125 Funny Herb Puns Will Leave You Herb-ily Entertained

1. I herb-solutely love herb puns.

2. I’m lost in the mo-mint.

3. Here today. Tarragon tomorrow.

4. Your com-mint (comment) really hurt his feelings.

5. I really hate argu-mints.

6. Lets go to the amuse-mint park.

7. You’re sup-herb.

8. There was a dill-ay.

9. It’s rea-dill-y available.

10. It has senti-mint-al value.

11. I need to thyme-y shoes.

12. I’m waiting for a ship-mint.

13. Some styles are thyme-less.

14. I met herb before.

15. I appreciate the compli-mint.

16. It sage-ourey.

17. Do not dist-herb.

18. I only read the ex-herb.

19. My company is ref-herb-ishing the lobby.

20. Take it herb leave it.

21. You’re so ro-mint-ic.

22. We made a dill.

23. Things get better with sage.

24. You’re so dill-iberate.

25. An herb’s favorite car is a Chevrolet Sub-herb-an.

26. Take the mint (hint).

27. Dill with it.

28. I live in an herb-an area.

29. They were ada-mint about it.

30. You’re an obs-herb-vant person.

31. Peaceful herb-itat.

32. Set a thyme-r.

33. We’re building ging-herb-read houses.

34. You can cumin.

35. Mint is a cool condi-mint.

36. Wow, great thyme-ing.

37. Let herb be.

38. That’s a mo-dill herb.

39. Earth is in herb-it around the sun.

40. I’m not going to make a com-mint.

41. I bay leaf I can fly.

42. You’re sage a great friend.

43. Plants herb-sorb water from the soil.

44. What’s the sage-nda?

45. I have an int-herb-view today.

46. It’s been dill-eted.

47. I saw herb-mit crabs at the beach.

48. There was t-herb-ulance during the flight.

49. It’s basil-y the same thing.

50. The celebrity made a guest herb-pearance.

51. It’s in the docu-mint.

52. This is a big dill.

53. It’s thyme to go.

54. I’m moving to the sub-herbs.

55. This meal is dill-icious.

56. The book gives what the bl-herb describes.

57. A-chive and well.

58. It’s fennel-y happening.

59. Aloe, it’s me.

60. I’m speaking on sage.

61. We’re flying on Dill-ta Airlines.

62. I love snacking on clemen-thymes.

63. He wore a t-herb-an.

64. Herb your enthusiasm.

65. It’s a peaceful herb-itat.

66. I really needed the encourage-mint.

67. What’s the or-dill?

68. You’re p-herb-fect.

69. Bread is high in c-herb-ohydrates.

70. That’s soup-herb.

71. Dill-ute it with water.

72. I could sorrel tell.

73. Such a waste of thyme.

74. Our team made it to the Fennels.

75. Herb puns are at an all thyme low.

76. Live for the mo-mint.

77. I’m working for a new sage-ncy.

78. She was really ada-mint.

79. Plants love to watch the movie Herby.

80. We’re not mint to be.

81. A fake herb is a tarra-con.

82. I’m waiting for a dill-ivery.

83. My kid’s in thyme-out.

84. There’s a res-herb-voir nearby.

85. They’re the marjoram-ty.

86. I want to play an instru-mint.

87. The garden was a big invest-mint.

88. I prefer to add basil to soups. They are soup-herb.

89. One more thyme.

90. Send it through the fennel.

91. I herb you the first thyme.

92. Chive got my eye on you.

93. I ov-herb-aid for the plants.

94. They were p-herb-lexed by the situation.

95. The fabric is weat-herb-proof.

96. I’ve herb about that before.

97. An herb’s favorite singer is Elvis Parsley.

98. I herb it on the grape vine

99. Wow, what a ro-mint-ic.

100. I’m focusing on my mint-al health.

101. We had to push back the thyme-line.

102. Cats have herb-alls.

103. Give me a call any-thyme.

104. Tie your hair with a herb-and.

105. Running out of mints is a predica-mint.

106. Bay, leaf it to me.

107. I owe you big-thyme.

108. Kava me.

109. An herb from Star Wars is Herb-i Wan Oregano-bi.

110. I’m learning how to scuba chive.

111. I didn’t see that cumin.

112. They were kicked to the c-herb.

113. It’s an herb-itrary number.

114. I’ll res-herb a table for us.

115. Thistle be the last time.

116. I was filled with amaze-mint.

117. I bay leaf in you.

118. I herb you like puns.

119. Just chive your best.

120. We’re trying to cons-herb energy.

121. Sage-ing is a part of life.

122. We’re mint to be.

123. You’re basil-y person.

124. Let the good thymes roll.

125. What’s the or-dill?

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