105 Hilarious Train Puns to Punch Up Your Day With Laugh

1. It was s-train-ge.

2. Thanks for always being train-sparent.

3. You’ve been tram-endously helpful.

4. I Amtrak-ted to you.

5. I’m in train-sition from one stop to another.

6. A train of truth.

7. Trains are a form of train-sportation.

8. I have a mo-rail obligation.

9. It’s made with train-less steel.

10. It’s the holy rail.

11. Ticket inspectors, you’ve got to hand it to them.

12. I wish choo the best.

13. How do locomotives hear? Through their engineers.

14. My car is having train-smission issues.

15. I’m reading a train-script.

16. It was hidden in train sight.

17. When conductors are stressed, they bite their rails.

18. The railroad worker is building their self-e-steam.

19. The idea goes against the train.

20. A locomotive that keeps sneezing is achoo-choo train.

21. The train company is focusing on sus-train-able solutions.

22. It can handle rough train.

23. The train covered its tracks.

24. I went on a s-train-uous hike.

25. I’m so train-quil and happy now.

26. Islands are train-quil.

27. Here’s the en-train-ce.

28. Locomotives hear through their engineers.

29. There was a train reaction.

30. A train is only as strong as its weakest link.

31. The en-train-ce is blocked.

32. No train, no gain.

33. It takes two to train-go.

34. They were tram-bling in fear.

35. It turns out that the truth was hidden in train sight.

36. I got a new job because my previous one was mun-train.

37. It was an ex-tram example.

38. I’ve been a train driver for seve-rail years.

39. Are you in-train?

40. Save it for a train-y day.

41. Train drivers are resilient. They always get track on their feet.

42. It’s a freight day to ride a train.

43. I’m wearing a shirt with a flo-rail pattern.

44. The truth was hidden in train sight.

45. No matter what, the train I regularly take home is always late. It’s a slowcomotive.

46. Another train ride? You’re just asking for travel.

47. That was s-train-ge.

48. S-train-gers don’t acknowledge each other.

49. The fashionable conductor is a train-dsetter.

50. I can’t keep a freight face.

51. I can’t believe I didn’t notice what was freight in front of me.

52. The train conductor was feeling silly and decided to wear platform shoes to work.

53. A train’s only as strong as its weakest link.

54. Each locomotive has in-train-sic value.

55. I bit off more than I can choo.

56. A train can only think about one thing at a time, it has a one track mind.

57. I’ll be here train or shine.

58. Train’t nobody got time for that.

59. Don’t be so tram-atic.

60. The goal is at-train-able.

61. It’s not for the train-t of heart.

62. I’m wearing a train-ch coat.

63. There are locomotive olympics for which you have to train really hard.

64. Train conductors are clever and known for their engine-uity.

65. When trains eat, they chew chew.

66. The business train-saction went through.

67. When things look bad you just have to keep calm and carriage on.

68. A ghost rides in the ca-boo-se.

69. The train driver needs a brake to blow off steam.

70. Trendy train conductors avoid music that’s train-stream.

71. Train drivers get up at the track of dawn.

72. I’ll train-sfer it to you.

73. One end of the spec-tram.

74. The train driver went vi-rail on social media.

75. In case of emergency, you just have to keep calm and carriage on.

76. It was all in train.

77. When a train is tired, it is called a slowcomotive.

78. An express train is just a press train that has lost its job.

79. I need more train-ing before becoming a conductor.

80. We’re going through a train-sition.

81. Wow, what a train-sformation.

82. Even the toughest train engineer needs a brake to let off some steam.

83. Everything went down the train.

84. Let’s go for a train ride, it’s a freight day for it.

85. I’m looking for a train-slator.

86. It was a spon-train-eous trip.

87. You need a bad track record to crash a train.

88. The locomotive is sick with a coal-d.

89. I want to become a railway conductor, but they said I need more training.

90. Make it train.

91. A gamer’s train stop is the PlayStation.

92. Driving trains is harder than it steams.

93. Be open and train-sparent.

94. The group is train-washing its members.

95. How do you make the locomotive Olympics? Train really hard.

96. I need to grab my train-coat.

97. The device is train-smitting a signal.

98. I find watching trains enter-train-ing.

99. You’re so train-dy.

100. What do you call a sick locomotive? A train with a coal-d.

101. We’re here train or shine.

102. I’m train to figure it out.

103. Conductors are so focused. They have tunnel vision.

104. It went down the train.

105. I’m rail-ly happy to see you.

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