200+ Catchy Apartment Names Ideas

An apartment name is a name that is given to residential buildings, typically in a high-rise apartment building.

The naming of such buildings usually follows some common conventions. The most popular convention for naming high-rise residential buildings is to use the street address and the number of the building on that street as the name. For example, “100 Main Street”.

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and most catchy apartment name ideas that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd.

Apartment Names

Sunlight Apartments

Eastern Suburbs

The Corner of Main

Heart and Soul Apartments

The Retreat

The Millenial

Casa on Main

The Glass House

Blue Ribbon Apartments

La Grande Maison

Creekside Apartments

The Dorm Room

La Casa

EpicOne Realty Rental

The Views

New House

Ventura Ridge

The Station

The Village

Paradise Palms

Pearl apartments

Ultrapad Realty Rental

Artist’s Alley

Sky Way

Grand at the Dominion

MayShower Realty Rental Co.

Mystic Nugget

Greenway Apartments

Wild Estates

The River

Jolly City

The Den

Big Tree Apartments

East Side Living

Park Place

Silver House

Gold Star

Ensemble Realty Rental

Haus on Main

Standard At Legacy

Town Place Apartments

Passion homes



Harvest Lofts


Peace apartments

Sun’s Rays Place

Town Place Walkups

Sunrise Apartments

Homes with peace

The City Block

The Palm Springs

Tropicana Trump

Timber Ridge Apartments

Ideal homes

The Villas

Shiny Thumb

Gateway West Loop

The Oaks

Town Square Apartements

Noble Park

Carriage House


Loving Rivers

Each to Their Home

Sunny Place

The Casita


The Green

Four Flamingo

Apartment Complex Names

The Rooftop


Village Villas

Trust houses

Cove Property

Glamour houses

Exotic homes

The Stellar Station

Safe Homes

Tranquil Tavern Apartments

Useful Units

Village Homes

Grandeur Homes

The Brooklyn Block

Hope Homes

Park Ridge Apartments

Platinum Oaks

The Niche Apartments

Sunshine Apartments

Neighboring Nests

Flats 130

Connecticut Park

Luxury Lake

Lakeside Apartments

Ample Apartments

The View

The Top Residence

Harmony Park

City Dwellers

Green Gardens

Pleasing Place

Comfy homes

Elite Apartments

Etta Apartments

Homely Villas

Cottage Curve


Archived Apartment

The Village View


Peachy Place

Apartment Partners

Green Villa

Onus Villas

Nip houses

Friendly Village

The Fedora

Trail Apartments

Peace And Passion

Homes for all

Spectrum on Spring

Concrete homes

Dream House

The Mill

The Griffin

Perfect Villa

Peace Waters

Crossing Apartments

Catchy Apartment Names

Hopeful Homes

AtmosGlare Rental




Breezy Village

Victory Village

Neighborly Nest

Lucky Lake Apartments

Cheer Village

Complex Court

Joyful Place

Court Crossing

Oak Ridge Apartments

Mill House

WinterSpring Rental

GreenMeet Rental

The Bend


Tuscan Turben

Partnered Apartments

Joyous Homes

Millenial Haus

Happy Homes

Orchard House

Sassy Lee

Jubilant Village

Garden Square

Family Villas

Gracious Gardens

Minded Manor

Astute homes

Millennial Apartment Names

The Breeze Way

Southline Coast

Homes Pointe

Tropicana Del Norte

CappaCale Dale


New Age Living

Luxurious Landing

Perfect Place

Nesting Neighbors

GreenHexa Realty Rental

Soft bed rentals

Heartful Homes


Vertex condos

Nature Custom

Life on the Green

Estate Crew Realty Rental

Luxurious Lake


Presidential Place

The Glenn

Grand Rosso

Ocean Shores

Heavenly Homes

Sunshine Place

Crescent Crew

Blue Sky

AmazeShine Rental

Flat Names


Blue Ribbon

New Homes

Urban Pinnacle

Sunshine Block

Waterside Towers

Luxury Landing

Infinity by Crown Group

Worldly Apartment

Sound homes

United Units

Terminals Building

Divine rentals

Shades Of Blue

Garden View

The Luxury Nest

Home Away From Home

Pinetree Palace

The Statesman

Drake Space

Altitude Apartments

Snapchat Court

Cellars at Pearl

Vaughan Place

Sweet villa

Station House

Lake View Apartments

Nirvana Palace


Orchid Apartment

Importance of Naming Your Apartment

Naming your apartment is a very important process. It’s not just about making it sound cool, it’s about making sure that you are not going to regret your choice in the future and that you are going to be able to find your apartment again if you need to.

It is also important to consider the people who will be living with you, as they will have a say in the name of your apartment. You might want to ask them what they think before finalizing one.

The name should also reflect what you like about the space. You might want to take inspiration from where you live, like a favorite place or landmark in the area, or from inside the space itself, like a room or favorite view from inside your apartment.

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing an Apartment Name

Choosing an apartment name is one of the most important decisions a property owner has to make because it will be the first thing that potential renters see. The name should be catchy and easy to remember, but it should also reflect the building’s location, architecture, and amenities.

There are many things you need to consider when choosing an apartment name:

  • The location of the building and what is the neighborhood like?
  • What are the amenities included in your building?
  • How does your building compare to other buildings in the same area?
  • What is your budget for the rent?
  • Is this going to be your first apartment or do you already have experience with renting apartments?

Tips to Choose the Right Apartment Name for Your New Home

The name of your new apartment can say a lot about you. It can tell potential visitors what kind of person you are and what your personality is like. Many factors go into choosing the perfect apartment name for your new home.

  • What is the vibe you want to give off?
  • What does the name represent?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?
  • Does it have a good meaning?

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