83+ Tree Puns That Are Too Funny to Read

Trees provide oxygen for our planet and are a source of natural beauty. And they play the most important part in our lives as they provide us shade, food, and shelter. Also, they help to regulate the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing water vapour into the air.

They are important to human lives and provide a habitat for wildlife, produce timber for construction purposes and offer protection against soil erosion by their roots which hold the ground together.

If you’re ready for a good laugh, here we’ve discovered some of the best and most hilarious Tree puns you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Tree Puns

1. I don’t trust that tree. It seems a bit shady.

2. I’m at a loss fir words.

3. I may be jungle-ing too many tasks at once.

4. What a slam trunk.

5. I’m on cloud pine.

6. There are so many peepal.

7. Why do all the other trees avoid the acorn tree? Because, it’s nuts.

8. Tree puns are fir real the best puns.

9. What type of tree fits in your hand? A palm tree.

10. There are 422 times more trees on earth than there are people.

11. Trees provide food, shelter, fuel and building materials.

12. Wood you be able to help me?

13. If you make a bush sad, it comes a shadbush.

14. I’m training for a tree-athalon.

15. Do you know about the tree-rex?

16. I’ve had an awful lot of friend requests from trees lately, They must be branching out.

17. How do trees get online? They just log in.

18. Are you oak-kay?

19. What is every tree’s favourite brand of shoe? Timberland.

20. In the morning, I like to eat pas-trees.

21. Let’s go to the beech.

22. What is a tree’s favorite school subject? Geometry.

23. What’s the best way to make a tree laugh? Tell it acorn-y joke.

24. Ash-ould give that a try sometime.

25. Whats up birches?

26. My partner must think that I’m a tree, Because they are leaf-ing me.

27. Elemen-tree, my dear Watson.

28. Tree times the charm.

29. What did the tree do when the bank closed? It started its own branch.

30. Trees are always giving me shade, I’m pretty sure I heard the last one call me fat.

31. Are you fir real?

32. To the pool, trees wear swimming trunks.

33. I like to read poe-tree.

34. Trees have been around on Earth for at least 370 million years.

35. You can identify a dogwood tree by its bark.

36. At church, they read the babul.

37. Some types of tree can live for thousands of years.

38. That’s a poplar song.

39. It’s an inside j-oak.

40. Don’t you fir-get about me.

41. I can go tomorrow, chestnut today.

42. I’m maple to help.

43. This shirt is high quali-tree.

44. In geome-tree, we learned about tree-angles.

45. If you love something, set it tree.

46. In a galaxy fir, fir away.

47. I walnut give up.

48. Sweet vic-tree.

49. They did a tree-mendous job.

50. I tried root beer for the first time today, But now, my trees are drunk.

51. You’re really poplar.

52. What is every tree’s favourite style of shoe? Clogs.

53. Trying to get to the root of it all.

54. When the bank closed, the tree started its own branch.

55. A tree’s favorite singer is Spruce Springsteen.

56. A tree’s least favorite month is sep-timber.

57. Wine and pine.

58. How did the tree get lost? It took the wrong root.

59. It h-aspen a great day.

60. Even though trees don’t celebrate Valentines Day, They are still very sappy.

61. In Ireland, Good things come in trees.

62. I love to chew babul-gum.

63. I’m on a winning s-tree-k.

64. Forest impressions are the most important.

65. Where there’s a will-ow, there’s a way.

66. During the winter, wear a fir coat.

67. What’s a tree’s favorite dating app? Timber.

68. Why couldn’t the fig tree get back in shape? It couldn’t stick to a root-ine.

69. What wood I do without you.

70. Time to spruce things up around here.

71. Goodbye and so palm.

72. What is a pine tree’s favorite singer? Spruce Springsteen.

73. Where do saplings go to learn? Elementree school.

74. I’m so bad at gardening, Even my trees don’t root for me.

75. Why did the tree need to take a nap? For rest.

76. Maybe it’s Maple-lline.

77. A soft sp-oak-en fellow.

78. Bark to basics.

79. What is a tree’s least favorite month? Sep-timber.

80. Hey there twig shot.

81. No pine, no gain.

82. Why did the Chesnut tree feel left out? It never got in on the oak.

83. Feeling so poplar.

84. Tree puns are really acorn-y.

85. Wow! What a tree-t.

86. Dont’ worry be sappy.

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