95 Spice Puns to Paprika-ing Your Day With Laughter

1. What’s the #1 rule of the spice trade? Thyme is money.

2. Cinna-money – Spice currency.

3. Don’t even chai to talk to me before I’ve had my pumpkin spice latte.

4. Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about.

5. Cumin, let’s go.

6. My favorite musical instrument is the electric Za’atar.

7. He’s onyx way.

8. I love thin-spice pizza.

9. I know a latte about pumpkin spice.

10. Give me a zhug.

11. Who was the pie’s favorite pop star? Pumpkin Pie Spice

12. There’s anise and a mean way to confront people.

13. Her success made people chile-ous.

14. What does a good spice rack help you win? The Hunger Games.

15. Chai again tomorrow.

16. I clove you so much.

17. I herb the spices are having a chilli party at the garden tonight.

18. What is a gymnast’s favorite spice? Somersalts.

19. What is a popular song amongst peppers? Spice, Spice, Baby.

20. What’s the oc-cajun?

21. You’re going to clove it.

22. I’m making a fennel cake.

23. I got lost in the mace.

24. When does pepper become salty? When he doesn’t win.

25. The speaker went onion on about the topic.

26. I’ve cinnamon-key at the zoo.

27. I need to get a mace-age. I’ve been feeling tense.

28. I’m cumin to the end of my patience with all these spice puns now.

29. Pepper late than never.

30. What do spices eat when they watch a movie? Pepper corn.

31. I should’ve seen it cumin.

32. I only have pies for you pumpkin spice.

33. We made a dill.

34. Keep calm and curry on.

35. This was a mace-take.

36. I’m shopping for new cloves.

37. Cloves the door on your way out.

38. We’re having Curry-ean barbecue for dinner.

39. You’re a-mace-ing.

40. Cinna-monk – Bald spice in a monastery.

41. It’s at saffron-t door.

42. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

43. I have anise and a nephew.

44. We’ll go annatto time.

45. I mustard-mit the truth.

46. I’m healing from an ginger-y.

47. Fish prefer saltwater because pepper makes them sneeze.

48. You’ll need a coat. It’s chili outside.

49. Cinna-Monk – Every spice’s favourite jazz pianist.

50. Amchur you’ll figure it out.

51. Cinna-monkey – Spicy primate.

52. Si-nnamon – Spanish for yes -nammon.

53. Life’s pepper with you.

54. Sinner-mon – A very bad spice.

55. Cinna-meown – Every cat’s favourite spice.

56. Which peppers are the most musical? The bell peppers.

57. Put on your p-ancho. It’s raining.

58. You spice up my life.

59. You’re driving me nutmeg.

60. Sorry, I got caraway.

61. I love pumpkin spice a latte.

62. I’m ready for a va-cajun.

63. I cayenne-ot believe it.

64. Coffee is acidic. Until you add pumpkin and spices. Then it becomes basic.

65. Did you as-sumac didn’t know?

66. A burglar broke into my house and took all my condiments, now I’m Spiceless in Seattle.

67. She demonstrated a considerable business a-cumin.

68. What is a monks favorite spice? Cardamohmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

69. I use a fennel to pour spices into containers.

70. We need to celery-brate.

71. Chai your best.

72. What does a nosey pepper do? Gets Jalapeno business.

73. Oh, amchur.

74. Why did the spice get bullied? Because he’s ginger.

75. Heaven has one type of spice, grains of paradise.

76. How do spices live life? By seasoning the moment.

77. Pie love spending time with you.

78. I was gonna make a joke about spices. But it’s not the right season.

79. Cinnemon – Where spices go to watch movies.

80. Spice, spice, baby.

81. Teacher: What are the seasons? Student: Salt, pepper, ginger.

82. Sea-nnamon – Spice from the ocean.

83. I’m paprika-ing out about it.

84. It’s a heavy load to curry.

85. C-nnamon – The third alphabet that little spices learn at school.

86. So I was cleaning my spice cabinet and now I have a lot of thyme on my hands.

87. I’m a fenugreek food.

88. Don’t ginger mind.

89. Life is gourd when you’ve got pumpkin spice.

90. What’s a baker’s favorite spice joke? A cinnamon pun.

91. I’ve been pepper-ing for this moment my whole life.

92. You’re cayenne a big dill.

93. Why shouldn’t you buy illegal seasonings? It’s always a shady dill.

94. Which ingredient do chefs add to spice up Irish dishes? Gaelic cloves.

95. They’re allspice-y.

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