23 Hilarious Box Puns That Need to Check Out

Boxes have been around since ancient times when they were first introduced as storage containers made from papyrus sheets that were folded into a rectangular shape. They are used to carry goods in a safe and secure way. Also, It is a portable container used to store items and can be carried by hand.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Box puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Hilarious Box Puns

1. One of my favorite games is box-ce ball.

2. Pass the box cord so I can play music.

3. If you’re in a box, you can’t think outside the box.

4. A box that plays beats is a beatboxer.

5. I used to work in a cardboard box factory, but it folded.

6. These aren’t the only puns I’m packing.

7. I bought a science book about box-mosis.

8. I’m going to the University of Box-ford.

9. I’d make a belt from cardboard, but it’d be a waist of paper.

10. I box this at the store.

11. I’m traveling to Box-nia this summer.

12. The baseball team replaced the pitcher due to too many box.

13. I’m right around the box.

14. I’m moving to Box-nard, California.

15. Hey, that’s crate.

16. I got promoted at work. I’m now the big box.

17. Chicken box is highly contagious.

18. My dog keeps packing things in boxes. He’s a boxer.

19. Chinese cabbage is also known as box choy.

20. If cardboard had a favorite sport, it’d be boxing.

21. If you no longer have a box, it’s an Xbox.

22. When cardboard goes to the bar, it asks for a drink on the box.

23. I play cardboard drums. You could say I’m a box-star.

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