77 Funniest Axe Puns That You Can’t Handle

Axes are commonly used to chop firewood. And they have been around for centuries. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Axe puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funniest Axe Puns

1. You met our axe-spectations.

2. I’m shopping for axe-essories.

3. That’s an axe-cellent idea.

4. I’ll ask an axe-pert.

5. I live for your random axe of kindness.

6. We’re back in axe-tion.

7. Where does a lumberjack buy his axes? At the “Chopping Maul.

8. Sit back and rel-axe.

9. I must axe you a question.

10. Do not be a pain in the axe.

11. I don’t have axe-ess.

12. I kiss my axe every day, but nobody believes it and says it is disgusting.

13. We live in a dupl-axe now.

14. I used to work in a job making axes, I was bummed when I got axed.

15. I have been spending 3 hours looking for my new axe, and suddenly it hits me.

16. That purse is axe-pensive.

17. I like your axe-cent.

18. The lumberjack didn’t know what to do when his axe broke. He was really stumped.

19. What do you call a car crash with a lumberjack? An axident.

20. The sports car axe-elerated quickly.

21. Axe a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer.

22. Finally the lumberjack has recovered from his injury. He’s back in axe-tion.

23. It was in-axe-plicable.

24. When someone axes you a dumb question, just give them the axe.

25. A book is like an ice – axe that can break the frozen seas in our soul.

26. I spent two hours looking for my axe. And then it hit me.

27. I used to watch the best TV show about lumberjacks. I was sad when it got axed.

28. I believe that the axe thrower loves that girl because he just misses her.

29. The firecracker axe-ploded.

30. Always axe-press yourself.

31. Let’s kick axe.

32. That was un-axe-ceptable.

33. When you are recovering from an injury, you would say that “I am back in axe-tion”.

34. Why was the spreadsheet afraid of its chart? Because it has multiple axes.

35. Axe-tually, I changed my mind.

36. I’m going on an axe-pedition.

37. It was an axe-ident.

38. Great axepectations.

39. It was an axe-periment.

40. Grab your potato s-axe. We’re racing.

41. You have quick refl-axes.

42. Fl-axe seeds or chia seeds?.

43. Don’t be a pain in the axe.

44. Wow, what an axecellent throw.

45. Why did the chicken put the egg on an axe? To hatchet.

46. It is a new axe for women.

47. I came home to find an axe buried in my PC. I think it has been hacked.

48. I started playing the s-axe-ophone.

49. Let me axe-plain.

50. I started stretching to become more fl-axe-ible.

51. Hey man, that really looks like a hatchet job.

52. Let me axe you a question. It’s about your neck….

53. I axe myself whether it is really necessary to chop down that tree in my garden.

54. That is an axe – llent throw.

55. It’s time to go axe-rcise.

56. You’re an axe-trovert.

57. I love your random axes of kindness.

58. I’ll axe you one more time.

59. Random axe of kindness.

60. How axeciting.

61. The handle axe-tends out by a foot.

62. I spent a few hours looking for my axe. Then, it hit me.

63. Please don’t axe me to help, I have no idea how to handle this situation.

64. Add vanilla axe-tract to the grocery list.

65. What a wonderful axe-perience.

66. I have a scar from an axe on my finger. It was an axident.

67. That may have been a bit of an axe-aggeration.

68. Sorry mate, I broke your axe head. Hope you can handle it.

69. I got struck by a golden axe. Au.

70. The party was axe-travagant.

71. Is it really necessary to chop down the apple tree in my back yard? I axe myself.

72. I switched from glasses to cont-axe.22. I’m axe-hausted.

73. The views were axe-pansive.

74. The time for the peace conference has ended, now it is the time for axe-ing.

75. What would a lumberjack do with an egg? They would hatchet.

76. I made a bad joke about an axe. No one laughed. It wasn’t very cleaver.

77. An axe walks into a forest, and the trees say: “At least the handle is one of us!”.

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