109 Funny Seal Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

1. Seals are such blubber-mouths.

2. What would a seal say before it falls in love? Don’t seal my heart.

3. They’re building a new fa-seal-ity.

4. What did the seal say to the wall? Dam.

5. I’m making seal-antro lime rice for dinner.

6. We’re having a yard seal.

7. Many Asian dishes use rice vermi-seal-li.

8. What do seals study at school? Art. Art. Art.

9. Navy Seals – Dark blue seals that guard America.

10. The seal crossed the road to get to the other tide.

11. Why are seals good at racing? They’re always in pole position.

12. What’s a balanced meal for a polar bear? A seal in each paw.

13. That pun is so seally.

14. Don’t be seally.

15. Seal-k is a soft, smooth, and lightweight material.

16. A seal’s favorite actor is Seal-vester Stallone.

17. I’m looking for a seal-indrical container.

18. It is important to practice seal-f care.

19. What do polar bears do on their birthdays? They seal-abrate.

20. I eat seal-ery and peanut butter as a snack.

21. What planet does a seal live on? EARFFF EARFFF EARFFFF.

22. Seal-icon Valley is famous for technology and innovation.

23. I bought a new o-seal-lating fan.

24. What do seals do when they need medical attention? Sea kelp.

25. I got that lawn mower from a yard seal. (sale)

26. I am seal-liously excited about your birthday party!

27. Some cities are seal-dom visited by tourists.

28. What sort of photos does a seal take? Polaroids.

29. My friend gifted me a por-seal-ain bowl.

30. There was a colos-seal statue.

31. What do astronomer seals study? Seal-lestial bodies.

32. I saw a seal-estial being.

33. Animal puns are seal-iously the best.

34. What a seal! (steal)

35. Seal’s don’t use phones. They use seal-lular devices.

36. degrees seal-sius equals 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

37. A polar bear’s favorite popstar is Seal.

38. You did an ex-seal-lent job.

39. Seal of approval.

40. I place my plants on the window seal.

41. I’m being seal-ious.

42. Seal it with a kiss.

43. You’re ea-seal-y the best player on the team.

44. What do you call a seal in the forest? Barking up the wrong tree.

45. Happy birthday, you are seal-liously the best.

46. Seals swim in saltwater because pepper water makes them sneeze.

47. The market is where buyers and seal-lers meet.

48. You’re such a re-seal-ient person.

49. Baby seals always seal (steal) my heart away.

50. Got a problem? Seal with it…

51. UPS stands for United Par-seal Service.

52. Animal puns are the seal-liest.

53. She’s the chan-seal-lor.

54. I’m seeking legal coun-seal.

55. Snow way.

56. I prefer pen-seals over pens.

57. I can only see their seal-houette.

58. All seals live at the same elevation. Seal level.

59. What did the injured seal say to the shark? Don’t consume if seal is broken.

60. I need to can-seal my appointment.

61. Seal you later.

62. Who does a seal bring to a wedding? Her significant otter.

63. What sort of music do seals listen to? Orca-stras.

64. Some cars have better re-seal value.

65. Seal’s prefer seal-ver jewelry.

66. They couldn’t find it because it was con-seal-ed.

67. My employer installed a new seal-ing in the office.

68. Let’s seal-lebrate your birthday with a cake!

69. You’re so seal-ly.

70. Seal the deal.

71. Seal with it.

72. Seal-icone is a rubber-like material.

73. A seal’s favorite herb is ba-seal.

74. If seals hated a kind of musical act, it would be Orca-stras.

75. At the beginning of a school year, teacher’s give you a seal-labus.

76. I’ve received a package from a seal and it’s signed, sealed, and delivered.

77. I hope you are hungry enough for your seal-lebratory birthday meal.

78. My new house has a wine seal-ler.

79. I bought this today and you can say that I “sealed” the deal.

80. Seal puns are snow joking matter.

81. It’s time to seal-ebrate with cake.

82. If a seal had a favorite kind of music, it would be “sole” music.

83. Make sure you seal-ect the correct one.

84. I’m an advocate for seal-f-care.

85. The new job offers a higher seal-ary.

86. What is a seal’s favorite shape? A seal-linder.

87. The oldest fos-seals date back billions of years.

88. Why can’t seals be famous DJs? Because they’re scared of club hits.

89. Flippin’ amazing.

90. You are seal-liously cute.

91. I saw a polar bear eat something but my lips are sealed.

92. My new car a-seal-erates quickly.

93. Don’t be seal-fish.

94. If seals had a favorite shape, it would be seal-lyndrical.

95. What sort of music do seals like? Sole.

96. I have a pure seal (zeal) for animal puns.

97. Have fun in school, I’ll seal you later.

98. A famous seal is a seal-ebrity.

99. Some countries offer univer-seal health care.

100. If you see a seal that loves seeing the stars, then it likes seal-lestial bodies.

101. That’s fur you.

102. That has got to be the seal-liest thing I’ve ever heard.

103. Here’s my birthday present to you, and it’s seal-ed with a kiss.

104. A seal’s favorite basketball team is the Boston Seal-tics.

105. Are you for seal?

106. I like to drink seal-tzer water.

107. You can say that we are seal-mates.

108. I’m traveling to El Seal-vador.

109. I’m looking for a seal-indrical container.

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