169+ Latest & Catchy Anti Smoking Slogans

Smoking is handshake with death

Too cool to start smoking

People are haters of smokers

We can’t hang out because you smoke

Do it before it’s too late

We want a cigarette free world

Smoking thrills but kills

Stop smoking, or you will be croaking

Smokia causes impotia

Smoking INJURES your Health. No-Smoking INSURES your health

Quit smoking. It kills!

Share clean air

Be cool, don’t be fool

Stop smoking please

I like smoking. It kills off a lot of stupid people

Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics

Smoking is like smoke before the fire

Cigarette and smoke make your life a joke

It’s possible

Think smoking is cool then you are a fool

Cigarette is the villain of your life

Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs

Choice is yours but don’t be late

Stop smoking now

Smokers don’t grow old… they die young

Say bye to smoking, say hello to life

Stay healthy and stop smoking

Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?

Quit & Stay healthy

The “Marlboro Man” died of lung cancer

Cigarette, sexual capacity reducer

Smoking is bad and makes your life sad

Say yes to life

Save Money – Quit Smoking!

Smart people don’t smoke

His smoke is my enemy

Smoking Stinks!

Smoking is colorful, Black lungs, Yellow teeth

Keep calm and say no to cigarettes

Smoking FAIL your Health. No-Smoking BAIL your health

Quit smoking or die trying

Smokers are losers

I don’t dig your cig

Smoking? You must be joking

Please keep smoking. Our planet is overcrowded

Smoking causes lung cancer

Don’t be a Butthead

Be a man, remain a man, don’t smoke

Quit smoking before smoking quits you

Stand up against cigarettes

Smoking TORTURE your Health. No-Smoking NURTURE your health

He was smart until he started smoking

He died because of smoking

If you die, your mom will cry!

Your Money Going Up in Smoke

Smoking and coughing live together

Cough twice for Philip Morris

Smoking is very glamorous, if you like deep wrinkles

Kick it before it kills you

Say no to smoking, say yes to life

Smoke away your bad habits, not lungs

Your health is in your hands

Smokers are jokers – Don’t smoke

Don’t let your life be destroyed by yourself

Don’t destroy your life yourself

Put it out before it puts you out

Smoking is Choking

Cool dudes don’t smoke

Smoking causes a painful and slow death

Keep calm and stop smoking

Smoking? It’s bullshit

The best day is the quitting day

Smoking the dope won’t help you cope

Be Cool – Don’t Be a Smoking Fool

You smoke and I suffocate

Don’t pout, put it out

Listen to your lungs, they are crying

You take my breath away

Don’t smoke and be strong

Smoking isn’t cool

Make it last forever

Your fitness is in your hands

Be A Fighter; Put Down The Lighter

Throw cigarette before cigarette throws you away

The Cigarette is dead

I love non-smokers, I mean I love healthy guys

Smoke can cause a slow and painful death

Stop smoking if you love your family

Smoking prohibited. PEZing allowed

Smoking PACK-UP your Health. No-Smoking BACK-UP your health

Tobacco companies kill their best customers

Smoking…a Grave Mistake

Smoking is like paying someone to kill you. They’re rich; you’re dead

I’m smart, that’s why I don’t start!

Be Cool, Don’t be a Fool

Kick it before it kicks you

Kill the cigarettes or they kill you

Cigarettes: You take my breath away

Cancer cures smoking

I used to live happily until I started smoking

I don’t smoke coz I love myself

Stop smoking and go to the gym

Smoking destroys you

I quit because my kids love me

You can live without it

Make healthy choices

Everyone has a right to clean air

Did you know your mouth is on fire?

Be smart…quit smoking

Smokers are loosers

Don’t burn your life with cigarettes

Stop smoking – Start living

Smoking takes you on an asthmatic trip

Stop it for life

Tar the roads, not your lungs

Quit Smoking and be a Hero

Dad I love you! Stop Smoking!

Cigarette: A devil in the packet

Don’t smoke you will choke!

Refusing is a better choice

Be important, don’t be impotent

Smoking – Suicide for Cowards

Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket

Stop calling cancer

Your mom loves you but hate your bad habits

Tobacco is wacko

There are a lot of cool ways to die, stop smoking

Stop smoking. Start living

You’re a fool if you think smoking is cool

Breathe healthily, live happily

Listen, your heart is begging you to quit smoking

That vacant chair…belonged to the expired smoker

Live it or Burn it…

Cigarette fills ur life with smoke

Don’t burn your life, don’t burn your body

Smoke. Stink. Die

There are cooler ways to die than smoking

Today’s smoker, tomorrow’s ghost

Smoke today – Weep tomorrow

Save your lungs, save your life

You smoke, you die early, you save the government money

Be smart – Don’t start

Don’t let your future go up in smoke

Love cigarette and become lonely

Smart folks don’t use smokes

Listen to your lungs, stop smoking

Smoking SCARES your Health. No-Smoking CARES your health

Hang tough, don’t puff

Be smart. Don’t start

If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will

Say sorry to cigarettes

Trash the Ash

Quitting has never felt so good!

It’s a matter of your life dude, quit now

One life – One chance – Don’t smoke

Smoking is a sign of weakness

The cigarette does the smoking – you’re just the sucker

Don’t smoke – there are cooler ways to die

It’s easy to quit

Smoking cigarettes is so yesterday

Quit and stay healthy

Tobacco or Health: Choose Health

Smoking makes ur life hell

Too much smoke will leave you broke

Stop smoking, start Jogging

Smoking kills people faster than they think

Smoke away your worries, not your lungs

Don’t puff your life away

Smoke and choke

It’s a matter of your health

Put it down

Smoking SLICE your Health. No-Smoking SPLICE your health

Don’t smoke, it’s not a joke

Do it before its too late

Don’t waste your money in smoking

Say no to smoking

A cigarette is your ticket to death

Smoking makes you ugly

He who smokes is not your friend

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