirts or casual shirts? If you want to sell formal shirts, then you might want to go with a more conservative-sounding brand name like “Shirt Co.” If you want to sell casual shirts, then you might want to go with something that sounds more fun like “T-Shirt Studio.”

You also need to consider the legal aspects of your business. What kind of trademark will work best for your company? Will it be registered in all countries? Do I need a trademark lawyer?

Here we’ve gathered the list of cool and catchy shirt brand name ideas to consider for your business that will stand you out from other companies in the marketplace.

Shirt Brand Names Ideas


Shirt Shack

Easy Teesy

Unity Tees

Mall Tees


Tee break

Gem Wears

Bates 171

Italian Man

Shirt Stud

Build Better Apparel


Ice Slipovers

Adventure Spirit

Stone T Shirts Treasure

Young Guns

Talk Of The Tee

Kid Scouts

Bees Tees

T-Shirt Takeaways

Blue M T-shirts

Moon Light Tees

From The Waist Up

House Of tee

Fun It Up



Wildeast Wears

Wildland Wears

Chic Threads

White Willow

T-Shirt To Go


Company Tees



Camaraderie T-shirts

Fidelity Designer T-shirts


Dadny Wears

Lite Feels

Tasteful Ts

Tees These

Tee Shirt Shack

Printed Parcels

Sweet Touch Tees

Teed off

Perfect Prints

Tees Breeze

Comfy Tees

No Tie Required

Regal Hunch


T-Shirt Shed

Tees Louise

Jingle Days

Sweet Tee

Windue T-shirts

Choice Wears

Shirt Sleeves


Strip Tees

Just teesing

Arms Length


Golden Top

The Sweet Spot

Tee Pot

Kettle of tees


Elegance Tees

Trailblazers T-shirts

Cool Zones

Goldprize Shirts


Blue Cool Shirts

Tell ‘Em Tees

The Gifted

Talk The Tee

Solid Wears

Cool Shirt Brand Names Ideas

Rhombus Wears

Tee party

The Tee Tree

Top Wear

Stuffed Shirts

Qualit Shirts

Cantonese Accent

Tees To Please


The Cool Kids Tee

Graphics Galore

Forest Wears

Silky Tshirts

Shirt Front

Squad Shirts

Tall Tees

Colorpop Tshirts

Pointed Beak Tees

Tee Me

Cinder Make

Army Girls

X-Factor Tees

Augustus Peers

Tee Time

Royal Fabric

Wenga Cool



Tee Tops


Lifeline Tees

Custom Tees

Tshirts Rule


People Amazed

River Night

Tastemaker Tees

Get Shirty

Tees me

Hale And Hearty


Essentiallyyou Tshirts

Comft Tees

The Last Call Company


Tees Please

Metro Men


A To T

Dapper Looks

Soft Babe Tees

Thunder Tees

The Good Tee


Tee Cozy

Cotton Colleagues

Club Life

Tee For Two

The Perfect Fit

Bridget Life


Rock Wears

Just Shirts

Printed Apparel

Tee Service

Tshirt Kings


Tee’D Up

You Tees Me

Unique Shirt Brand Names Ideas

Time Out

All Shirts

Shirt Supply

Sage Slipovers

Zealous Prints

Wiles Tees

All tees

Splendid Wears

Hashtag Tees


Custom Tees Now

Cuppa T



Tee Parlour

Canderisis T-shirts

Pearl T-Shirts

Dream Wave

United Shirts

Xrated Wears

Doped Tshirts

Big tees

Terrific T-Shirts

Shirt Alert

Leader Wear

Tee House

Varsity Tshirts

The Dad Tee

Running Stick

Tee tree

Tres Indians

T-Shirt Shack

Zipped Up Tshirts

Jager T-Shirts

Kids Next Door Tshirts

Paragon Wears

Young Verve

Fire Power Kids Tees


Tee Tell

Plain Tee


Bodypop Tshirt Company

Tempting Tees

Tall Order Ts

At Ease Tees

Ball Up Sports Tees

Rise And Shine


Bell Buttons

Checkered And Solids


Distinct Collections

T-Shirt Supply

Shades 56

Top Stop

Splash Tees


Yes Tees

The Bare Minimum Tee

Out For Heist

Pick Tees

Ranger Tees

Light It Up

Tempted By T-Shirts

Tips for Choosing the Right Clothing Company Name

Choosing the right clothing company name is a crucial decision. It should be catchy, easy to spell and identify with, and it should also communicate what your company does.

There are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a name for your clothing company. The first is that the name needs to be catchy and easy to remember. This will help people remember your brand when they see it on social media or hear about it from their friends.

A second consideration is that the name should be easy to spell, so people can find you online without having any trouble spelling out your business’s name.

Finally, you want the name of your clothing company to communicate what it is that you do – this will help people understand what kind of clothes you sell without needing more information about your business.

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