55+ Funny Knife Puns to Have Good Laughter

A knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. It can be used to cut, slice, chop and dice vegetables, fruits and meat. Also, we use this to peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables in our everyday life. But when we come to the best knife puns, they should make people laugh and be relevant to the conversation. Hence, we’ve discovered some of the most clever and creative knife puns you’ll love. Scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Funny Knife Puns

1. The organization had a ma-knife-sto.

2. Slice, slice, baby.

3. The hero in the movie was a perso-knife-ication of good.

4. What does a knife salesperson say as you leave? ‘Have a knife day’.

5. If you get in a knife fight with a bunch of clowns, go for the juggler.

6. Knife’s too short to use dull knives.

7. I can’t think of any knife puns. Do you want to take a stab at it?

8. That was well-blade.

9. I used to shred cheese with a knife until I came across something grater.

10. Have a knife day.

11. What band does the knife salesman like the most? Cutting Crew.

12. You’re a knife-ty person.

13. Sharpening a blunt knife is silly to do because there is no point.

14. You’re so cleaver.

15. I have a long story about knives. But, I’ll cut to the chase and get to the point.

16. Cutting up that hard meat with the knives I have is easier blade than done.

17. I got a new job as a chef. I love the u-knife-orms.

18. I’ve knife-r been better.

19. I’m not cut out for this.

20. My friend who sold knives is really no longer my friend since I cut ties with them.

21. What type of knife does a cow like? A moo-chette.

22. I hope I choose the right knife because there’s a lot at steak.

23. Knife-r say knife-r.

24. The knife would not cut the German sausage and this was the wurst experience.

25. It’s knife to meet you.

26. The butter knife wore a suit because it wanted to look sharp.

27. The knife set I purchased was locally ma-knife-actured.

28. That knife is not going to be impressive, just a cut feeling I got.

29. When your nose runs, you s-knife-le.

30. This knife is a cut above the rest.

31. What is a knife called that has a lack of purpose? Pointless.

32. Chop it like it’s hot.

33. Sometimes, I can be blunt.

34. Let’s steel the deal.

35. How does the knife salesman greet you? ‘Hello there, knife to meet you’.

36. Knife been there before.

37. We should tang out sometime.

38. You’re sharp.

39. I bought a lot of knives. It was a sig-knife-icant amount.

40. It spine with me.

41. The punk rock knife is really edgy.

42. This was a top-blade knife.

43. Your assumption that I have a lot of knives is close, cut no cigar.

44. I got the biggest discount on this knife set. What a steel.

45. That sharp expensive utensil that you use for cooking is so very knife.

46. Wow, that guy tried to assault me with a knife and that was a sharp moment.

47. What is another name for an off-brand Exacto knife? An approximato knife.

48. Cut it out.

49. That knife salesman who wore the tuxedo was looking sharp.

50. He was a con-knife-r.

51. If she doesn’t know how to use a knife, cleaver.

52. I want to learn how to do ma-knife-station.

53. Why is the knife sales guy too smart for his job? He is simply so sharp.

54. She was larger than knife.

55. You can’t really use a plastic knife for anything because it won’t make the cut.

56. I’m the knife of the party.

57. It’s a matter of knife or death.

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