125+ Best Slogans On Pollution You Need To Know

Slogans On Pollution

The Earth: love it or leave it.

Don’t be mean, keep environment clean.

Be The Solution To Air Pollution

Pollution, pollution, get a solution

Don’t let your future go up in smoke.

Be smart. Don’t fart.

Pollution is lethal.

Go Green. Breath Clean.

Polluting is criminal offence

Pollution, pollution, get a solution.

Pollution: it gets me all coughed up

Those who create soot actually pollute

Stop polluting and start living

Stop pollution gain more fresh air

Polluting means killing the environment.

Solution of pollution lies in dilution

Pollution is for Polluters.

Unite against all polluters

Grow grass and trees.

Don’t Be Mean – Keep It Clean.

Polluter is our common enemy.

Pollution is lethal

Don`t Dump it, Donate it

My Summer Vacation Homework. “Save our City”

Join the Green Revolution and stop pollution!

It’s Time To Clear The Air.

Polluting means killing the environment

Pollution, the silent killer.

Polluter is our common enemy

Be green! Keep our planet clean!

Be The Solution To Air Pollution.

Don’t mes with Texas

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Be the solution to run off the pollution.

Save it, Switch it off.

Don’t Let Our Future Go Up In Smoke.

Save Your Breath.

Reduce air pollution & increase your life span

Don’t Trash Our Future.

Not up in smoke up with hope

Pollution: If you don’t kill it, it’ll kill you.

Pollution Ain’t Cool, So Don’t Be A Fool.

Take a deep breath, don’t choke.

Join The Revolution And Stop The Pollution.

Breathing Easy Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult.

go green breath clean

Keep under your foot the trust of those who pollute

I dare you to care for this earth!

Pollution does not help plant evolution

Keep your kids away from polluters

Polluting is criminal offence.

Pollution: it gets me all coughed up.

Hate pollution, love humanity.

Use your brain, don’t clog that drain!

Stop pollution, plant more trees

Save the Earth, save yourself

Save the oak, don’t choke on smoke

Polluter is enemy of nature

Be a surveyor for the Ozone layer.

Be a part of solution but not pollution

Pollution destroys human population

Breathe Easy.

Prevent pollution, protect nature

Clear skies, clear conscience!

Be Wise, Let The Greenery Rise!

Polluter should not be respected by communities.

Stow it, don’t throw it.

Don’t be man, keep it clean.

The more pollution in the sky, the more nature dies

It is the pollution, making the nature dead.

Polluting is cognizable offence by law.

Slogans On Air Pollution

Reduce air pollution to induce life span.

Spread solution not pollution!

Give Me Clean Air or Give Me Death

Smokey? REPAIR!! Care for the air.

Wake up and smell the smog

Give some care to air to breathe clean and safe.

Polluting air is not fair; save trees to breathe fresh.

Stop smoking to breathe clean.

If you pollute air today; it will pollute your lungs tomorrow.

Stop polluting air before it stops your breathe.

Don’t be mean, keep air clean.

Air pollution is not good to our health.

Air Pollution is not a joke. Air Pollution will make you choke

Polluting air is not fair; it will put you all on bed.

Our Air isn’t Healthy

Turn off your Engine. Kids breathing here

You have spread air pollution then who will search for right solution.

If u pollutes the air, then the air will pollute u!

Clean air keeps you away from asthma.

Inhaling polluted air is not fair!

Slogans On Thermal Pollution

Always shun water pollution

Help find the cure to the pollution of our shores

We have a solution, Stop Pollution!

Slogans On Environment Protection Slogans On Water Pollution

Raise voice against water pollution!

Less pollution is the best solution

Get involved to stop the wave of water pollution

Protect your water bodies from pollution

Pollution means slow poison

Stop Pollution Quick, Don’t Make The Water Sick

Slogans On Noise Pollution

Keep the noise down or the noise will keep you down

Be sound, do not pollute

Stop needless noise all the girls and boys

Can you hear me now?

Sometimes you say more by not saying anything at all

Turn noise down to relax your ears

Listen to God’s voice in silence

For real man, turn it down….!!!

Keep calm & save your ears

Save Our Ears

Silence is good, maintain the silence

Just promise yourself that ever drive but never noise

Respect someone’s sleep

Noise pollution is very harmful to ears

Make some noise and you will just be one of those

Slogans On Light Pollution

Go natural to keep clean.

Be good to let the earth breathe

Don’t be a trudge turn off the lamp.

Don’t use the glow sticks.

Enjoy the stars by switching off the lights.

Have the answer to dispose of the pollution.

Be smart to keep the planet green.

Turn that lights off during the night.

Let the earth live long.

Feel the night with its dark side.

Be an answer to the light pollution.

Don’t let the sky hide in the light.

Slogans On Water Pollution

Clean water starts with you

Water bodies are not dustbin, don’t load them with garbage.

Water Pollution is not just harmful. It’s deadly.

Change your water, change your life

Say no to water pollution and lead a healthy life

Water Is Life, Don’t Pollute It.

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.

Water: Conserve It!

Pure water = better life. Don’t ruin it

Take care of Me, I promise I will never be dry

Think outside the sink

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